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  1. bongo_bg

    Mana potions while in Forms

    It should be a bug because drinking water for example should follow the same rules and you can drink while formed and replenish mana... I don't know though... I've never had to use a mana potion while bear/cat form.
  2. Lol it has everything to do with everything! Plus, where else there could be jihadists? Have you ever seen a muslic orc or a tauren? They just don't fit the profile...
  3. You can. At least you should be able to.
  4. bongo_bg

    Gatherer database

    I can when I get home it's pretty useless. Several days ago there was a patch with mass changes to veins and herbs. Even some Northrend objects has been rewritten. Half the saved coordinates makes things worse than help...
  5. bongo_bg

    Account restoration

    If true that's serious breach and I think the staff should do some hard checking on the security. I really don't believe it's coincidense that for months no acc was 'hacked' and now suddenly multiple cases in short time frame...
  6. bongo_bg

    Despawn rate (is hilarious)

    I'm not sure if this is a bug report or simply a rage because of a mistake you've done. You never release during a boss fight - that's a rule.
  7. bongo_bg

    Account restoration

    Hmm... That's like 3rd or 4th 'hacked' account in the last couple of days and I haven't seen any before that. Looks like someone is spreading a key-logger or something. Think of the last thing you downloaded before that happening. Have you logged in other WoW related sites using the same IDs?
  8. Why? The total votes for YES in this very moment are 47 vs 45 for NO. The most logical scenario would be to implement it for short period of time as it was option B in the poll. If in 30 days the poll shows more dislikes, then disable it. This is the middle case where everybody will be happy. Just like the middle case with the Transmog. Don't you understand most of the voters have no idea what the Bazaar is? Half of the posts above shows that people think this is an item shop...
  9. bongo_bg

    remastered textures

    Hello gdziguashvili and welcome to Sunwell. The Legion Remastered Client is available on this link: https://sunwell.pl/how-to-connect But in order to see it you must be registered and logged in.
  10. bongo_bg


    Sad but true.
  11. Do you consider how this could turn out other way around and backfire? Like a Horde PVP try-harder thinks in a way "hey, I can switch to Allinace for free honor" and an Alliance fed dude with honor capped would say "why would I want to join the loosing side"? Crossfaction BGs are the one true way to even things up. I've fought about this cause in Feronis for a long time but the situation there is slightly better although the scenario is the same all over the private server scene. Horde always suck in PVP. The good news is that the Sunwell Team look like finally saw the problem. According to the changelog from last week we have this: "Experimental crossfaction battlegrounds implemented". An explanation in Discord was given that for now this is unlocked only in Feronis for 'testing' purposes and it's currently disabled a.k.a they're still working on this. Imo this is a light in the end of the tunnel.
  12. Hey guys, Again, first of all, great job with the server - awesome work! Now cut to the chase - I couldn't miss some reports where a rule has been broken but no punishment follows up althought it's somehow stated within the 'Rules' section. As you can guess from the headline - the community has these toxic players where just in my opinion are the worst. And pretty much the low numbers of them is the reason why I enjoy WotLK as old patch and other older games. In comparison with LoL for example where not a game passes by without someone swearing you. You see my logic - if someone is hacking or botting or whatever - he's not affecting my game, he doesn't bother me. But when he 'wishes' me stuff - that bothers me big time. Few examples from just Page 1: How is that not 'swearing' (+Polish which also reminds me of bad memories in Feronis)? And we have a rule: Now, I'm neither one of the reporters but if I was, I wouldn't settle with "i will also have a word with him". Ignoring is a post-factum feature - it will block him for further swearing to me but it can't undo what he has already written and I've read. Please guys, we deal with enough lack of justice in the real world. Can we please keep the community a bit more civil?
  13. bongo_bg

    Arena Quest (ZD)

    Hey there, No, this is not the correct place for ingame bugs - the right one is there: https://github.com/SunwellTracker/issues/issues Also, would be great if you at least explain the bug. There is nothing wrong with the arena chain usually so it should be something related to you.
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