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  1. im looking for skilled and at least average equipment rogue or mage to 2v2
  2. Im very experianced player in pvp and little pve. I played 40k-50k arenas in previous sunwell server as shadow and disco. I started play here 1 month ago and i get good gear alredy, but i see that PVP in this server is very weak , most people like to kill mindless creature controlled by SI, but everyone knows that PVP>PVE. My target is to found good PVP guild for playing premade bg (crush horde !!) and arenas , help eachader to became real gladiator. If there is no such guild maybe someone will be interest to create it with me. Ofcours we can also go for some raid for fun and to get usable in pvp items , but mostly concentrated on arenas and bg Im looking also for 3v3 and 5v5 team. Contact with me by private message in game nick Ankrahmun.
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