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  1. Denilor

    79 twinking

    GJ guys.
  2. Denilor

    79 twinking

    Fatality has never had anything close to the number of prots that ally has. And a dk is not as strong as a Sunwell-geared prot warrior in this bracket.
  3. Denilor

    79 twinking

    Ok, here it is- the screenshot I sent the GM right before I transferred. You're totally right, bro- I went horde because I couldn't stand losing all the time as ally. https://imgur.com/a/FNMsO01
  4. Denilor

    79 twinking

    Yeah, sorry but that is BS. Do you really want me to link my screenshot I gave to the GM showing my bg stats right before I transferred to horde? I'm looking at it now- I did 164 WGSs as Ally and won 113. As horde it's WAY worse. I'm the guy who transferred to Horde on Dalaran server when Horde was literally winning 1/5 of the bgs there. That's WHY I transferred- they needed twinks. The main reason I transferred to horde on this server was because I had way more friends on horde than on ally, since Fatality has most of the officer corps of our old ally guild on Lordaeron. It's more fun to play with friends. You are one of the only guys on ally I would regularly talk to. As far as my advice to Ally to queue premades, that only works when they are the better faction. We both know that, disregarding this new Russian guild, horde can't compete with ally's 4-5 prots, 2 healers and two pro hunters that is your normal premade we face. Right now ally is totally dominant on Sunwell because you have both numbers of twinks, and, if we get full premades against each other in WSGs, we can't compete with your prot-heavy comps. That's actually the biggest reason I am playing 80 these days- WoW pvp wasn't designed to have prots as dominant as they are here. It's pretty clear ally is trolling horde with the numbers of prot twinks - even long-time casters in your guild are leveling prot alts with "slam" in their names. Do you deny that people in your guild laugh among themselves about how many prots they are making, knowing how much we hate it? Or do longtime mages just wake up one day with the desire to be prot warriors? At the end of the day, that's the reason I don't have much optimism for this bracket. People on horde and ally legitimately hate each other and would rather troll each other than work together to make a strong bracket. In my old MoP server, it wasn't like that. We all knew MoP had a shaky future and that to make the small bracket stay alive as long as possible, we had to have two viable factions. That mentality is totally missing here- people here on both sides would rather see the bracket die than give their hated enemies on the other side any satisfaction.
  5. Denilor

    79 twinking

    BOTH factions on this server have dormant players who lay low when their faction is behind and re-surface when it is strong. That's why I've repeatedly argued in favor of a small group of skilled and active (doesn't include me- I am on NA time and work during prime bg hours) players who play whichever faction is needed at a particular time. I know this works from having been one of the players who did it in a MoP sever. Until we have players willing to assume that role, the 79 bracket will stay unbalanced and not very fun.
  6. Denilor

    79 twinking

    Did you Russian guys actually research the 79 scene on this server before deciding to roll Alliance here? You arrived at a time where Alliance was already dominant and Horde was already demoralized. And now you run large premades with strong comps and FAPs and - shocker - you are winning bgs. I'm not sure if you realize this, but most of the Fatality guild has fully geared 79s ready to go on another server. All it takes is for them to decide the scene is better on that server now and suddenly there is no 79 scene on this server. Just a bunch of ally twinks farming levelers in an occasional bg.
  7. Denilor

    79 twinking

    @Soslammed I have 100% proof that WoW bgs can be good in a small bracket, because I lived that proof for well over a year. Namely, on the MoP realm (now almost dead) on another server. On that server, I and several other guys were members of the biggest ally and horde pvp guilds, and when one side got too dominant and queues got too long, we'd log on our toons on the other faction and we could single-handedly change the night's bgs from favoring one faction to the other. Not bragging- it's easy to do if you're geared and experienced in your class. On my old MoP realm, everyone accepted that some guys playing both factions was necessary for the good of the server, because it was completely obvious that it was. I really don't understand what the mental barrier is that prevents people in this bracket from seeing that as well. I think it's just old fashioned hatred. Whatever the reason, I don't see the 79 bracket as having a bright future until people wake up and realize that the way we do things here leads to a mediocre (at best) bracket.
  8. Denilor

    79 twinking

    I expect the bracket will survive, since it's not like most players have somewhere else they can play WOTLK bgs that is any better. Gearing up at 80 is a huge pain, and it's not like 80 bgs are a miracle of balance either. Still, can you honestly say that you would tell a friend "yeah, you should come 79 twink on Sunwell- the games are really good and fun"? I couldn't, at least not now. A couple of months ago I could (and did). The problem, as I see it, is there aren't really any players who play primarily for the benefit of the bracket itself. Imagine some of the best twinks on the server having a small guild of players who play both horde or ally depending upon which side needs it the most. The server would instantly be a lot better and instead of a "sinusoid" you'd see a consistently fun bracket. But the 79 bracket doesn't seem to have any players who are willing or able to do that. What we have instead is a situation where a lot of players on the bracket seem to outright dislike each other, and they would rather the bracket die than do what I described above. I know because I've suggested something along these lines both on this server and the forum of our "old" server. The suggestion never went anywhere. So I've kind of stopped expecting the 79 bracket to be the good and fun bracket that caused me to ditch my 80 last summer to start playing it (I've started playing it again recently). Yeah, it will probably survive, but in a form which is constantly unbalanced and where one faction or another has usually decided to take their ball and go home. That's disappointing, since it could be so much better, and it would be, if there were some good players playing for the sake of the bracket itself.
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