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  1. Please ban this players this is very offensive and against your own terms and regulations.This is unfair and this people need to be punished they dont deserve a social game where the main point is to have fun not make people feel bad.
  2. Hello i hope you are welll sunwell crew.I made a mistace i was just copy paste lyrics from a song and i said that bad word it was 4 A.M in morning and i was little drunked.I am very sorry for this and i swear it wont happen again please can i at least be able to talk to other players 1 week without 1 instance,1 interactions Please dont destroy my gaming experience on sunwell for just one small mistace.Its a social and fun game.I am truly sorry and please if you remove my mute i swear if it happens again you can just bann my account with my 70char permanently.PLEASE I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND TO FORGIVE ME JUST THIS TIME I HAVE SOME FREE DAYS I CAN PLAY NOW AND I DONT WANT TO WASTE IT .
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