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    NINJALOOT REPORT Miracletree (alliance druid)

    It's not 30 seconds, but 10 seconds! This is the first! Secondly - what right do you have to speak negatively about ALL Russian-speaking people! HOW I WRITTED ABOVE that I ABSOLUTELY RANDOMLY pressed NEED (after all, why do I need a chain mail helmet) You didn’t do anything wrong, so I wanted to do such a dirty thing to you, and therefore apologized, BUT IN ADVERTISING CONVERSATION YOU IMMEDIATELY BEGINNED TO FALL BADLY WORDS Why didn't you drop screenshots? Because you would be ashamed!
  2. Miracletree

    NINJALOOT REPORT Miracletree (alliance druid)

    Tell everyone what you are rascist, call Russian-speaking players motherfuckers! I asked for your forgiveness for having accidentally pressed! I wanted to make amends! And you, in response, started sending me a fuck, called me and all Russians — assholes, called Putin a Freak, and so that all Russians would burn in hell !! HOW DO YOU THIS COMMENT? TOXIC PLAYER. I have half the guild will prove that you are a racist and I hope that you will be rewarded
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