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  1. Advocate of Truth

    Titan exploiting Lich King

    Your name - Advocate of Truth Reported player's name - Xtsy, Zerfp, Byfaruz, Inmemorian, Asanor, Doomkin, Shamikaza, Wonszrzeczny, Heisenberg, Drone Date - yesterday Rule that was broken - Exploiting Description - Titan decide to test 10 times if Curse of Tongues (Warlocks curse) really slows the Lich King Defile and Infest casts (Which shouldnt and make fight a lot easier [1.5 times as much time on defile cast, even titans are able to run out with this, or 1.5 times as much time to prepare to heal up infest, dont talk about that LK doesnt attack tank while casting]) and then decide to not put this on bugtracker and grab the kill. xddd Evidence - 1st clip u see the icon of this Curse on the frames (Warlock casts CoT on LK when transition phase ends), 2nd u see the cast time of Infest and Defile (Literally 3sec to run out xddd) AT-cm_396677749.mp4 AT-cm_396633619.mp4 AT-cm_396677749.mp4
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