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    What class counters what class?

    In pvp i play shockadin its very fun spec in 1v1 situations ,but depends on gear, geared shockadin beats pretty much every class in 1v1 , but i have problems with a priest or shaman (cause they can dispel your bubble or wings) and class what isnt big deal for me is a warrior retpals or mage, also shockadins have their place in 2v2 3v3 arenas because they can do great dps and also they are pretty good support for classes which havent healing spells like mages rogues warriors etc, only con of this spec is the big mana cost of your spells
  2. mr.soukup

    New player in TBC

    1. Can u tell me who is more fun to play Battlegrounds ? Every class have some enjoyable abilities, and all depends on your knowledge of that class, also you need to know what playstyle do you like and which are you most interested (healer,RDPS,MDPS) 2. Who is more fun in PvE ? As i said before, pick the class what do you like, doesnt matter, every class have their specific role in raids, for example: Priest and paladins are amazing healers, hunters in raids are needed for their great dps, Warriors are definition of the tank etc. etc. 3. Who is more need in guilds ? in the general there are lack of tanks but from my expirience there is plenty of rogues ,hunters,warlocks and most of guilds doesnt need to recruit new ones 4. Where is more Polish guilds, ally or horde ? This is polish server doesnt matter if you are horde or alliance ,if you are looking for polish guild you will find it at both fractions 5. Who is better on PvE and PvP about racials .... Orc or Dwarf ? Picking up race by racial bonuses depends about your class and pvp/pve focusing , for example, if you make a dwarf priest and are you pve player, dwarf racials will be useless for you, personally for pve i choose the human or draenei.. but the race and class should be representing you and you need to like your character , choose the race only for their racials is not good idea
  3. LF friend for quest for epic mount add me character: Soukup
  4. mr.soukup

    Mining Guide 1-375

    Nice guide i love it ❤️
  5. mr.soukup

    One faction lock

    Just use different email adress , nothing hard
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