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  1. Frontiersman

    Violation of ToS by GM Asureuz

    Character Name: Inspiracja, Lawliet [raid leader], Shinois [ninjalooter] Punishment Reason: Apparently we players must provide ToS link, but GMs can abuse the whole system banning left and right. Game Master: Asureuz Summary: I want player Shinois banned for the reason of ninjalooting and I wish you could lift the penalty that was given to Lawliet, because ToS did not provide him a reason to make his own post as a Raid leader. I find this ridiculous! Raid leader confessed on the screenshots and got banned, because i took action instead of him!
  2. Frontiersman

    [Report Matthiu]

    Your name - SznekaReported player's name - MatthiuDate - 18.01.2019Rule that was broken - Polish language and polish insults in rhcDescription - He got mad after dps ninja pulled, while i was tanking another group and standing back to them. Before i reacted he unfortunately died.Evidence - Screenshots
  3. Frontiersman

    Newcomer question

    Well gonna cut it here shall i. We are at ICC after all, what do you expect people to say ? Warriors were great at Naxx and did well at Ulduar. Stamina aint cheap stat either. Because remember that dodge has a big diminishing returns on it (more dodge you get, less dodge % it becomes). Survivability is as important as mitigation. You sound like gemming +20 dodge was the pro option 😜 Also at 10 mans you also have to look what class brings to your raid. So here are my few thoughts: Paladins are excellent with their buffs, Hand of Sacrifice, Hand of Freedom and Divine Sacrifice which is a great way to mitigate raid wide damage (remember to put /cancelaura after, the divine guardian's 20% will still stay). They are great at 10man and in some groups necessary to keep everyone buffed without using drums. And remember ARDENT DEFENDER, that one fking spell that makes it even moore crispy. Death prevention? COOL. Passive death prevention? EVEN COOLER Warriors are hp shout (meh fury warr can do it too), vigilance 1 target threat reduction and instant taunt buff, which is pretty neat, but you could easily make boss immune to taunts 😜. They are wielding shields just like paladins, but are a bit lack luster, they lack range spells, taunts does not count, because after those 1.5 secs add will run back to your healer/dps ;/ (telling the hard truth, i am happy prot 5.6 with a raidspot myself). They offered great mobility on anubarak's adds, but were pretty squishy, because their mitigation was time gated (ofc if used correctly it is fine, but longer fights with unavoidable damage are harsh for warriors) Druid is very promising tank late icc with HUUUGE healthpools but lacks aoe aggro (like warriors' thunderclap, shockwave no constant aoe, tab targeting biatch). I really can't tell you more, but what i have heared dudus are a proud nation! Their Wilds buff - absolutely necessary, but easily replaceable with drums. BDks offer melee haste, ap boost and Hysteria buff (great single target dmg boost) and on top great tanking toolkit: crispy grips, icy touch aggro is theirs bread and butter and it is a ranged spell! They have many mitigation skills, just like warriors, but they can also mitigate aoe magical damage very well! Also they heal themselves, which is nice. Early 80s dks are squishy and may lack aoe threat a lot, because of their runes system restrictions, but pass the early 4.5 gs gearing process and they get smooth. Also parry has pretty low diminishing returns, so dks can stack it a lot i guess? Overall, if you wanna have some fun, you can pick any tank. But if you wanna get into serious raiding, warriors are not viewed there much ;/ Mostly because of some stupid stereotypes made up by some jerks! Acomplishing t10 4 set of prot warrior gives him basically another Last Stand (pure shield sadly not hp ;v) and helps warrior keep up on some fights. Those were my thoughts about the topic. First time i really posted something this long, so it can be a bit chaotic 😜
  4. Frontiersman

    do allys have any bonus?

    + 100% dmg on wg and free fall of the lk 25 achievement. Also free mount at level 1
  5. Frontiersman

    Dungeon group that kick other players

    Well, you can level it up by quests or queue as tank/healer. It's not griefing, but i understand how can this be unpleasant to you. Imo at 4xboost if you can manage your quest zones just right, instances will get pretty obsolete (apart from those prison runs maybe?). Also if you have a good friend/guildie i'd consider boosting to avoid such mishaps 😜
  6. Frontiersman


    i dont spek ching chong
  7. Frontiersman

    Newcomer question

    Paladins, ardent all the way or druds with theirs 80k hp.
  8. You are just bad and can't take criticism you know? There is gear lying around everywhere. Just do some ah shopping, craft gear from professions, go for some normal dungeons. I feel like healers doing fine as long as you have more hp and survivability than the dps pleb and it's your fault definitely, because you shouldn't be there apparently. Just because dg finder tells you can go hor hc and you are 4k pleb ;D you skip this instance. Meet your match, stop being a special snowflake.
  9. Frontiersman


    Your name - InspiracjaReported player's name - Lawliet (Leader), Shinois(Item holder)Date - Today (09/01/2019)Rule that was broken - Unfair loot distributionDescription - Leader gave item to the wrong person and the druid wont respond to me. Edit#1: Checked the armory of Shinois, he/she doesn't even have resto druid spec. I also tried multiple times contacting this person, but no answer. Lawliet said to me he got ignored by him. Edit #2 Haven't you seen, that this guy confessed on multiple on screens? Where is it in ToS, about Raid leader creating his own post? Also why Shinois to this day not banned?! Evidence - Screenshots
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