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    And the fair play winner is ......... Chapeau Yes, you are right. I'm not complaining about normal pvp, i donìt like it, but is a part of the game. What i ate, and never will understand is ganking, is being oneshotted by an 80, and again, and again, and again by the same person, camping on corpse.... and for what? This give no honour, no point, no title, no gold..... nothing, only the "satisfaction" to have oneshotted a pg with 40 less level. And for what complain official server, there you can not flag yourself for pvp in contested areas. And for last thing sorry, but from the high of my 50's, i can serenely say that you are like a 10 yer old, speaking rudely instead of talking and arguing. Again, chapeau. And, sure, i will remove every trouble caused, for which i apoligize, and leave, serenely. Farewell, and good game. Chapeau
  2. campafranco


    No way, better to leave if this become allowed and normal.
  3. campafranco


    So, just to know, is this server going to be another *Fuck*mane, where ganking lowbies with 30/40 lvl less is normal, or what? The situation start to get very annoying, people.
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