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    Sunwell Viral #01 and Q&A

    One question and suggest - do you have a 100% certaity succes fresh realm in the very big succes of Blizzard Classic? I suppose Wotk if this realm will be this expension pack is tottaly grasp for Warmane so I'm afraid a new Wotlk may be dud
  2. Raven

    LF LW with Overcast set

    Hello i need someone in Horde with Leatherworking and all 8 pieces of Overcast sets. I have mats and pay for job. Pls whisp Moorween/Gieszu or write in this topic. Transaction complete. Topic can be close
  3. Raven

    Reset Angrathar

    The most people plays in 18.00-22.00 server time. About 1.5 k but sometimes in weekend we can see about 2k. This is really normal situation in this part of season and when the ICC is still unobtainable for many guilds. When comes latest autumn and the situation will be this same than we can be worried about not now
  4. Raven

    Reset Angrathar

    First - do you really want to lose your characters? I don't. Second - always in summer play less players. Always. Third - doing Naxxramas still and still? Now is content very conducive to casual players or this guys who has not much more time to play, you can wear up evan if you not going on raids. Four - 1.5k-2k is still very good number especially in Neverending Wotlk.
  5. Raven

    more jibberish in global chat

    Fridays in summer is definitely not for some onion's children
  6. Raven

    Reset Angrathar

    Is anyone know one simple world calls holiday? In all the time in all servers where I play in holiday always was been 1k players max. On Angrathar sometimes in 7,8 ST are even 2k. This is still good results. We have Neverending Wotlk - this is it
  7. Raven

    Cross-Faction Dungeon Finder poll

    More tank's wanted for leveling on DF would be much more better solution and resulted this problem
  8. Hello. I just ending leveling my Druid and I want to play in endgame Restoration Druid PvE. The problem is I never played resto druid. Can anyone of you give me a some tips how to healing 5 man instances? What spells i must to use, what is a prioryty?
  9. Raven

    How is Nightbane

    Well, realm just started so many more thing is for balance, patched etc. But diff is good, sometimes laggy, especially when 5k+ players play at this same time but If you played on Feronis or Angrathar you can know now as well scripted realm is. In my opinion is good and still fixing
  10. Raven

    What is the future of this server?

    After Ruby Sanctum on Angrathar we enter on the neverending wotlk. This is normal on the privs. Wipe and start on the beggining is a way to knowhere because people spend so much time to play on Angrathar, gearing characters, progressions etc. This same situation will be on our TBC realm. We have choise now and we can switch realms, plays where we want and out comminity is large: 3k + Angrathar, 6k + Nightbane. Not bad so
  11. Raven

    Character Transfer from retail

    I'm not a part of Administration member but i can tell you with 100% conviction this is never be happen
  12. Hello i started gearing up my retri paladin and i have a question about this 3 glyphs. Which of them will be the best for playing RHC right now?
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