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    Banned for?

    Character name: LollipopPunishment reason: WTB female nightelf/human rogue via black market wisp me offers. Game Master: AzathothhSummary: 14 days chat ban for saying on global, WTB female nightelf/human rogue VIA BLACK MARKET! wisp me offers. I said fucking VIA BLACK MARKET. and you're GM goes ahead and bans me for 14 days. what is this non sense? i said i wanted to see what people can give me offers for sunwell points. cause for sure no one would want to buy a cheap ass geared toon for 2000 sunwell coins. what is wrong with what i said? there is nothing wrong with what i said and i dont deserve no ban. concerning on how long ive stayed here in this server and how much money ive spent. you should take things into consideration before banning people cause they said "VIA BLACK MARKET" no wonder this server is dying. its cause your GMS are handling things wrong and are banning people for stupid reasons. Time to wake up.
  2. falanar77

    Ninja Looter

    Your name - LollipopReported player's name - BeenderDate - 2/27/19Rule that was broken - Ninja LootingDescription- Hi we were in voa 18, and suddenly it was a FFA loot i dont know how. and there was this shaman who was elemental called Beender who had the santificed witch gloves. and i really needed it for my gear cause its way better. and he decided to take it and vendor it or try to sell it to me for 1.5k gold. i have full convo. i dont know how to maximize my chat layout.
  3. falanar77

    Offensive Language

    Your name - LollipopReported player's name - LordDate - 2/26/19Rule that was broken - Offensive words.Description - My guild was using twitch emotes like "LUL" or "OMGEA" in gchat and this player named Lord suddenly cussed out that it is gay using these words and left. i asked if he would come back but he replied offensively and used the N word. i didnt know the instructions were not to edit. but i can tell you i am honest with all this. i have not cussed him nor have done anything. you can see the way i was talking to him. kind and friendly. Please deal with him.Evidence -
  4. falanar77

    [Lollipop] (Banned by Asureeuz)

    Character Name: Lollipop Punishment Reason: Selling items from the Shop to other players via Gift System. Game Master: Asureeuz Summary: Good Evening, I am a new player in this server and i have joined it around 2 months ago, i am the Guild Master of the Guild <The Scarlet Champion> that holds approximately 130 members under my hand. First of all i'd like to make things clear, i have spent around 36$ on this server because i love it a lot and i am enjoying it, but to be honest i have never read the rules because i did not know where they are even put. All i did was create an account and log in to play. Please i did not know that selling items from the gift shop to people for gold was forbidden , i didnt even gift anyone anything nor did i receive gold from anyone i was announcing it and i thought it was totally fine. Since i spent my own money onto the website. I would like to have my account unbanned as i would love to continue playing on this server. i have been a member on warmane for around 8 years and not a single time i have been banned. i come from that server and rules and regulations are different. Such as, i noticed you ban people for multi-boxing here but it is totally fine there (warmane). I urge you to unban my account please as i want to continue playing with my friends and Guild and i promise no such thing will ever happen again. Thank you Best Regards, Lollipop.
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