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  1. It is neck 4 Fury Warrior man hehe
  2. Your name - ZakowpanyReported player's name - JihadjoeDate - 08.09.2020Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - After killing the boss Doomwalker raid leader Jihadjoe wrote that the Ethereum Nexus-Reaver is reserved and took the axe into his bag without rolling. I am asking for punishment for stealing it.
  3. deeq

    117. Xoe

    They are unedited @Maviya @Crafty
  4. Your name - ZakowpanyReported player's name - XoeDate - 19.08.2020Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - After killing Boss, Koralon the Flame Watcher dropped [Relentless Gladiator's Greaves of Triumph]. Since the raid was to kill 2 bosses, the Raid Leader Xoe took all the loot to himself to distribute it after killing the 2nd boss. He immediately asked me if I needed these boots. After killing the 2nd boss, Xoe started roll the loot, but as you can see in the photos, the boots did not roll. He thanked the raid and wanted to leave taking the boots for himself without a roll. I wrote to give the boots to the roll and then he "remembered" about the shoes and gave the roll command. After I won the roll, he commanded the roll a second time and wrote that he won.
  5. Your name - ZakowpanyReported player's name - FalenoneDate - 05.08.2020Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting
  6. deeq

    [Report] Paladinpoldo

    Your name - ZakowpanyReported player's name - PaladinpoldoDate - 21.07.2020Rule that was broken - Insulting others w/o reasonEvidence -
  7. deeq

    106. Aanditsgone

    Zeorg how do you know that Eamon is a friend of a raid leader?
  8. deeq

    [Ninjalooting] FREAKREHAB

    This is exactly what my report looks like. Please, punish the player Freakrehab
  9. deeq

    [Ninjalooting] FREAKREHAB

    @Piootrek From the moment we killed the boss, until the item is given to the Ellyone player, all photos are related to each other. Why provided is very weird , where is it very weird? Why You can't really tell if they are edited or not? They are not edited!! This report is not properly? Why? Report is confusing? Where is confusing? The report is 100% made in accordance with the requirements of writing the report and is clear showing how the player FREAKREHAB returns the item without a roll !!!
  10. deeq

    [Ninjalooting] FREAKREHAB

    Any answer?
  11. deeq

    [Ninjalooting] FREAKREHAB

    Wha'ts now?
  12. deeq

    [Ninjalooting] FREAKREHAB

    @Stew @Crafty In the complaint are the photos from killing the boss to give the item to the player Elllyone? Where do you see the Satchel of Spoils roll command? I have ss that he dont roll item, you have "raid lider said he raidrolled". Let him give ss that he gave a roll item, if not please add him to The Ninja Looters - List of Proofs !! As you can see in the picture Freakrehab receives loot Dragon Hide Bag next he do cheat roll without item 2 (1-10) normal is (1-100) for already winning the bag next Ellyone receives loot Satchel of Spoils !!
  13. deeq

    [Ninjalooting] FREAKREHAB

    On which ss can you see how you give the title item Satchel of Spoils to roll? What is this? rotfl
  14. deeq

    [Ninjalooting] FREAKREHAB

    Satchel of Spoils link: https://www.wowhead.com/item=43347/satchel-of-spoils it's mail armor??? What a nonsense you write @Azathothh. I REPEAT THE COMPLAINT [NINJALOOTING] FREAKREHAB
  15. deeq

    Ninja loot topic

    And this is MAIN SPEC item for fury as the rules say. His MS is fury (dps) - this chest is for dps player, warrior can use lether SO THIS ITEM IS MAIN SPEC FOR WAR FURY !!! This in not his BISS dps chest but still his MEIN SPEC GEAR Redrash you are noob
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