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    Greenpeace - Tide

    Thanks for coming to my appeal post. When I got banned, I started a conversation with GM Tide, about the ban and promised I would send proof in order to appeal my ban. I added a Video, that I recorded on my main. [b]Character Name:Greenpeace[/b] [b]Punishment Reason:Ahbot[/b] [b]Game Master:Tide[/b] [b]Summary: Got banned, because of running into walls after being ported a few feet away from my standing point[/b] Note - In the video I am giving an indication of the used macro's - Further you'll be able to see how CTM is being used in order to interact with target (And mouseover) - Pressing the interact with target button makes you walk to the target (Set by the macro.) It also happend that I got stuck because of having set the wrong target and using the interact /w target button. When being moved from the location I want it to be, it will automatically (After hitting ''P'') start walking to the target back again aswell. - Getting stuck happend when not positioned right and using the key - From certain angles (notice the tree) you are not able to see your own character, wich normally isn't needed anyway - The sunwell page on te left indicates anything you can do while playing the game on a VERY small screen, as like browsing sites or watching a video. The macro's will be sufficient to play the game, without having to see any details. Hitting ''P'' wil give you enough room to do the things you want to. + walks to the target - The lay-out used isn't 100% the same as used on my banned account. The reason why I can't reproduce that seems obvious. It does give a very close impression I hope this gives enough evidence as to why I should not be banned. If there is any more proof needed, I am glad to supply you with it.
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