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    Your name - BeatrizReported player's name - Berkecan Date - 09/15/2020Rule that was broken - Ninja LootDescription - Afeter killing Twins val'kyries on Trial of Crusader 25 Heroic mode. Raid leader started the iten's for loot, when he made roll for Death's Choice (HC). The player Ninosodomia (DK) won it with a 99 roll. But leader kept trinket for himself (See screenshot). After 10 minutes of discurssion, no trade to Ninosodamia was made, actually, some playes said in the raid that Berkecan pass the item to his guild mate Saintsnow. The trinket was never confirmed be on Ninosodomia, so this was a ninja loot issue! (Check screenshots)Evidence -
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    looking at the other topics that was left without answer , i just hope this get treated before ICC release so it should get the proper punishment as Highest raid tier. after confirmed ninjaloot on 25-Man version of the highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter detection system: https://bit.ly/2KEqxmK, receives 7 days of ban and the stolen item will be removed.
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    Same here i was Elemental Shaman here is the Screenshot where he said "Yes" after i asked him.
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    +1, I was healing that fight. Can post my own screenshots if needed.
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    Hello. Maybe mention checking your ip address few more times. Using VPN DOESN'T mean that you can do whatever you want. Keep this bullshit about "never used bots" to yourself. Please find another server for your bots and goldselling - it's not allowed here and never will be. Best regards
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    Nonononono. What's the point of that? Leveling a new character with basic gear takes a few weeks at most. Grinding gear takes months. If transfers were to be enabled, it should be with all current gear, after icc25 is cleared. (btw that's the same way transfers were made from Feronis to Angrathar)
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    the staff cannot interfere with the loot distribution when it was left on group loot. next time make sure it's on Master Loot so you don't face with the same "problem" again. PS: btw why are you using your email as nickname ... 😅
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    Greetings It seems you had a higher ilvl item, and not needing it as MS, nor OS. We can say the roll went for "Selling it" which player Shadowprist won. Report dismissed.
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    welcome to ''middle earth''. they are famous for doin ninjathings. a thing like this happened me too few weeks ago while raiding with shit earth.
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    This is the definition of ninjalooting. i hope GMs apply some harsh penalties for the leader so he won't do these kinda behaviors later and fuck people's mind,we are here to seek some peace not getting angry and frustrated.the community must be cleansed from these people.
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    Disgusting. They both deserve bans
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    The Guy is out of the guild, so the guild got nothing in there ^^, Hf with the report, i vouch for him geting the thing he deserved
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    Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list.
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    WHAT ? As long the looting rules didn't change in that raid , that item is for Melee DPS so if the warrior won the roll it's his item ... if you want to join a raid with specific priority you should have asked the Raid Leader before starting the raid. Administration doesn’t interfere with the priority of loot rolls. The concerned player should ask raid leader about that. The decision about the priority lies within the raid leader’s concern.
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    Also many people overlook the 2 passenger areas on the demo. Casters can find ideal perches on there. A warlock up there can cause total chaos among attackers seeking to destroy the vehicle. On Angrathar I mained a resto shaman and that was one of my favorite places to stand as shamans are often less mobile than something like a tree or priest. Edit: Also pretty sure you can use the goblin rocket launchers from there. You know, the ones that cause a ton of damage to vehicles that nobody ever uses.
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    Some people (or just me) insist on building demolishers on WG. Other people think that this is trolling and Siege Engines are the only correct choice, then swiftly proceed to get their sieges scrapped in an eyeblink, only to repeat in a few minutes. True, Siege Engines have more HP, better AoE knockback and deal more damage per vehicle. But there is one thing Demolishers can do better: shoot over walls, in case the opposing faction is turtling in the inner courtyard and destroys Siege Engines before they can even aim at the gate. While too many Demolishers would in fact be trolling due to their weaker stats, several well-placed of these can have significant impact, if you know the place to shoot them, which brings me to the reason I post, which is the 3 images - I am certain of west (broken temple side) and Front, while eastern (sunken ring side) spot is only approximate, but you should find the correct place quickly. Simply stand on these spots, aim as far as possible over the wall in direction of gate, and start lobbing boulders. Maybe someone will find this helpful. PS: I apologize for not taking screenshots while aiming with an actual Demolisher, but I hope the locations are clear enough.
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    @atkruesgodqt We had had multiple reports about your character, 24 hour battleground/arena ban doesn't sound that bad. These are tickets from last 30 days (1st of July till now)
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    Bad idea. I agree with the fact the some ppl lost a will to play or rather start all Over agian (i am such a person) and yes i am waiting for transfers as well but not in a form presented by you. If anything Please do the same action as it was done with sunwell —- angrathar, meaning enable transfers with all gear on character once icc 25 hc Will be cleared.
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    @LadyWobbaffett well i don't know why he rolled and the default loot rules is MS>OS>Dis and he's warrior , idk what spec would Death's Bite would be useful for him more than his weapons. PS: i remember at the time of this post made i could search for Kapaj in Armury and he was using the item but for some reason i can't now search his name ... i think you scared the guy for no reason that he maybe deleted his character ... https://sunwell.pl/armory/Frosthold/Kapaj
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    eporting GM setup for annoying my gameplay over and over with proves and SS : first of all i really doubt this gm is a stable person .... i im getting dc inside arena soloq and 2v2 and 3v3 cuzed by server bug" not useing large aware adress" a problem was fixed today by ticket i made and answered by gm crafty which told me to do !laa and it was fixed but b4 it was fixed i got multi dc's due of useing bad laptop with barly 3 GB rams clearly one of the players did view video im getting dc inside one of those arenas and that GM setup cant tell if player is afking on purpus or actully getting dc + offline right after for over 3 min to be back this gm banned me first time 12 hours and it was ok np mistakes happens he said my behavior is bad and i was ok with it , but after that today 12:20 server time i was playing 3v3 arena match and he pulled me from inside arena made my team lose and then banned me 24 hours and saying some video was posted to him as prove now i couldnt handel the beef this gm have with me ... or the lack of his wow exp and at this game . i hope my deserter debuff be removed and the misunderstanding with this gm is solved . kind regards
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    I would love to see the option to buy instant 80, because personally I do not like leveling up characters and the fun starts only at lvl 80. I think that would be a nice option
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