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  1. Priest in question got kicked from the guild, problem solved, thank to the guild management.
  2. Hey guys, I'm holy priest with 2400 gs, the only real bad piece of gear I got is pants, so I'm farming SV(H) and Sethekk Halls(N) (went there like 20 times already) to get a better holy spec pants. So just now I went to a normal SH run with a green ass shadow priest named Recatumanel from <Recidiv>. I told them that the only thing I need is pants and in the end when they dropped he just ninja looted them even though I asked him not to roll since he is DD and it's not his spec. After that I addressed this matter to their guild master Baroffen, who said he will talk to him and came back with "he said was ok to roll", I wasn't fucking ok with those shitheads ninja looting item of my spec which I hunted for 20+ runs. Since I doubt there would be much effect to take this matter to GMs I guess at the very least I can warn people against grouping with these fuckers in any capacity. Thanks for attention and good luck.
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