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    Topic name: [Report- Ninjalooting] Dober and Guldac Guild RE MOA Your name - Nobreath Reported player's name - Dober and Guldac both Guild Re Moa Date - 28 - 03- 2020 Rule that was broken - Ninja looting is forbiden Description - Im here to tell this was not my 1st time lossing a item to ninjas and just ban isnt working anymore, so i will tell about another ninja looting in game and ask for a real consequence with they acc or chars. So there was a ppl called Dober and a friend called Guldac making a fresh naxx 25 man full run with Dying Curse reserved, but at the end of run drops 2 itens form Kel Thuzad to Range DPS drops was a spell ring [signet of manifested pain] and a spell sword [The Tuning Tide] . So they rool all another itens normaly and when time to roll for [The Tuning Tide] he ninja to a friend of him called Guldac than i cleared won roll with 95 and Ninja [signet of manifested pain] to himself then quit RAID. I have try to contact Dober but did not answer and hes was not afrraid because he didnt ignore me, i was asking him because ninja looting. Link to Dober armory https://sunwell.pl/armory/Frosthold/Dober Guldac wasnt playing anymore. Link to Guldac Armory https://sunwell.pl/armory/Frosthold/Guldac So you see both are using the ninjaed itens Id like to ask to a huge punishment to both, like have all chars erased because ninja looting, im asking this because the same guys who ninja 1 time after ban will ninja again later. So im posting all my evidences , sorry but i could resize my chat , and sorry for any grammatical erros im learning your language. Evidence - Evidence are attach
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    Hello. He wasn't banned because of the the trade to mentioned player, but because gold from this account was sold multiple times in multiple different days and not only recently. So if your guild member wasn't selling it, he was either cooperating with goldsellers or bought/received this account from them (and they still had access to it). Each player is responsible for things that are happening on his account, if you're sharing it and someone else break the rules, your account still would be punished. Appeal rejected, sorry Best regards
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    Greetings @Lesnybjacz As rules state I had applied a 10 minute mute instead of 30 minutes for not using English on global chat. Support team are volunteers who volunteer their free time to help the server and help the community out. I'd say no one would enjoy being called names, wouldn't you agree? This resulted in a 24 hour text mute instead of a permanent ban. We did not had an open ticket, but rather I was whispered directly while solving in-game tickets and discord ones. Waiting a bit can do miracles. If you believe this was a personal matter, I do apologize. That was never my intention. You are free to contact me through our discord server if there are any other questions. Best regards, Crafty
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    Your name - Zypx Reported player's name - Beyondlimit Date - 26.03.2020 Rule that was broken - Range hack Description - Clip from my stream showing clearly impossible range to hamstring, and shortly still available to use abilities while I can't. It's clearly visible if the video is seen at 0.5x speed. It starts with a hamstring, then mortal strike while my game shows clearly that I can't hit him with my abilities marked as red. Evidence -
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    I've already answered you here: https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/16676-hydraa-baned-azathothh/ Lying multiple times about same thing won't change it into truth... You've been online at 3 characters at same time: Ilednie - Troll - Mage - 80 Shinok - Blood Elf - Warlock - 80 Hydraa - Troll - Shaman - 47 When you've been moving with Ilednie, Hydraa was standing still, when you've been moving with Hydraa - Ilednie was standing still. But what was doing Shinok at that time? Shinok was fishbotting at wintergrasp - of course you don't know anything about it, because it's yet another one of your friends i guess? (Btw. i've never killed you, it was just some passing by player) Please keep your lies to yourself, Good riddance!
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    Please correct me if this is not the correct forum to post in. Through the course of the last many years, Wrath of the Lich King has maintained its position as the most popular rendition of World of Warcraft in the private server scene. We've seen - and played - on various new servers that continue to come up, and opted to stay true to the expansion pack that we adore the most. We've seen an increase in tendency, however, that the playerbase are less interested in servers that provide the community with a more authentic leveling experience by keeping a strict 1x rate system. As a result of that, private server hosts have chosen to provide the players with servers with increased leveling rates. Take yours, Sunwell, as an example. Frosthold has 3x rates by default, with the option to grant yourself an increase to 6x. After the launch of Frosthold, you drastically increased the experience gain on Angrathar. In many ways, these measures encourages a healthy server life and population. The players are more likely to make, and level, alternate characters, as the end-game is reachable in a quicker fashion on their main characters, thus allowing one to complete it quicker. While the increase in experience gain is a much welcomed change in the eyes of most of your players, it does, however, have several adverse effects, which, in particular, strike the PvP players and their scene. Simply put: The current 1x honor rates do not accommodate your current experience rates. Any player that has a minimum of four characters will never be able to maintain them with up-to-date gear during any given season except season 8. Players with less than four characters are struggling a lot already. Any player that wishes to level an additional character will likely spend around half of a given season's duration on getting semi-competitive gear. Any player that is uncapable of reaching high ratings on a new, level 80 character, likely being equipped with blue and green items, must first obtain the items of the season past, followed by the items of the current season, thus increasing the time needed to get full PvP gear dramatically. It was very surprising and unprecedented on Frosthold that a 2x honor rate was temporarily added a week ago. And one could certainly see the positive effects: People were participating in PvP events like never seen before on Frosthold. Wintergrasp was always full, regardless of time or date, and the same can be said about battlegrounds. In fact, there were always a large amount of battleground games occurring simultaneously. The PvP community was thriving for a few days. Undeniably. There is a vast difference in the time required when it comes to obtaining sufficient gear for PvP and PvE: With the current difficulty of the PvE content, it is not even a necessity to have amazing gear to succeed, and gear is extremely easy to come by, given the ridiculously low difficulty of Tier 7 and 8 content. It is possible to get extremely good items on a character that is less than a week old with very little effort. This does not apply to PvP currently. In Season 5, the easiest way of obtaining the Savage sets is even through PvE. That is quite the paradox. The PvP developers - as well as the current state of PvP - have received a lot of hatred from the community as of late. It is extremely apparent in every open forum pertaining to Sunwell. But what you implemented, even for a few days, an increased honor rate, was something that caused a massive, consensual applause from the PvP playerbase. Therefore, and in conclusion, I ask of you, on behalf of the PvP community: Please consider permanently increasing the rate at which players earn honor. It will do you absolutely no harm. All the best.
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    Posted on wrong realm, sorry
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    Reported player's name - Rino Date - 25/03/2020 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Surge Needle Ring (agility item) roll. took the item with a 10 roll because she was the RL and Loot Master (she s priest) , when Dragos(hunt) rolled a 49for her main.
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    just buy up all the mispriced auctions and relist them? unless they actually aren't mispriced....
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    Greetings @Princeof Ban was reviewed and removed
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    Second that. The pvp scene would benefit a lot from this change, there is literally no downside to it, it's not like the server has blizzlike rates anyway.
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    Hello. You've been botting, someone else started killing you, so you've logged on your different character which was already banned for fishbot in the past - meanwhile you've been also botting on different account... If you've created this account only to write these lies, you've wasted your time. If i'll see you botting on any other of your accounts it would be perm banned right away, so my advise is to stop if you would like to play on this server. Appeal rejected Best regards
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    If you want to play pvp Just dont roll whorde faction they are pathetic bad in pvp - no one to play with and most ppl are Just retarded
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    From https://sunwell.pl/page/rules 3. Insulting the staff is strictly prohibited. 6. Insulting other players is prohibited. Neither is allowed. We also monitor global chat to prevent the things you’ve stated above from happening. Some insults may slip by, but overall I think we do a good job of monitoring what needs to, and allowing people to voice their opinions as well. If you have any definitive suggestions for us regarding our rules I’m happy to listen.
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    Hello, After reading the server's discord on the pvp section, I saw some specific things I would like to point out. This is a big issue, and from what I've read, been ongoing without interference. It all started with discussion regarding third party software that could manipulate your GCD, damage, range of melee abilities, and AHK or "AutoHotkey". AutoHotkey is known for being able to have your buttons pushed automatically in a very high speed, way above what players can do in longer periods of time. Apparently, players claim that all of this is currently being used on Sunwells Frosthold server, by many players. This user named "Vyserk" or more known in the server as "Beyondlimit" admitted openly that he's currently using this type of software. Let's assume that this software does not give any benefits, but only makes your life easier by instead of spamming your buttons, you hold them down and let the software push them for you. It still counts as usage of third party software rule that the game is not meant to be played as, and I'm pretty sure it's bannable in retail. Sad news is that this software does indeed give huge benefits. As you can see in this clip: https://www.twitch.tv/qwneer/clip/TangentialMushyArugulaDoritosChip?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time Now this is only by casting, imagine holding your abilities in and wait for the gcd to be ready for usage. You actually get the abilities off the moment gcd is ready again. The game is desgined in the way that if you are faster as a player mechanically, you are a better player by default, and this software basically plays the game for you. This player is playing the warrior class, and this type of software can perfectly rotate through every global cooldown, including weapon swaps, usage of pummel and reflects (which are off gcd, as you can expect what benefits that can bring when you use this). Here's an example of the twitch channel Syritz that plays a warrior and using this (Owned and streamed by Totsuka, aka Beyondlimit's paladin). https://clips.twitch.tv/BetterAgileWhalePeoplesChamp Now there's still other types of cheating ways, such as abuse of MPQ files etc that are being claimed that are used to cheat in ranked arena play, and all of these things are seriously worrying. Normal players are always in disadvantage versus these kind of players, and should be dealt with. Please feel free to explain other ways of cheats/hacks/scripts that are being used. I hope the Sunwell team does something about this, and punishes cheaters more severely than a simple 7 day ban. Thanks for reading.
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    1.AHK is in the grey area,its bannable if ure using it for multiboxing,or botting. 2.Your test is irrelevent,since u did the test on warmane(they have spell queue system there,which frosthold doesnt have). 3.AHK is good only for casting abilities,for instant abilities makes no difference. 4.AHK is also good way to prevent arthritis. 5.Many keybords have the function to spam a key,while holding it down,but since they cost money(AHK doesnt)... Conclusion: Its not bannable,just L2P.
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    As far as I know the Alliance gets these perks (1 weapon+armor token at 80) + 50% chance on proffesions to grant an extra skill point, because theres big faction inbalance and most people play on the Horde side. Thats why.
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    Make crossfaction for 80 too and limit premades to 2 players max. 80 bgs are broken as s**t, thanks.
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    Hi, I think it would be time to allow access to twinks of all levels to the classic bg. Since there are not enough twins and bg among us is not logging, so our effort, missed goldy, number of quests completed and the best gear is useless when we are not logging all day to bg. I think that since the separation of twinks from exposing players, enough time has passed, and each of you has already 2-3 characters, moreover my personal opinion is that bg is for honor farming and not for xp farming. Plus, this is the only server on which twins are separated ... I haven't met this in 10 years of playing. It is a shame !!! Expect through quests not via Bg, there farm honors !!! Therefore, I request the lifting of the blockade for twinks.
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    Jeśli ktoś chciałby sobie ułatwić rozgrywkę macrami to tutaj mały poradnik: Podstawowe funkcje #showtooltip tu_możesz_wpisać_nazwę_umiejętności_do_wyświetlania(opcjonalne) Wielkość liter w macrach nie ma znaczenia /target Wybiera cel. /assist Wybiera cel celu. /targetlasttarget Wraca do poprzedniego celu. /startattack Zaczyna atakować w przypadku zgubienia targetu - melasi docenią. /stopattack Przerywa atakowanie. /cancelaura nazwa_aury(buff) Kończy działanie buffa. /stopcasting Przerywa bieżące "czarowanie". Przyda się wszystkim, nie tylko casterom, a w szczególności osobom z wysokim opóźnieniem(w grze xd) - w praktyce jest to zmniejszenie latency o połowę a tym samym zwiększenie dps, hps i tps :). Na pewno zauważycie większą płynność w swojej rotacji. /cast [warunki_do_spełnienia_opcjonalnie] - nawias kwadratowy! Używa umiejętność jaką tylko chcesz. W przypadku więcej niż jednego warunku w macro konieczne jest postawienie przecinka pomiędzy warunkami! W warunkach do spełnienia możemy dodać: -harm - zadziała tylko gdy celem jest wróg -help - zadziała gdy celem jest kolega -nodead - tylko żywe cele -dead - tylko martwe cele -combat - podczas walki -nocombat - poza walką [email protected] lub target=mouseover - bez potrzeby targetowania użyje umiejętności tylko na celu "najechanym" kursorem/myszką -target=nazwacelu/target=focus/target=player/@player - na kogo chcesz -spec:1 lub spec:2 - użyje tylko w main lub offspecu -stance:1/stance:2/stance:3 - tylko w określonym stance - działa dla form druida, stance'ów warriora i podobno metamorfozy demonologa. -flyable - tam gdzie można latać -noflyable - gdzie nie można latać -pet - tylko gdy przywołany jest twój zwierzak /castsequence reset=długość_cd(w sekundach) nazwa_umiejętności,nazwa_umiejętności Używa umiejętności jedna po drugiej. Resetuje się po wpisanym czasie lub po dwukrotnym użyciu. Najlepiej podać czas pierwszej umiejętności w sekwencji. /use nazwa_przedmiotu_lub_numer_porządkowy Używa wybrany przedmiot. Numery porządkowe tj: 1 - czapka(inżynier) 6 - pas(inżynier) 8 - buty(inżynier) 10 - rękawice(inżynier) 13 - trinket 1 14 - trinket 2 15 - peleryna(inżynier) Interfejs /run UIErrorsFrame:Hide() Usuwa czerwone powiadomienia na środku ekranu(error). Można dodać do swojej rotacji. /script SetCVar ("cameraDistancemax" ,50) /console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 5 Wystarczy wkleić w czat - teraz możesz oddalić kamerę dalej. Przydatne np do walki z Heiganem(taniec). Użyć raz na postać. /run local f = CreateFrame("frame", nil, UIParent); f:SetScript("OnUpdate", CombatLogClearEntries) Reset zaciętych addonów np gdy Recount nie podlicza /reload wczyta interfejs od nowa Przykłady macr Kilka przykładów dla objaśnienia. Każde z macr poniżej wykorzystuje inną mechanikę, którą można bez problemu zastosować do każdej klasy - wystarczy pozmieniać nazwy: #showtooltip heart strike /stopcasting /startattack /cast [harm,nodead]heart strike /cast [harm,nodead]!rune strike /run UIErrorsFrame:Hide() Umiejętności które nie operują na global cooldownie(np Rune Strike) można łączyć z innymi #showtooltip /stopcasting /cast vampiric blood /cast blood tap /cast vampiric blood /cast rune tap /use super Healing Potion /use fel healthstone Jeśli nie mamy run na vampiric blood, blood tap taką generuje a następnie drugi raz użyty Vampiric Blood już na pewno zadziała. Wystarczy jeden klik. Spróbujcie tego samego dla swoich umiejętności generujących zasoby typu runic power, energii czy rage. #showtooltip /stopcasting /startattack /cast dancing rune weapon /use [spec:2]13 Odpałka + trinket(w offspecu). Podobnie jak rune strike wyżej, trinket nie używa global cooldown. Nie można użyć jednocześnie dwóch trinketów lub trinketu i rękawic(inżynier). #showtooltip 8 /cast [noflyable,nocombat] Charger; [nocombat] flying machine; 8 Nie można tu latać? No to koń. W przeciwnym wypadku latanie. Podczas walki użyje nitra w butach(inżynier). Zwróćcie uwagę na strukturę: jeśli pierwszy warunek nie jest spełniony, macro przechodzi do sprawdzenia następnego poprzedzonego znakiem ";". Ponieważ w dwóch pierwszych jest [nocombat] nie ma potrzeby przy trzecim pisać [combat]. #showtooltip /stopcasting /castsequence reset=360 army of the dead, death pact Niektóre umiejętności jak Death Pact mogą zostać użyte tylko po Army of the dead lub Raise Dead więc logiczne jest wpisanie ich w castsequence. Przy #showtooltip najlepiej nie wpisywać nic - wyświetlana będzie pierwsza umiejętność a po użyciu jej - druga. #showtooltip hand of salvation /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] hand of salvation; [@player] hand of salvation Macro w pierwszej kolejności sprawdza czy na kursorze (@mouseover) znajduje się kolega (help) i żyje (nodead). Jeżeli choć jeden z tych warunków nie jest spełniony macro przejdzie do sprawdzenia następnych warunków po znaku ";" #showtooltip avenging wrath /stopcasting /cancelaura divine plea /cast divine illumination /cast divine favor /use 13 /cast avenging wrath /cast aura mastery /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] holy shock; holy shock Macro typu burst. Cancelaura dla wyłączenia debuffa -50% leczenia. W przypadku wielu umiejętności w macro warto przy #showtooltip dopisać jaki cooldown chcemy konkretnie śledzić - w tym przypadku jest to avenging wrath. Pozostawione puste wyświetli umiejętność/przedmiot znajdujący się na początku macro(divine illumination). #showtooltip righteous defense /stopcasting /startattack /assist [@mouseover,harm,nodead] /cast [help] Righteous defense /targetlasttarget [help] Używa umiejętności na cel wroga nie zmieniając twojego. Można odwrócić logikę zmieniając help na harm a harm na help - wtedy użyjemy umiejętności na cel kolegi. Zapraszam do dzielenia się swoimi pomysłami, a w razie pytań - pytać.
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    This is how the GM of <Re Moa> Responded when i asked him if he knew about his members ninjaing from Naxx yesterday. What a perfect group of people we're dealing with.
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    Azathothh jestes chujem pizda i smieciem, kurwa nudzi ci sie w zyciu aby za taki nick banowac, zdechnij na korone kurwo w meczarniach i jebal cie pies
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    Horde loses so much because we have cowards/losers like this guy named Necrophobic hiding from the enemy for the entire duration of the battleground ...
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    Your name - Rokin Reported player's name - Kodzak and his dk on another account Koodzak Date - 26.03 28.03 and entire March Rule that was broken - 6. Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We do not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option. Description - Player named Kodzak is insulting our guild, after we use recrutation macro he is doing it on purpose since month or even more after he got kicked from from us for ninjalooting on pug raids. He is pinching our guild since a long time and we fell hemmed because of it. I have screens from 26.03 and 28.03 and random days at March because before we write a lot of tickets about his insults on global. Evidence - Entire Gallery about this toxic player: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2jkVyWH
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    Hello Dear staff and players. My name is Wika, I love WOW and this server is one of my favourites, the only one I donate, except official WOW. I enjoy this server since 2012 and I lost some hair supporting it. I had an issue with a Staff member, Crafty, I would love to get it straight, since I never experienced anything like this. I was collecting Leather in Stranglethorn Vale and I Noticed Horde player at lvl 80 just camping in one spot and making it impossible to complete quests for low levels and collecting skin as well. OK it is not big deal, the world is open, I could do the same on any horde area even if I think it is retarded to waste time like that... I was about to ask on my Guild chat if anyone wants to kick his ass, cause we all hate camping and one of the reasons of being in guild is to support one another. Here is my mistake which I understand and I am really sorry: By mistake, I wrote it in Polish on Global chat! Sorry, please don't ban me, that was mistake, Most people in my guild speak polish, I just misclicked. Therefore I was Muted by Crafty for 10 minutes... Its all good, maby I deserved punishment. I got character, and I remember old times of the server when we used to report houndreds of Bugs daily to make it better and I am really Glad to see How this server works now, after few Years of my absence... But I tought We can still comunicate with staff and that You, my dear staff have some distance... Come on. I donate real money to see You growing, And just asked on whisper if that was necessary to mute me for so long without any warning... He/She Didnt REPLY, so I asked in a joke manner Which You can see on screenshots (that it was not offensive), if he's AFK or Retarded... Oh No! Retarded.. what a word... I didnt even call Anyone like that, just asked in a Joke manner... And I got muted for 24 Hours For that word.... Are You serious? Can You imagine How much of impertinence I have to handle as a woman playing WOW? 95% times I say my name or gender, I hear about showing nudes or things I don't want to bring up here... And a staff member Takes his revenge on a girl for using word Retarded in question form... Maby this is not a real player, just a bot? Please explain me before I loose faith in community of this crew that was Great team when I remember with a good sense of humour and no sticks in butts... Love, Wika
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    I am Rino, raid leader of the previously mentioned Eye of Eternity raid. The claims that are made above are untrue, I did Not ninjaloot. After a Main Class roll (which you can see being initiated), seeing interest from people having no use for it (including <Torgot>, the one who created this post! If he rolled for the hunter then that Would be considered ninjalooting), a suggestion to raid roll from one member <Litha>, followed by no objections from the others, we have raid rolled. I rolled 1-10 to determine winner of the raid roll (which as already mentioned was came from a suggestion which received no objections), rolling 10 which ended up the number representing my character in our raid roster. I have Not made this choice on my own, for my personal benefit. Neither have I taken it by force, It is just happened that the lucky winner was me. Some of the other raid members are willing to confirm that we indeed raid rolled with no objections after being suggested it, if necessary. Here is a quote from Azathothh assessing rolling on an item for someone else, which seems to be what <Torgot> was doing. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/4426-28-yester-and-valais/&fbclid=IwAR0K9v6gG--NgrC6Rg68dorpZyK0cWofKqRulDyLkLk2ZMnuxuYozT35NNw Azathothh : "Looks like Yester was rolling for Valais (and later gave him that trinket). So in my opinion both: Yester and Valais should be added to ninjalist for 30days."
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    Your name - MunjaReported player's name - TchoDate - 26.03.2020.Rule that was broken - Description - False claims and accusationsEvidence - http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=314813 Hello all, I'll be as short as possible. I'm sick and tired of greedy people who are sore losers and can't accept the reality of not receiving certain desired item. Player TCHO wrongfully accused me of some sort of ninja looting, even tho I was the highest roller (roll was 97 as far as I remember). I already had similar situation last week when a healer got item (which I won on roll) by rleader's mistake, and ran away with it. This time, it wasn't enough for this player to roll along for the item, for some reason player TCHO feels entitled to the mace that dropped from KT 25. Troughout the whole raid I passed mp5 items since they are mainly for healers, but when an item is BiS for you, it's BiS. Simple as that. I don't even have a screenshot of the rolls since it wasn't even in my wildest dream that it would be needed for any reason. If the player TCHO has a screenshot of the rolls, I'd love to see it, since I was the highest roller. NO ITEM WAS HANDED TO ME. Also, player TCHO forgot to mention few more facts: 1. For some unknown reason, he passed on a healer mace few bosses before. Asked him "why", no racial explanation. 2. I wasn't even the only DPS rolling for it. 3. It's BiS item for ele shaman, I don't know why above mentioned player feels "entitled" to it. - http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=314813 4. He rolled aswell, didn't win on roll. And then accused Raid leader Clothadin of wrongfully giving me the item. I believe most of the stuff can be checked via log. I encourage that. This is the topic I'm referring to: I'll repeat, I'm sick and tired of people stressing everybody out because they cannot understand that some item may be BiS for them, but it might aswell be for another class/spec. Most common thing in WoW. We all rolled, I won on roll, I got the item. Fair and square. I don't give a damn about the item, as far as I'm concerned it can be destroyed. But, please, stop this needless bashing of people who've done nothing wrong.
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    Hello. I quit bc half of the group were really bad aand i was always in the 1 to 3 top dps (i'm full disci/heal gear w 0 hit btw and we also had a dk w 2.1k gs there) Ninjalooting is ok now because the group was bad? good one. So ... bruh, you were that shaman who kept rolling on other's gear? Please stop doing that A resto shammy should stop rolling on heal gear? are you insane
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    Your name- Sedalivan Punishment reason- Botting Date- 2020-03-20 22:40:37 Evidence- "Fishit" bot, sorry for use this. Btw. I do not recommend using this type of stuff, even if you control the bot operation 😉
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    Your name - RihisReported player's name - CimcirimciDate - 21.03.2019Rule that was broken - 22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment.Description - Needing for item he dont need and then asking gold for it.Evidence -
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    Topic name: [Report- Ninjalooting] Enlighted Topic content: Ninja BoE Gutripper Your name -Morrigane Reported player's name -Enlighted Date -21.03.2020 17.22.10 Rule that was broken - Ninja'ing epic BoE item; needing on Gutripper as Priest while everyone already greeded. When Asked why he basically admitted to to ninja'ing (see screenshot of scrolled up chat after he left the group). Evidence - See screenshot. Just a warning for when this toxic players reaches max lvl and actually starts ninja'ing more significant loot.
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    Your name - Warioman Reported player's name - Johnnysins Date - 20.03.2020 Rule that was broken - Use of third party software named "AutoHotkey" Description - Using "AutoHotkey" makes you spam specific button you hold down. This software plays your character for you in an incredible speed. Using every global is near perfect and use of interrupts and swapping weapons (spell reflection) can be quicker than what ordinary players can react to. Evidence - As you can see, the interface shows clearly the buttons are pushed at a rapid rate.
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    Protection paladin leveling and fresh 80 guide Intro: First of all I want to point out that everything in this guide is how I have learned to play paladin personally. I will cover out some specs that one could go for while leveling. It is also very good to know that in vanilla content we don't necessarily need protection spec to be able to tank since benefits from that aren't that good. Let's dive in to guide: To keep it simple at beginning we will cover some basic aspects of being Protection paladin: weapons and spec? -Weapons: Like I mentioned in intro vanilla content you can tank with 2 handed weapon or 1 handed and shield. I personally recommend going with 1h + shield since you don't need to up your skill after you hit level 60. -Spec: Before level 60 you don't necessarily need to go protection spec, I recommend going with retribution to get most damage out for threat as it is very low for low level paladins. Using consecration and Seal of Command from retri tree will be most beneficial while tanking in vanilla content, how ever this way is very mana hungry so you wanna get some with you. Once you reach level 30, you could change your spec to protection since you have enough points to get Blessing of Sanctuary. This blessing is A must have for Paladin tanks since everytime you dodge, parry or block you regain some mana. With this blessing you can also keep going while killing mobs in world if you use Judgement of life since you will not go out of mana if you use Seal of wisdom. Here are some specs to go for while leveling Retribution 1-59 https://db.darkwizard.pl/?talent#sZZVfot0IuhdIfRh Protection - Note that I will list spec here that you will progressively fill to get most important ones at correct level. First part of protection spec is to get Blessing of Sanctuary from talents to keep up with mana when you are pulling groups. Select Glyph of Consecration as you first major because you want to use at as minimal amount as possible because it is very mana hungry spell. Here's first part (Level 1-30): https://db.darkwizard.pl/?talent#sZV0tubu:o Second part of protection spec is to get Spiritual Attunement because it will keep up your mana even more. Here's second part (Level 31-40): https://db.darkwizard.pl/?talent#sZV0tAbuMu:oZc Third part of protection spec is to reach Hammer of the Righteous for maximized aoe threat. during this keep in mind to pick Holy Shield and Avenger's shield as priority. Glyph of Salvation is very good for yourself to add extra defensive cooldown, how ever never use it when you pull rather use if you need to. Here's third part (Level 41-60): https://db.darkwizard.pl/?talent#sZV0tAbuMusIufz:ojZcz Fourth part of protection spec is to reach level 80 and getting retribution as Sub-spec. Select Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous as your 3rd Major glyph for more aoe threat. Here's fourth part (Level 61-80): https://db.darkwizard.pl/?talent#sZE0tAbuMusIufzxfMzb:ojNczm Last spec is also fine for some normal dungeon farming and Heroics once you reach there. Tips & Tricks Seals: You can use seal of righteous always but remember to switch your target who you are hitting since consecration isn't gona add enough aggro if you have mages to do a lot aoe damage. If you are having mana issues, at level 38 you will get Seal of Wisdom and you can use it also. I would recommend switching to this one if you are getting low mana, not when you are full. Once you get your hands on Seal of command, start using it to get best aoe threat. Also note, You want to keep Sacred Shield on all the time once you get it. Divine Sacrifice: Divine Sacrifice (DiSac) ain't just for you to migitate damage from raid, you can use this spefici spell also just as your own cooldown by using this macro: #showtooltip /cast Divine Sacrifice /cancelaura Divine Sacrifice (Note that you will need to have Divine Guardian talent for this to work) Once you cast DiSac you will get 2 buffs: Divine Sacrifice to migitate damage from raid to you for 10 seconds and Divine Guardian to migitate damage to you for 5 seconds. with macro we will remove Divine Sacrifice (Raid migitation) and keep our own damage migitation buff on. Hand of Protection: If you have that overpowered mage in your group who steals all the mobs from your aggro, how about giving him/her Hand of Protection for safety so he/she can keep doing aoe freely thus helping you to kill that group of mobs faster. Lay on Hands: Keep for yourself, how ever remember that you cannot use this if for next 2 minutes after you use Divine Protection or Divine Shield Some other info: Paladin is meant to tank groups since our mana won't keep up with only 1-2 mobs. So practice and manage your cooldowns to tank atleast 5 mobs at a time, Blessing of Sanctuary will give you mana each time you Dodge, parry or block so the more mobs you have the better chances you have to get mana back. If you need any assistance in-game on alliance side or have any questions you can always whisper me to "Kobekuro" or "Arxkanite"
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    You're aware of the fact that Cross BG is not gonna mix levellers with twinks right? At least, they didn't write anything that suggests that. So I guess you are satisfied to get Cross BG queues within twink queue, right? It's not hypothesizable they are going to mix levellers with twinks again, except if they want a server wide complaint. It's simply very hard to cure that kind of cancer and then voluntarily bringing it back just for the request of 1-2 twinks.
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    Your name - RangahxqtReported player's name - totsuka and beyondlimitDate - 11.03.2020Rule that was broken - Range hackDescription - no need to type description just watch this WARRIOR https://www.twitch.tv/tyrkysovej/clip/FurryImpossibleJaguarCeilingCat?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
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    RANGE HACK ABUSERS banned on other servers. Your name - Padme Reported player's name - Beyondlimit/Totsuka Date - 11.03.2029 Rule that was broken - Cheating, using .mpq patches and lua unlocking. Description - Player abusing cheats for range. Evidence - https://www.twitch.tv/tyrkysovej/clip/FurryImpossibleJaguarCeilingCat?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time&fbclid=IwAR1TIxbqaZNzUtSTRijUETVjjjeOKBUiO-graKrBY-JMl-sv49sjlRSrNJg
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    Hello. I've just reviewed your case with all the proofs, and i'm 100% sure that you were botting, same as Crafty was before banning you. There are no misunderstandings, no misinterpretations - but i don't have to explain that to you, because you can't use bots without knowing about it - so you understand why you've been banned. Keep your lies to yourself. Next offense would result in perm ban on all of your accounts. Regards
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    Strongly disagree, keyboards have their software, so does AHK. It's third party software. Blizzard themselves are banning players from retail for this.
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    XD "U ARE ACTING LIKE SUNWELL CANT DETECT MPQ FILES" XDDDDDDDD SO WHY 3/4 OF THE WARRIORS ARE NOT BANNED FOR PATCH-7.MPQ (range patch), even vyserk got banned for it but not because of antycheat, we send videos so antycheat is traaaash, total 0 I kknow ppl using here damage and gcd things and sunwell Cant still do something bout it, peace apes still pretending that vyserk and totsuka or king or asuri are legit players, when they got banned on warmane multiple times XD
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    So u are vyserks friend, no more words I dont want to argue more for guy who got banned multipe times, think u are good but u are not peace
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    Guild Unfair did an ulduar 25 pug. Gun from Kologarn dropped. Many people from their guild rolled for it, as shown in the screenshot. The hunter from the guild won it and the leader gave it to him. That would've been okay, but the hunter already had a 232 bow from auriya. So I started to inspect other people from their guild. The warrior Gudug who was the 2nd on the roll already had the gun. One might ask why he rolled on it in the first place? Then i inspect the other warrior Puiny. He was standing next to the hunter targetting him. After a while he targets me - he knew i as watching. He had a blue gun equiped. After the raid i go to the armory to check: the warrior Puiny. And magically that blue gun has transformed to the very gun that dropped from kologarn. So, to sum it up: Guild ninjaed an item for their guildmates Everything is seen in this image gallery: https://imgur.com/a/eJFomIn
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    Hello, So recently In global player called Kobah was offering If someone help him with his sister's essay he would give 1k, So I was like ok, I helped her, but at the end the kicked me from the discord group and blocked me from discord.I wasted like 5 hour to help his sister's essay, I edited it, I made it very good and then when i was done he blocked me Also my pictures are different because I was changing them, If don't trust I will give you more info, I also can talk + Have friend who also helped me for the essay who can confirm he scammed me. Don't have screenshots of the in game chat but I'm sure you can check it If you own the server :). Also He said he has alliance ( may be in another account ) The second Essay is similar, because he didn't like it I had to change somethings. Can provide more proof if needed. His Alliance is called Drtoad, like his Discord.( 03.25.2020 he changed his Discord name to - schmunk ). English_speech-Orattad.docx Second Essay that I had to Do its similar just things i changed.docx
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    ban for Account Status Banned Banned by Azathothh Ban date 2020-03-24 18:56:08 Unban date 2020-03-24 18:56:08 Reason Fishbot - multiple offenses/multiple accounts my account was incorrectly banned in response to threats, the justification is totally from outer space gm tells me that I was fishing on a fishbot on one account on which he did kill, in order to check his theory, I resisted and ran on to the spot and in between when my friend was killing him with a magician I was also like in a word, I had 4 hands I will ask for any proof because for now they are only slander I didn't even know I could play two characters at once
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    Account Status Banned Banned by Azathothh Ban date 2020-03-25 19:24:42 Unban date 2020-03-25 19:24:42 Reason Goldbuying, please contact Azathothh#4198 on our discord I Admit it was my mistake and I am asking for unban
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    player name : Atkrues reason of ban : breaking sunwell rules " disrespecting staff members" which result in a prema ban Hello admins and GMs i would like to say that im really sorry for what i have said and offended any gm or admin i misunderstood the rank between player and gm and i was clueless about that rule which is written on sunwell terms of use and rules , and that im sorry about my whole behavior in discord too ,i i'm aware of my long history of mutes which was all cuzed by the 1 reason " my behavior " i would also like to explain with all due respect the reason of why i lost control of my self in an anger wave blameing staff members,i have reported players in 2v2 as potential hack and script all i wanted is somebody from the staff members to confirm to me if those players are clean or not and i waited for over a month for a reply and the players won literally vs almost everyone on server but thats still no excuse for my behavior i know in which part i was wrong and i hope my apologize to gm doremi and admin azathothh can be noticed by them . please consider giving me another chance to start fresh on your server and deal with me in future as someone walking on a thin ice path ... if u see anything wrong from me to any player or gm then u will ban me knowing that u gave me all the chances i can get , i have been banned for like a week now , if u see that this punishment wasnt enough for me . consider reduceing the punishment pls and if u see that i dont deserve that secound chance i'll respect ur decision anyway . kind regards Atkrues
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    Its getting ridiculous Also why is every other BG AV? Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/DjFsmNx
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    Your name - SlowjobReported player's name - GaneshDate - 25/03/2020Rule that was broken - Nindja Looting Description am mage lvl 80 i was invited in raid naxx 10 we do it as 9 ppl . After sapphiron dawn he dropped a back . lvl 200 i rolled with priest named kocias he won in roll . he had 213lvl item on and he taked that back in KT i was dps add ext my dps was dawn . but i did my best in that raid . we dawn it and it drom haum and wand the same priest the friend of Ganesh lose in roll with me in the wand . so i won in roll but the master loot gave it to him . and tell me i did bad dps ! so what i loot to be better perfom.. and it pick up raid ..... i been invited by global Evidence -
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    My Name is Tcho Holy priest Reported player's name The master loot Clothadin Paladin tank from the guilde USE BRAIN and the player who took the Torch Munja a Shamy Elem dps from the same guilde Date - 2020 03 26 Rule that was broken - The leader said in the beggining of the raid : MS then OS , and MP5 PRIORITY HEALERS , and when the shamy dps roll , the leader broke the rules and he took the Torch instead of me !!! Description I'm texting you here because of a ninja looter called Clothadin Paladin tank from the guilde USE BRAIN who said in the beggining of the raid RULES : roll MP5 priority for the healers... then when K'T dropes the TORCH I won the roll between to healers he gave it to his guilde friend Munja a Shamy from the same guilde who is Element dps and he roll too and they told me that it's a BIS item that's why he should take it please I need answer Evidence
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    nick report :szajna . Kasiacihopek my nick : Tywiesz day: 29.03.2020 these two players with a ninjas that I won, plus other items to other people, please do something with it, the evidence below,
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