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    Hello , waw , First of all i'd like to say that Verbal abuse is verbal abuse , regardless of where it takes place or what /channel it was on , So , here's the link to my first post '' so after 5 days of waiting , i get a response '' You choose to be in that guild and we do not interfere with guild related issues Please add the player to your ignore list '' so he can just go on and continue playing as if nothing happend after he insulted the fuck out of my mother and me , called my mom a whore and called me a faggot , and you just say '' ignore him '' ? WHICH I DID ! so he sent me msgs on to my other character '' Zizzou '' in first and second screen , and to '' Rumbum '' in 3rd screen , i ignored him there too , so he sent me shit through other people as you see in screen 3 ( all the screens are in the first post ) , i'm completely baffled and shocked with this response , '' you chose to be in the guild '' WAW , as if that makes it ok , as if that makes those words less hurtful , years ago , i got a permanent ban on league of legends for saying '' fuck your mother '' when i was kid , now this guy says and repeats that many times , calls my mom a whore & calls me a faggot and keeps /w me with different characters everytime i ignore him and you just say ignore him and he can just go on and continue to play as if he didn't do anything wrong ? The insults happend in /whisper , so this is not really a '' guild related issue '' , which shouldn't really matter anyway , even if it was , cause verbal abuse is verbal abuse , regardless of where it takes place . for this to be completely dismissed just because we so happend to have joined the same guild as trials at the same time is beyond me , as if sharing a raid or two together is now a permission for this kind of behaviour , and for me to have literal proof of the degree of his insults and then simply be told '' ignore him '' and he can just go on unpunished as if what he said ( and repeated many times ) wasn't hurtful enough ,,, I ask you to please revisit the screen shots , maybe look for a tunisian on /global to translate to you if you don't trust my translation , but please don't just tell me '' oh you joined the same guild so this behaviour is ok '' , cause this is not even related to the guild , this is bad behaviour & verbal abuse . Thank you ,
  2. Your name - ZizzouReported player's name - HoubeliusDate - 13 / 03 / 2019Rule that was broken - Verbal AbuseDescription - the screen says it all Evidence :
  3. Your name -ZizzouReported player's name - LaboulangereDate - 07.03.2019 and again on 10.03.2019Rule that was broken - Harassment , Insult , Foreign language Description - Ok , so the 3 screenshots below are pretty much self explanatory , I say in /guild chat that he's the one being toxic , and it starts . first in /guild chat , then in whispers , chaine insults in a foreign language ( Tunisian ) Translation : 1st screen : '' Fuck your mother you **** '' in /g chat 2nd screen : '' -Your mom is a whore i swear , / fuck your mother , cunts as usual '' now the 3rd screen , can you even believe this ? TWO DAYS after he insulted me and i simply ignored him , TWO DAYS LATER in a raid , he sends his friend to /w me what you see in the screen , which i took as a threat cause we both live in the same city , ( 3rd screen , '' labo '' is short for laboulangere ) Someone who insults and keeps insulting you and your mother simply because you said '' you're the one who's being toxic '' , and who tries to stalk you even days after , even when i don't respond , please don't just give him a simple mute , as that will certainly not derail him from repeating this kind of behaviour . Thank you for your time ( Quick edit added : 4th screen , bonus harassment , when i /ignored him on thursday 07.03.2019 , and ignored his friend's msgs yesterday , because we're in the same guild and therefore use the same teamspeak , he sent me what you see on the 4th screen , which translates into '' Laboulangere sent you a poke '' does your family know you're a faggot ? '' )
  4. Your name - ZizzouReported player's name - HellDate - 16 / 02 / 2019Rule that was broken - cheatingDescription - this alliance guy is in orgrimmar bank UNDERGROUND invisible ( night elf ) , sends his pets to attack us , and once i cast a spell , he brings back the pet to himself ( underground ) and we can't attack it anymore , this is proven by my Dot tick on the pet while he's underground
  5. Your name - ZizzouReported player's name -'' Sorrowpriest '' , and his accomplice '' Manster '' Date - 13 / 02 / 2019Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting groupDescription - This is infuriating ,, Not only do these people Ninja items , but when i talked to them , all they said is '' yes we take items , you don't like it leave '' and '' you're in the raid because of us so you should be happy with the frost emblems '' ,,, they deserve a fucking ban just for that , it's like ninja + '' yes what you gon do about it ? '' So basically , these 2 people from the same guild ,started by taking '' The Lady's Brittle Bracers '' item from the 2nd boss in icc25 without even putting it up for /roll ,( more items will be shown in the screenshots that weren't rolled ) obviously everyone called them a ninja and was like wtf ? so they simply said , like i will show you in the screenshots , that '' they take the boe items '' , which is TOTAL BULLSHIT , cause taking boe items is supposed to be from TRASH mobs in icc , NOT FROM THE BOSSES ! 10000% ninja , and THE ONLY raid member other than the raid leader that liked that , is a guy name '' Manster '' , now if you look at them both , the raid leader '' Sorrowpriest '' and this guy '' Manster '' , they're basically both 4.4kgs , which is even more reason for them to ninja , from the same EMPTY ninja guild made just for this , '' For The Light '' , so they are Priest and warrior , and they roll and steal everything else ( even warrior ) dps castser item ? --> Priest ( Sorrowpriest ) healer item ? --> Priest ( Sorrowpriest ) dps melee item ? --> Warrior ( Manster ) tank item ? --> Warrior ( Manster ) notice how in the screenshots , the ONLY item from 2nd boss that was rolled for is '' heartpiece '' , because it's the only thing that they don't need , cause it's a melee dagger , and they are a Spriest and a warrior , so basically they rolled 1 item out of 3 from icc25's second boss . that was their plan from the beginning , but we only did 3 bosses and people of course then left when they realised what was happening , and by the way , i went in as a healer , so i wouldn't even have been able to /roll on most of these items , BUT STILL , the fact that they ninja and are like '' yes we ninja , you don't like it leave '' , made me and most of the raid , so mad. ( Notice how in the 5th screeshot and the ones after , the only one in /raid chat that tried to make it look like it's ok to take items , is '' Manster '' FROM THE SAME EMPTY guild . ) Evidence - you can see the raid members all agreeing , ( Except them 2 of course ) , please don't let this go unpunished , Thank you ,
  6. Your name - ZizzouReported player's name - SsijekDate - 30 / 01 / 2019 AND 31 / 01 / 2019 , yes this guy does this everytime i see him in a bg , Rule that was broken - Flame , Insult , Foreign Language in battle ground Description - ok , this guy ruined my experience on this server , everytime me or any other player that is not lvl 79 joins the bg , he keeps calling us idiots and asking everyone in the bg to let us die and not help us , saying a lot of bull**** like he sent a ticket to gm to block our exp and just BULLCRAP like that , along with speaking a different language in bg EVEN AFTER asking him to please speak english , i have so many screenshots and this dude is INTOLERABLE and even if i mute him , he keeps insulting everyone else in the bg that is not lvl 79 SIMPLY because we are not max lvl and fully geared ! Remind you , we are all allowed to join bg , please pay attention to the time in the minimap in some of the screen shots , you will see that this is not just in one bg ( cause i wouldn't report just for one bg ) , but EVERY bg we get into , ( should i also say that he refused to respawn in the bg ? i actually don't mind that , cause we were loosing so bad , i don't mind if he only afk , BUT , to afk AND flame AND insult ? NO ! ) Evidence - so many , Insult & flame Screenshots : Now , FOREIGN LANGUAGE Screenshots : Now , Anti-gaming , just wanting to report us & get us kicked just because we are lower level ( which is allowed ,,, it's a level SEVENTY -79 bg ,,, ) this one just 5 seconds after i joined bg , you can see the '' You have joined a raid group '' , and he starts agains , do i really need to say more ? remind you , he does all this & insults & flames this much WHILE REFUSING TO REVIVE , proof : I'm sorry it's been too long and too many screenshots i know , but imagine every single time i go to bg he calls everyone an idiot just for joining ect , i tolerated him the first few times , but it's been going on for a while now and this is just totally ruining my experience here , i know it's up to you to decide , but in all honesty , a mute is really really really not enough ,
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