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  1. Your name - FatpyroReported player's name - LsdbombDate - 15/2/2019Rule that was broken - Verbal AbuseDescription - Hello, the player "Lsdbomb" is actually a taken account from his "friends" (or perhaps stolen), the person behind this (Poweredby - from guild Immersion) owns around 10 accounts - he was randomly trolling me from one of his accounts and when i got offended he started throwing insults, the insults are on Serbian (since we're both from Serbia) and i don't know if they're enough evidence to get the player punished, but i just want everybody to know, he owns many accounts, and is very problematic, if he doesn't like you he will multibox Global spam your name and make everyone thing you're a bad guy or something. After a raid i was in decided to call it a day he started spamming me "Raid Over hahahaah" and many many nasty insults.The guy is exceptionally toxic, i /ignored his main "Poweredby" (which i raided with and spoke to over discord) and now he is just spamming me from many of his "alt" accounts that "his friends gave him" as he told me over Discord.Evidence -
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    Character Name: Fatpyro Punishment Reason: Anticheat Game master: None Summary: Greetings, i have been banned by the anti-cheat system due to blink glitching, i have used blink to do a lot of crazy stuff, for fun of course, there are many bugs that occur when using blink near stairs/doors (even mountains/angled walls), and anti-cheat can't recognize whether it was a bug or a hack, i have spoke to Administrator Raphael and have been told to appeal here, i would never risk my account, which i have spent hours and hours of grinding and playing, my entire guild leadership of "Collusion", to use hacks.Anti-cheat isn't always accurate, it is supposed to alert GM's which should check on the player so no miss bans occur.A player can be lagging and the anti-cheat can mistaken it for a speed hack or something.I am assuring you that i did not use hacks and would like to politely ask for my ban to to be removed. Best regards, Fatpyro.
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