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  1. Greatness

    Policy towards scripters

    You must learn guys, not every player is on the same stage, some people can do more things than others. Generally when they donate server, yea, staff make a money so they do what they want to do. Same in Case of advertising guild, no problem if Hungarian guild advertise and says " looking for only Hungarian players" but when another guild says "PL Core" you have a GM wants to talk with you... Its like Nazi, ya correct Nacionalism.....you are polish you are worst because non polish players pays euro to make a GM a lazy unemployed persons which make a real money by stealing a work from Blizzard because in rules of law you cant get a money from running emulation of Blizzard product. Thats look policy on Sunwell
  2. Greatness

    Greatnes UnMute Appeal (Asureuz)

    Character Name : Greatnes Punishment Reason : writing a sentensce "wts bala dru 71 2200 SC" on Global Game Master : Asureuz Summary : Hello GM's, i coming to forum for make an appeal for my mute. Let me explain.....I just write 1 sentence in Global when am says "wts bala dru 71 2200 SC" and i get instant mute for ....excuse me 20k minutes? 14 days? For breaking a rule? Okay, what rule? Link to description of Black Market : So there is no information about it "you cant advertise you black market auction" Also i put 2 screenshots of Public Information about rules od Global So there also we dont have information about advertising Black Market is prohibited. I just want to appeal in case of 14 days of mute for advertising Black Market auction is just un fair. Please unmute my paladin or atlaest change amount of mute during to some fair during, like few hours. Ty.
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