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  1. Hello fellow Druids! So i have started playing as rdudu few weeks ago, atm i reached level 72. And i am curious if i am doing everything alright. At end game i will be focusing on pve, and also some pvp only bgs. I would like to get some help from experienced druids, to see if i my talents are good and my rotation. Any help would be amazing! My Talents: Rotation that i mostly use is: Applying Rejuvenation and Regrowth on tank, and making sure it's always up. On DPS, i mostly apply Rejuvenation and use Wild Growth if i can see that it hits atleast 3 people in group. And sometimes Swiftmend or Healing Touch+Nature's Swiftmend for near death situations. I dont use Lifebloom as it looks like a waste of mana. Sometimes i run out of mana, very quickly, so maybe something is wrong in rotation or is it possibly my gear? My current Professions are Herbalism n Alchemy. And that's about it, if you have any tips or help in general with my rotation or talents, feel free to leave a comment! Thank you all in advance.
  2. Lorender

    World Of Warcraft MOP?

    I've been waiting for fresh MOP Server with working raids etc..... And i heard that Sunwell Community are working on it. Is that true? If yes, when is it possible to come out? What other people think about that expansion? Thanks
  3. Lorender

    Kiek cia musu yra? WOTLK

    Sveiki Draugai, Na kiek cia musu zaidzia siame serveryje? Nes nemaciau nei vieno LT guild'o dar
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