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  1. deeq

    Whats happening with sunwell?

    It's sunny, the holidays are coming, right away the end of school, it's normal that you see less people
  2. deeq

    Game of Thrones

    This is madness, why is Daenerys dying?
  3. deeq

    Angrathar - Important News

    Do not cry like a pussy, this is a private server so be happy that your lords and masters are doing something for you at all !! They can delete everything and everyone like a black hole !!! So kneel and beg for mercy for these heresies
  4. deeq

    Game of Thrones

    Game for thrones based on WOTLK or WOTLK was based on the game of thrones?
  5. deeq

    Not English language

    Your name - Zako Eported player's name - Trellun, Riseagain, Angmaar Date - 17.03.2019 Rule that was broken - Using not english language Description
  6. deeq

    Legion client

    Is't the torrent illegal?
  7. Your name - ZakoReported player's name - Viroth (Leader), Wrenhaven(Item holder)Date - Today (10/01/2019)Rule that was broken - Unfair loot distributionDescription - Leader gave item to the wrong person. The picture shows the rules of the raid, roll of DV and the fact that the raid leader did not give me DV when I won roll. I was not a bad player because I never died on all raid and I did 7k dps on Valkyria as seen in the picture. I am asking to punish the leader and delete the item DV from the player who got it unfair. Evidence - Screenshots
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