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    Hello there, I'm coming with couple of news for you 1. Player vs Player Thank you all for attending in 3v3 tournament and Hunger Games party, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I believe we can announce that next tournament will take place probably 13-15 June. We will manage more free world events and organize better rewards for the best of you. We would like to congratulate our current winners: a) Hunger Games 1st place: Hagenau - Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD; 2nd place: Worldbestx - 2000 Sunwell Coins; 3rd place: Vanquis - 1000 Sunwell Coins. b) 3v3 Tournament 1st place: Wintrade (Randomdog, Clintex, Lingu) - 3x Razer Mamba; 2nd place: Finland (Marm, Bestworld, Metamphetam) - 2000 Sunwell Coins; 3rd place: RIP SM (Htb, Hagenau, Afflictive) - 1000 Sunwell Coins. 1.1 Ring of Valor As you probably noticed, we didn't release Ring of Valor arena yet. It supposed to be launched with PvP events but still, Lukaasm wasn't satisfied with transport vs pet behavior (elevators) so we decided to postpone it for another weekend. 24-26 of May will also be honor boost x2 to abye this delay 2. Feronis Transfers On the 25 of May (12AM) there will be transfers from Feronis realm available. Feronis Transfers details and requirements: You can transfer every character from level range between 10-80. You cannot transfer banned characters. Up to 1000 gold can be transferred. If a character has more than 1000 Gold, the excess gold will be removed. Only Soulbound items, Bags and Quest Items will be moved, rest of items won't. All achievements except Realm Firsts/PvP Season achievements will be moved, as well as titles. Quest status (quests completed and active quests) will be moved. All spells, skills, pets, dual spec will be moved. Reputations and professions will be moved. Currency will be removed: Emblems, Badges, Honor Points, Stone Keeper's Shards, Wintergrasp Marks of Honor etc. Arena Points won't be removed. The character will be kicked off the guild and arena teams. After the transfer, the character will have the same nickname. If there's a character of the same nickname on Angrathar already, transferred character will be forced to be renamed. You'll be able to transfer character only from your own account. You will be able to do your transfer in your Player's Panel on our website www.sunwell.pl. Transfers will be available for 3 weeks and are totally free. 3. Black Market Black Market on Angrathar will include 80 level characters same day as Feronis transfers will be present on realm. 4. The Wanderer <The Wanderer> is a NPC from new raid that will be your comrade for whole incoming journey. He will join our realm 25 May with morning update. You can meet him hanging around in Dalaran trying to acclimate to our cold environment. You can hear his story by simlpy speaking with him. Starting with same day, he will offer you 2 weekly quests. First quest is randomized from the pool of 2 pvp quests. The second quest he will offer is related to pve environment and it's being randomized from the pool of 5 different quests (random raid difficulty). Quests are listed below. Before new raid will come, the Wanderer will start chain quest that will lead you through whole instance. With the Wanderer's arrival strange things will start to happen in Dalaran as well, be careful! 1.1 PvP The Wanderer's Call: Fight for Glory - Win 5 random Battlegrounds 1.2. PvP The Wanderer's Call: Blood and Sand - Win 3 ranked Arena matches Reward: 9928 Honor Points, 100 Arena Points 2.1. PvE The Wanderer's Call: Beaty and the Beast - Kill Rotface in Icecrown Citadel - Kill The Twin Val'kyr in Trial of the Crusader 2.2 PvE The Wanderer's Call: A Song of Ice and Fire - Kill Sindragosa in Icecrown Citadel - Kill Ignis the Furnace Master in Ulduar 2.3 PvE The Wanderer's Call: Master of Puppets - Kill Sapphiron in Naxxramas - Kill The Lich King in Icecrown Citadel 2.4 PvE The Wanderer's Call: Hour of Twilight - Kill Halion in The Ruby Sanctum 2.5 PvE The Wanderer's Call: Icy Winds - Kill Icehowl in Trial of the Crusader - Kill Lady Deathwhisper in Icecrown Citadel Reward: Sacky of Frosty Treasures, 50 gold, 5x Emblem of Frost More info ❤️soon❤️ Kind Regards Sunwell Staff
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    Hey, friends! First, thanks for your patience. As of right now, we're working on many levels, all related to Sunwell. We're aware that it's hard to meet all peoples' expectations, but we'll always try to make rational decisions while paying attention to players' opinions. Cutting the bullshit, let's get to the point. Please pay attention to the first post of this thread, as few things were modified. Everything listed in this topic will go live at the weekend at 24-26th May. Schedule: 24.05 - 6PM Realm Time: Honor Boost starts. 25.05 - Morning update: Ring of Valor, The Wanderer event with weekly quests and Black Market for 80 level characters 25.05 - 12AM Feronis Transfers go live. You will be able to use them from your Player's Panel on Sunwell.pl Transfers will be available for 3 weeks! 26.05 - 10PM Realm Time: Honor Boost ends. All the details are described in first post in this topic. Cheers
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    I want only send this Pic .
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    @Graal make it haste. I know that you are planning something big. But each day population is getting smaller and smaller. Soon it will be hard for completing rhc and bg. We all know that is takes time, and it is not so easy, but it is not enough. Now the fate of server is weighing. The response time in the "soon" style or "when the time come" is over. I'm not saying this to make you angry. For me, this is probably the last adventure with WoW. Specific deadlines are needed. Date and time. And hype. Everyehere. Reddid, fb, google, everywhere they should shout for us. Now, not when time will come. Because when the time comes, it can be too late.
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    So. I thought that you wanted to repair sunwell online and give ppl will to play our feronis characters. But first of all you want AGAIN take our money. You're scared of wow classic and summer low online so you want to take as much money from us as you can. Choke yourselfs.
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    Yes, they will slap you in the face by trying to get more players so your gameplay can be more comfortable with shorter queues... You have a brain - make use of it before writing such bullshit. Imo they shouldn't transfer any gear - so people would actually play on these characters instead of standing in dalaran with full bis characters and trolling. You don't have to transfer your character if you don't want, you can keep your whole bank of precious materials on feronis. Every private server can be closed at any moment and people running them doesn't owe you anything. Maybe you shouldn't play games at all cause with such thinking it would be always "waste of time" for you, since your gains are not permanent/eternal
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    Yes dude, i'm so jealous of your "bis" 5500 gs characters (in case you didn't get it - i don't care about your characters). It's rather voice of reason (which you clearly lack) - it's stupid to be angry that they are not transferring something (in this case crafting materials??) when they didn't have to transfer anything at all. You need to realise that all your characters will be gone one day and there's no reason to be angry about it.
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    So basically my drake and my epic fly skill will not be there? Because i bought the epic flying and the drake after announcement we can't use our existing materials to craft the gems for our characters whats the point? I mean i have 100+k gold on Feronis, and i surely don't have 280% skill on all of my characters. Why would you deny me the option to have if on all of my characters? So basically us who did play on feronis aswell, and still are playing Angrathar you would " slap " us in the face? My playtime from when we got Northcraft transfered you can look it up anytime, on all of my characters combined. The donation i did more than 20.000 coins when i combine angrathar and feronis and nightbane. That move is very bad in my opinion. Yes the prices may decrease but whats the point? it would not harm the economy it would rejuve itself in a matter of 1-2 weeks. i mean i can live with this i accuired on angrathar but why would you waste whole bank of my materials gathered on your realm before you launched the new one for $$$.
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    only what all of you want is more $$ that's a fact, you don't even want to repair angrathar. Its kind of joke when you want $ for fucking transfers
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    And then ally(you) started boycoting these bgs... Cheers
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    As usual, someone opened a new server and people rushed like a herd of monkeys. Because Naxx, Because Uldu, because this time it will be different. And this is like communism, it always ends the same way. How many times have I seen it... Yes, make haste becouse now playing on Feronis is pointless, and i want to play some juicy battleground and kick some ass of my old guild (they are horde scum now, pfu!).
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    Now that the decision about the transfers and slavemarket has been made, it's necessary to ensure tahat as many people as possible. You will be suprised how many people wil join our server
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    Gram sobie tutaj jakiś czas ale ostatnio serwer coraz bardziej się wyludnia i ludzie przechodzą na nowy bo jest świeży i można progresować. Uważam, że przenoszenie postaci z feronisa wraz z itemkami to strzał w stopę. Jeszcze bardziej zniechęci zagranicznych graczy do serwera. Choć i tak pewnie wielu ich nie zostało. Z tego co pytałem jedną z ważniejszych powodów opuszczania serwera przez takich graczy (prócz konica woltka) jest coraz większa pobłażliwość na język polski wszechobecny na serwerze czy to w dala czy to na bg albo instach i we wszystkich innych miejscach. Czy jest jakaś możliwość resetu serwera i progresowanie od naxa albo stworzenie drugiego serwera progresowego (nie wiem czy to akurat się uda). Mam nadzieję, że rzucenie postaci z feronisa to nie zagrywka w stylu, że trzeba wydoić coś tam jeszcze póki się da i serwer żyje a za jakiś czas zamkniemy. Choć ta opcja wydaje się wiele prawdopodobna. Jakie są plany na przyszłość? Czy można liczyć na to, że kiedykolwiek pojawi się realm z MOP? Czy raczej daliście sobie spokój?
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    Slowlu Dragobliht eat Sunwell so transfers from Fero is good but Change Feronis realm to Cata we dont have Worked 100% Cata servers best time for this i give 10k gold if Cata start many ppl back here and give big online in WOTLK and Cata !Probly trolled this Note but old players see what ppl play now on Angrathar .Max 2 k online its not good try now exp and geared new Char .Good Luck and global calssic start so very good luck with 1 realm and patch .
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    Do not cry like a pussy, this is a private server so be happy that your lords and masters are doing something for you at all !! They can delete everything and everyone like a black hole !!! So kneel and beg for mercy for these heresies
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    So what about the people who supported Sunwell with donations for feronis in exchange for heirloom, will you take everything from them? In my collection I have a dozen or so hl, which you will take away from me now. Thank you very much for not showing support to your players who believed in your honesty.
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    Ppl have some guild or groups of ppl where they play together, and a lot ppl change faction after they went to angrathar, so its no point to block change faction. When we will get chars in opposite faction whichout chance to play with our friends and our guild, it does not encourage the game at all, especially now when angrathar pop decreased. So i hope u will give chance to change faction, even if it wont be free.
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    Hi friends, Transfers will be free. Kind Regards Sunwell Staff
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    This is what u said 3 weeks ago https://imgur.com/a/5C03nm3
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    How many IoC and AV have you played on the 'server we came from' ? Sunwell's the best place we've had, just gotta regather twinks here since a lot seem confused about what to do.
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    Ostatnie Szlify !!!! :D I recommend you to make a one-time change of faction when transferring from Fero I want everyone had the possibility of a one-off faction faction for the people of Fero have already the same class as at Angrathar. So good that it would be possible to change factions though one figure. How somebody is for .LIKE pls
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    just be grateful that you can transfer you characters you braindead retards
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    Hi, please increase rates for exp x7 - x8 and rep x3, gold x3, prof x3 + increase honor a little bit and save this awesome server. Nobody is intrested farming all day long on 10 yrs old content. Make it semi-fun realm and profit. Or die in ashes. Regards
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    There is no sense to play on feronis since angrathar launch and 23 online xd
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    Hi, As I said in this topic, this option will be available on the second half of May, not in the middle. We are preparing everything for transfers and eta time is around 1+ week from now. Specific date will be announced once we finish stress tests. Cheers mate, Graal
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    Why you can't enable change factions? and you can't speed up transfers?
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    Thank you for listening to the community ❤️
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    Where did you hear that? I played on feronis from the start of Naax and to the near-extinction of the realm and at any point during that you couldn't buy any non-cosmetic gear that gives you stats and boosts your character (aside from heirlooms, but i don't think heirlooms are big deal). I have also a big request to the administration, please make faction-change possible for characters that are transfered from feronis. There was a moment when many people changed faction on feronis because there was just no players to play with in one faction, so it would be great to change the faction back to the desired one.
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    You can sell 50lvl character on black market ang bang you have pp for transfer
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    I am asking you to withdraw the mute and not being a racist fascist. I understand I do not use this language on global or bg and raids chanells but say chat seriously? although I want to shorten this mutation, I think it is much too long just big pus*ys will dislike this !
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    Hello everybody, My name is Piter, for start- sorry for my bad English, I played mostly on old Sunwell, people from there better know me as Bestdk79eu or 1vs10army. Recently, a lot of people have been asking me for advice "how to play dk?", "am I still writing my diary"? That's why i decide to answer. One year ago I lost the fight for title with my Nemesis 'Bekazbezbeka', after this deafeat I broke down, I started cycling and watching Brazilian TV series. That day I stopped being the best. But sometimes I miss the sound of drums on Warsong Gulch. I learned there The sex of the mantis is recognized by segments on the abdomen but that was not enough. I want to announce the interregnum. Now you know who to ask for advice. And remember there are two types of Twinks and you can exchange them on the fingers of one hand but then it always gets a little awkward. High five! Averagedk79:(
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    Everyday i see less people then 3 month ago? Whats wrong? Nowdays we have 1,5k - 2k... few month before it was 5k online... whats wrong??
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    WHere can i find this option on webpage?
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    Hi there, I played on Feronis, had a lvl 80 war (my favorite class since US open beta) there but stopped playing wow at all. Not so long ago came back to see Feronis is no longer being played. Since I found on forums your statement about that there won't be any transfers from Fer to Agr I took new hunt to 80 (not my class tbh), started new lock (my second favorite class), and after 30 or so lvls I went for new warrior (my favorite class, can't live without it) on Agr and got it to 72 before you announced that there WILL BE transfers from Fer to Agr possibly leaving me with two warriors, same name, one 72 (already on Agrathar) one 80 (from Feronis). Would you not state before that there will be no transfers in future I would stay with playing lock, and patiently wait to bring my Feronis warrior at later point, which would be this incoming transfer window. Now - what Palazzi suggested is great idea, but would be partially good, because for people like me that play only one side this isn't a solution. Would it be possible, aside of Palazzi suggestion, to maybe class change this Feronis toon IF same class with relatively high lvl already exist on Angrathar ? Cheers and keep up with great work you guys and girls do.
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    Your name - Ozee Reported player's name - Eloize Date - May19, 2019 Rule that was broken - Botting (farming mobs in Farm Storm Peaks) Description - I logged in to farm in the same area. When I noticed somebody was already there before me. I moved to a different place so that we will not be competing with the farm. After 3 hrs the same person was still there. I was curious as it seems he is following a specific pattern when attacking mobs. I decided to follow him to see if he will then react but after clearing the area he just keeps running back and forth in a straight line like looking for something. So I tried to communicate but got no response, with this I got more curious. I sent a trade request but it keeps getting cancelled and after that an immediate response was sent via pm. Evidence - Please see screenshot for the response I got when I sent a trade request.
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    Can you please post non-edited photos, and your name. Clearly have to hide something you don't have.
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    I sense jellyfish on you fisherman, because you are so toxic you can't get "bis" and stay up in dalaran. Just tell me your in-game name so when i transfer my Bis characters to shove it in your face how bis bis they are. And if you don't have shit that does not mean we who worked our ass for it should be denied of it aswell. Make sure you got a pair before posting...
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    Thanks for the transfers!! good to see that I will have my warrior from feronis
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    Moim zdaniem karanie za używanie języka polskiego na globalnych kanałach powinno być bardziej przestrzegane. Oststnio jest to faktycznie plaga.
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    I think we should wait to see serwer balance after transfers. Ten if three od a large disparity, administration will make a move
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    Man, it's just "mistake" of someone from their team, thats why it's free.
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    Your name - VanquisReported player's name - WorldbestxDate - 11.05.2019Rule that was broken - cheating, teleport hack (hitchhiker)Description: Worldbestx (feral - 2nd place on hunger games event) used hitchhiker and teleported during hunter games event, what can be seen on video below. He was running away from me, he entered stealth with 4k HP, he made a few steps (in stealth) and then he teleported (to horde base I think). He thought he cannot be seen in stealth and teleporting will not be discovered. Unfortunately for him, he landed near hostile NPC (Horde - hostile for him) which brought him down to ~1k HP. However he survived and managed to finish 2nd. How did I know he teleported to the horde base even before watching the movie? When Horde NPC attacked him (kicking him out of stealth) my paladin caught a target on him and I've seen him fighting the horde guard (assist target). Despite having the target on him I couldn't see him anywhere around, no matter where I was looking... Luckily the situation is pretty clearly shown on the movie - feral didn't know that GM can see people in stealth, so his teleport is recorded - GM had him on target when he was teleported after going stealth. I'd say cheating on the event organized by administration during the live stream is pretty insolent... Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_YQJRZOvcw&feature=youtu.be&t=4662
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    Which day transfers will be available?
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    Why shuld we pay you same as 3 monts playing on the official server for 4 characters ?
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    atleast make the first transfer free due to already promising that it will be free... https://imgur.com/a/5C03nm3
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    Amount of SC coins you want for these transfers is ridiculous - let's say an average player has around 4 characters on his account - either his main + 80 lvl alts or twinks. With the current prices cost to transfer all of them is 2000SC - Almost 60 bucks / 55€. That's not funny at all. With the current state of things cost of such procedure should be way lower - symbolical at most for first 2 chars (like first one for 50sc, second for 100sc, 3rd and further ones 250sc) - I won't mention the fact you promised free transfers as people above showcased.. This way perhaps more players would go back into the game. By setting up such high cost you further discourage people from coming back and showcase your greed. Another thing is the restrictions for the transfer - 1000 g per character? Why such a low threshold? Our server economy won't suffer at all considering the fact it can't go lower much more. Can't you raise it? Since I'm not interesed in PVP and the new Raid/Content is explained good enough in the post to get me going from day 1, that'll be all for now.
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    https://imgur.com/a/CrDhyGv stop delete posts!!!!
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    Hello. It's international server where ENGLISH language on ALL PUBLIC channels is required (it's common sense that /say in dalaran is public too). It's our rule which you've accepted to follow by playing on our server. If you don't like our rules please don't play here or accept the fact that you are going to be punished whenever you break one of our rules. It was your 5th mute already - you had your chances to start following rules, but it seems that you don't care about them (it should be month mute to be honest, i just didn't want to be that harsh). Please take some time to calm down and decide what you really want - now you're asking for unmute while some time earlier you've asked for perm mute? I've decided to fulfill your request since you've asked so nicely and i think it's well deserved - your mute was changed to 1000000 minutes. If you don't want to play here then just don't do it. There's no need to be rude to get your account perm banned and regret it later... Regards, Azathothh
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    Hello all members from Sunwell ! Im Kuhar 68 ORC warrior, playing on SUNWELL near 2months with friends from Retail. I have 14 years experience with 4 year break in WOW from many servers (most TBC->Alphawow,Denver-Phoenix,Hellground). And im write this post for anyone like me who came to this server and is new. Yesterday im making quests in Nagrand and get /whisp from DK 80 lvl Bindowanyy. He wrote to me that he know me, and how many characters i have , and if i would not like to get special items(Heirlloms or smth) that have 4x exp , and he could help me with elite quests in Nagrand. But i need to make some steps to get that items. Mabye a few of you already know what is going on but i will continue..... He told me i need to leave Guild, then leave a maximum of 49golds in the account, log in to sunwell site and put up a Black Market my character for 5 coins , and he will send me special items then ,and after 12 sec i will be able to log in and play on. YES im sucker with 15 years experience but i did not think that someone could steal my 68lvl warrior... I thought that mabye he really wants to help me . But unfortunately not ! When i log in i do not have my main character Kuhar 68lvl orc. I fast log in to ALT and write in WHO ""c-warrior" and saw one Warrior orc 68 lvl in Nagrand and his name was ->Queres. Then i trying to /whisp him but he put me and all guys from my friend list to Ignore list , and then i wrote ticket to GM. With GM was a quick conversation , becouse as we know there are the GODS and can straighten everything. Bindowanyy admitted to wanting to tell the commune before that he got an Account from a friend from Facebook..... But no one believed him, then later he admitted. Gm told him if he agreed about that situation , he would not get banned. "So if you admit it, you will not get ban ..nice. Now i got my Warrior back after Bindowanyy admission, and i would like to thank the GM for help one more . I would also like this post to help Cheaters on sunwell.pl not be there. Best Regards, Kuhar 68lvl Orc - Band of Brothers
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