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    Hello Sodix, It's very safe for everyone who wants to play fair and follow our rules. We're not throwing bans left and right, it would be pointless and dumb thing to do. We check everything very carefully before applying a ban, of course we are just humans and things like a typo may happen but it's very rare and corrected in no time. Answering to your question: " why i should play if my account can be removed for reasons outside my control in the future ? " We don't remove accounts, just ban them if someone break our rules - ban can be removed any time. Chance that your account would be banned without reason is like 0,0001% cause typos i've mentioned earlier are very rare. I'm not sure why are you lying here? Are you trying to get your account back? Or do you want to slander our server cause you're angry that we caught you? You've tried to sell your characters more than once: your characters on angrathar: your characters on nightbane: I don't know how it does look like for you, but for me it doesn't look like "i have never tried to sell my account and this is just plain wrong". Here are our rules: https://sunwell.pl/page/rules i'd like to warn everyone that if you'll break them and then just lie that you didn't, it will make things only worse for you. We're excited for new realm as well, you're free to join of course (on new account, this one stays banned) but keep in mind that gold selling/account selling/hacking and similar shady stuff will get you banned again. Just play fair and you'll be fine. Regards
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    Hi there Sunwell Community! It's been an honor to be part of such a great team and ever growing community! And We are happy to be with you guys and gals once again! There is only 5 days left until Frosthold launch, I wanted to talk about some in-game related issues which can be solved easily: 1. Items showing incorrect data, Quests showing incorrect information or not showing at all. - Please make sure to delete your cache folder before launching the game (the reason behind it: some players try different private servers especially funservers, which causes issues related to quests and visual bugs, we do recommend removing it so you don't have to deal with these matters). - You can find your cache folder here "%dir\World of Warcraft/Cache", once you are there, delete the entire folder named "Cache", once you launch the game, a new, clean, fresh one will appear in its place. This solves up to 90% of common game issues. 2. Players who join your RDF group and refuses to do anything, ending up leaving. - There are different options to deal with this type of issue, but the best option we recommend is to kick the player and add him to your /ignore list. - There is a system in place, which will make sure you will never random queue with that player ever again. (Side effects: this option might increase queue times in long term.) 3. Player is insulting you and keep harassing you. - Add that player to your ignore list. - Does he continue harassing you by creating different characters? You need to report him to us, you can always get in touch with us about these kind of issues. We will make sure he will not dare to repeat this again, also always take screenshots. Do remember, this is a PvP server and we can't really do much about PvP related harassment issues; The administration doesn’t interfere in the game play. You can kill each other, camp each other, yet we appeal to your common sense to keep that in moderation. 4. You are encountering an issue in older instances/dungeons? - Contact us as soon as possible through an in-game ticket or through discord, we will deal with this matter as soon as possible, but it's advised to report it on our bugtracker to prevent this kind of issue ever happening. https://github.com/SunwellTracker 5. You are stuck and you cannot move - For example, if you fall into the abyss in outland. - It's best to try using the .unstuck feature, if that doesn't work, try using our website teleport feature. 6. You are stuck in a different phase or you don't know how to do a quest. - It's best to use YouTube or wowhead to research information’s about the quest, I personally use it all the time and never had issues related to quests, but we are always here to help you out. 7. You talked to a Support Staff and he didn't know how to fix your issue. - I am going to be honest with you, if sometimes a Game Master cannot help you, it's not because he don't want to or doesn't know how, different Game Masters may have different ranks, which means access to different commands. Sometimes you need to wait longer for your ticket because the currently online support members do not have the needed power to help you in this scenario. - This is why sometimes specific tickets take longer to answer, it's not like we are ignoring you, we see everything you write to us. - We are able to monitor your tickets through three different spots (in-game, browser and on our phone), so it's not possible to miss any of your tickets. - Thanks to our developers, we got a perfect ticketing system which allows us to see your current and past tickets (this change was made recently). 8. Gold sellers and bots. - We are one of those teams that always challenged gold sellers and bots, we literally had thousands of banned accounts and large amounts of gold removed from the economy. - Reporting them always help us to do our work faster. 9. Ninja looting. - Everyone knows how it feels, game masters are also players themselves, we experienced it first hand and we know how it is, but we need you to understand there is no perfect solution for this. - we got different rules related to this matter which is not perfect even blizzard didn't manage to solve the issue in wrath, but we always do take suggestions. 10. You deleted your item by accident! - We are assessing the situation on Feronis and Angrathar and I'm happy to say our developers managed to develop a system which allows you to restore your deleted items, we will provide more information hopefully soon. 11. Adding gold or items to players. - Basically there is no way for any game masters to add any sort of gold or items, because we do not have the power to do so. 12. You can't see your own texts/chats or items are not loading. - Easy solution is to type /reload couple times. 13. You are stuck in the air (especially in argent Vanguard). - This is a known bug on most private servers, it will be solved someday, for now the only solution is to alt+F4 and re-enter the game. 14. Your spells are bugged or not working as intended. - It would be best to do a normal re-log, else your character must die and get revived, this will result in an aura refresh. It's always best to report it through our bug tracker. 15. You are noticing weird negative stats on your character and you can't figure out why. - This is one of those issues that can be managed but can't be solved without altering your client since it's a client-side visual bug. Good news is that it's just visual so you are not losing any stats, it's a mathematical bug, sometimes core bugs out and shows for example your agility 110-10, and in reality you got 100 agility, but the system shows it that way. We can reset it for you but it might happen again. 16. You can't see players inside of the instance. - This could mean you have a different instance ID, you will need to wait for the instance reset timer, we are not allowed to reset any of them. 17. Your AddOns are not working at all. - Please make sure you have the right version and moving your addons to the right folder it should be like this "%dir\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns", if you are missing the "AddOns" folder just make a new one. 18. You can't login. - First of all please make sure you have an account and double check your realmlist.wtf file at %dir\World of Warcraft\Data\(enGB or enUS depending on the version)\realmlist.wtf" delete everything then type set realmlist Logon.sunwell.pl and you are good to go, also please make sure you are using your account name and not email address. 19. Your game keep crashing. - As you know there are different reasons for crashes but the most common one is related to Ram! In this case you need to download a Small Program called Large address aware then you should be good to go afterwards, Also remember we are always here to help you out. We want you to understand that game masters are here just for you, and we are group of volunteered players which want to help this great Community. Until next time!
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    What i mean is , i just logged in excited for the new realm coming out. saw i had been banned 1 month ago for account selling. i have never tried to sell my account and this is just plain wrong. this would not be the first time this has happend to me on a privateserver. I not gonna bother making appeal, but iam affraid this makes me question why i should play if my account can be removed for reasons outside my control in the future ?
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    LF french player who want create a guilde on this server at the opening ! add me on discord for more information Fuego-GanjaMan#9766 ( sorry my english is bad >< )
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    Hahahahaha oh my god, absolutely wrecked 🤣
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    Kto wykaze sie odwaga i zagra 16 listopada na nowym sunwellu? Bo mam wrazenie ze fani tego przybytku zalu graja w wowa sigleplayer. zaczyna sie farma nolife potem last patch wygranie gry = wipe
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    Wydaje mi się, że sama ta gra polega na czymś więcej niż na wymaxowaniu postaci, altów i chwaleniu się tym na schodach w Dalaranie, bo rozumiem że pijesz do tego, iż otwieramy nowy realm, gdy kończy się end game content. Pomijam już, że mamy plany związane z Angratharem, by nie zginął śmiercią naturalną. Kiedy ja zaczynałem grać w WoW to celem nie było "wygranie gry" (a MMO można w ogóle wygrać?), ale spędzanie czasu ze znajomymi w grze, którą uwielbiam. W każdym aspekcie. Levelowanie, farmienie, progress PvE, PvP, Role-Play i cała masa różnych innych rzeczy. I wierz mi, znajdzie się wiele osób, które wybiorą ten - jak to nazwałeś - "przybytek żalu". Temat zamykam, a jak będziesz miał ochotę pogadać na troszkę wyższym poziomie niż to, co zaprezentowałeś tym postem - zapraszam na priv na Discordzie chociażby. Pozdrawiam.
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    Sooo... I create account a few years ago, i farmed Achievements, gold, items. I send donations and now, i have ban for hacks ... and u can't delete my gold, achivements, characters and fu* donation points!? I Can't even delete my own account... Yeah... I create accounts and using hacks on new accounts, because i was angry (because i got banned on fb by MrCule, because i wrote "Old Scarlet Monastery event the same as on ToD" - so i got ban for saying truth and i got 30 days ban for killing dwarf hunter inside WG, yeah he even send me warning in ingame mail 2 days before ban ). And now i can't play with friends who decide to play there... Nice. If u can do nothing just delete my account please. Because i don't see any option like that in player panel. THANK YOU.
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