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    @Azathothh @Doremi @Raphael @Graal Because we are still being ignored, I leave it this time in public and I am trying to collect the best commented proposals from various forum sections and my own mixed together to show them in a brief summary - because I have the impression that the administration has deficiencies in self reasoning and in addition they do not have time for everyone to successively read everything. Think of it as a help that will allow you to immidiately solve the situation. Here's what you have to do to please all players and make a reasonable compromise. Each side will have games again, games will appear often and at every time of the day. The only unknown that I do not take into account is the crossrealm with Angrathar, which in this case could change a lot, but today I will treat this solution as an April Fool's Day joke. NECESSARY: 1. Unseparated - normal BG queues are back. (What I won't comment on, because it has already been proved in this thread why this is the only right solution on this kind of small private server.) 2. Experience for lost Battlegrounds is completely excluded. (Which will strengthen the point 11 of rules https://sunwell.pl/page/rules and force players to compete and not to be away hoping for level - otherwise they will not queue unnecessarily for the game. The current solution is not blizzlike) 3. Transfers for all players between 70-79 are opened to the opposite faction. (We can move in any configuration with one condition: after the transfer, our character has locked the ability to receive any experience for a very long time. I suggest a period of 3-6 months, which will force each player to make a decisions wisely and that will not disturb - already unbalanced- level 80 area. Because I run a guild so I know that a very large number of twink players from the day would may strengthen the opposite faction, and thus balance. 4. An additional option for volunteers who want to play a mixed battlegrounds when choosing the queue by leaving that option enabled. (Because it is completely absurd to wait half a day or night to play a battleground if one or two players are missing in one team. Each team may have no more than 50% of the opposing faction players in the total or in summary. The algorithm will randomly decide of mixes. Those players who organize the so-called prepared battlegrounds may sign up separately and be asure that they will be together, but if they are insufficient in number to start batlleground, they can receive an additional player from the opposite faction - if only he wants to sign up for mixed BG. OPTIONAL: A. Sunwell Coins rewards (To make BGs more playable and to force players to win them, you could finally introduce the option you have promised on Frosthold announce, i.e. rewarding with small amounts of Sunwell Coins for winning some portions of BG.) B. Battleground Arena-Like Matches for 70-79 (If you don't appreciate the solution for separated rankings for twinks - even though you promised us on Frosthold announce to consider - I come with an idea of so called mini-battleground creation that bases on arena zones for all players in the 70-79 bracket. An alternative battleground which does not require 10 players to start, but only 4. Importantly available from the battlegrounds tab directly, perhaps included into CTA sometimes and working on alike skirmish rules match that is awarded with getting experience and instead of creating arena alike teams or rankings - will be visible on PVP STATS tab on Sunwell website as additional BG positions. This type of 'mini battleground' randomly selects two players each team from the available pool and gives them additional options to gain experience. I propose three variants in which V1: twinks can be matched with one leveling guy and by playing together will help them in gaining experience for winning, or the second variant, V2: when for this type of match twinks are strictly separated from levellers and have double duel competition that is forced by normal que, because there is no opportunity to play skirmishes as they are no competitive and you should not be in any BG que to wait for that kind of entertainment and final variant V3: with separation of levels that may look like 70-75 bracket and 75-79 bracket and 79 locked exp bracket for such a BGarenas. Players got scared of separated queues enough so there is a lack of players today at all to run a simply WSG. Reducing the number of players needed to 4 and by considering the above advantages that I described will certainly be an interesting solution. C. Improved queue status bar (The number of players from each faction will be displayed, and the number of people from the BG cross pool will be displayed separately. An additional solution to improve the organization of prepared games will display number of people with locked experience. This will encourage players to play, simplify the creation of pre battlegrounds and allow to do balance manualy basing on online value of players and their power to facilitate self-balancing) That's so simply to go and you may finally reconcile the two commenting groups here and encourage ordinary players and twinks to play together as it has been for the last 7 years. I remember BGs in which leveling players disturbed twinks in games, but I also remember those in which cooperation was a way to win. Causing the balance of both factions will enable healthy competition, and the above solutions will facilitate co-existence in the bracket. The current situation is unacceptable, because twinks have been thrown away from server, we are awaiting for any reactions, and ordinary players have got reduced frequency of BGs by 100%, while bracket balance is still non visible. If such a compromise is unreachable, I'm afraid we have nothing to look for here. In attach three variants of status queue bar improvement to allow players self-balancing with cross bg option:
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    I assume the Sunwell staff isn't listening to your complaints because they can see their change was a success: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds BGs popping all day in the 70-79 bracket, and both sides are winning. Horde actually seems to be winning more today, which is a nice change. You're welcome to join the bracket- all you have to do is level a non-xp locked toon to 70 and you're in. If you choose to keep your 79 toon locked in a dead bracket that's up to you- you shouldn't expect Sunwell to listen to your ideas when your ideas are what led to the situation of ally twinks winning 95%+ of the bgs and dejected horde levelers afking all the time. Those were no doubt the "good old days" in your mind, but not in the minds of anyone outside your bracket.
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    Here's what he asked for first of all: "1. Unseparated - normal BG queues are back. (What I won't comment on, because it has already been proved in this thread why this is the only right solution on this kind of small private server.) " Translation: give me and my guildies I tell to vote in this thread the right to farm the levelers who are enjoying a balanced and competitive 70-79 bracket for the first time since this change (the actual data is clear). I'll admit I didn't read after that point, because it's completely obvious where this guy and other twinks like him are coming from, and it's not making suggestions "for the good of the server." It's all about feeding their egos in a bracket unfairly skewed towards them. This isn't even arguable- who exactly do you twinks think you are fooling? Now click your downvote buttons, "First Blood" guild members- that's the most action your mouse is gonna get on Sunwell today lol. Those of us who want to play in competitive brackets have plenty to do, so I'll return to that.
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    Why don't you finally stop entering into our buisness with your uninteresting investments ? You could also pick global classic or whatsoever if I will go to be your good advisor like you pretends to be for others. +Stop trying to harass twinks please
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    Maybe someone will finally understand that separating ques hurst everyone and fix nothing ? Angrathar once had so many 70-79 and 79 players and was so well balanced because you did nothing with that to improve artificially. Then separated ques could make just a little bit sense at the end of the expanded and last patch, but not at the very beginning of new developed realm.
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    After introducing separate queues, battlegrounds at 70-79 became waaaaay more healthy and enjoyable. Quality change. It was obvious that twinks are gonna cry. Stop it. Noone cares really. Go farm some lowbies in Borean Tundra or kill auctioneers like u used to. It seems u guys just dont have any reason / willingness to simply talk to other faction twink guild and queue versus each other on specific hour. You just wanted to kill gray lvl guys with your enchanted bis blue and looms while calling it "saving pvp bracket". Everyone is happy now except you guys. Battleground queues are instant as usual during CTA. You can leave server, noone gonna cry for u nor care about your loss.
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    Dude, I seriously followed the bg results in the days after Sunwell made the change. The horde twinks destroyed you. I know it. You know it. The horde twinks know it. And then suddenly ally stops queueing. That's what happened. I'm not saying the ally twinks never won, but we both know you got dominated. The one example of a win you managed to post was a 1-1 "win" (no idea why 1-1 is a win) in which horde dominated you in the charts. Here are a couple of more examples: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold/23956 https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold/23962 and what are your stats in those bgs? 1 kill 8 deaths and 1 kill 10 deaths. You're really good, pal! Which may be the saddest story I've ever heard in WoW: 1. Already powerful 79 twinks want to be even more dominant so the vast majority of them roll ally on Sunwell. 2. They completely destroy the 70-79 bracket by farming levelers all days. 3. The devs finally bring some justice into the situation by making you play other twinks. 4. You get dominated and stop playing. and now, the most pathetic of all: 5. Your gameplay is now limited to coming onto this forum and begging the admins to feed you the level 71 horde again so you don't face the humiliation of constantly having 1 kill and 10 death bgs. Now THAT's sad!
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    It's certainly true that Marian is right that on Angrathar there was a thriving twink bracket at 79, and the games were, for the most part, twink v twink, with levellers being the rare exception. Those who believe that twinking is about "farming green dudes" -- as is the meme on the sunwell discord -- almost certainly have no experience of this. Angrathar was fun and competitive and - for the most part - played in the right spirit (until a certain Alliance guild decided to spoil things and the bracket began to fall apart). However, it's also true that on Frosthold there were some Alliance twinks were who abusive of their power imbalance, and really *were* "farming green dudes", and in fact afk green dudes at that, and they were doing so 50-60 (sometimes more) times a day. A certain twink rogue, who has since hilariously deleted his account, farmed almost 1000 wins in a month. 1000 wins would normally take about two years, for a dedicated player playing all the time. This is how absurd the situation was. There is no question, Marian, that if you want to point fingers at who created this situation, in which twinking is dead on Sunwell, that you can say admins made a bad decision. I certainly agree. I was making tickets and forum posts suggesting that they lower xp for losses etc. I believe this would've been a better change, and told them so. However, I was *not* surprised that they did what they did. It almost seemed inevitable, and unfortunately Alliance twinks were so short-sighted and thirsty for leveller blood that they couldn't see this too. A lot of those abusive twinks were in your guild. Ask yourself this, was it *really* necessary for the likes of Davant and Survimaster to farm levellers for as much time as they did? How did it not get boring? Couldn't you foresee what the result of that would be? Basically, I blame both Sunwell admins (who have a track record of poor decisions tbh) *and* Alliance twinks. And when the queues were separated, it was noticeable that both Dancing and Davant and many others who had farmed so many kills were not very good at all in twink v twink battlegrounds and were among the first to go missing. So that was amusing to see. All in all I respect you Marian for your dedication to trying to improve things in what seems obviously a lost cause, and you yourself played in the right spirit and didn't farm levellers abusively, and you also tried very hard in the twink v twink games when all the other Ally twinks had turned their xp back on. However, some of the blame has to be pinned on your fellow ally twinks, and you need to admit this in my opinion, and don't pretend the situation was normal before the change. It wasn't. And I was warning you the entire time. But you seemed to deny the problem outright. Anyway good luck and enjoy wherever you decide to play next.
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    I see that the Malware unit has returned himself to the position of commenting and breaking the rules, because as far as I know it is forbidden to pump up previous entries - but apparently nobody cares to treat everyone equally. The value of battleground games on 70-79 bracket has dropped to this day to volume of 47.29 % of what it was on first of January. Bracket is still unbalanced, there are no tools to allow players to balance it on their own ways and pests like the one above have neither knowledge, experience nor anything common with this thread. He even admitted that he didn't read posts. Horde winnings remains at the end of the day on 33.58 %. When it comes to weekly summary it is no different than 45.41 % and monthly 25 % - which means that my alone adversary is missing the truth once again. It's been almost 3 weeks since your brilliant solution occurs and now we have no more than reduction the number of games by 2.12 times for 70-79s, forcing 200 players to switch to Warmane or stop playing. The rest of the people are waiting for further decisions. 79 twinks games stays with the numer of 0. There are 2 Horde and 1 Alliance twinking guilds that are awaiting for any administration respond. Let's see how it looks like on another brackets by measuring average number of games of last 7 days to the numbers before separating those with their experience locked. The average game numbers: level 10-19 with the reduction by 2.10 times, - twinking bracket level 20-29 with the reduction by 1.95 times level 30-39 with the reduction by 3.71 times level 40-49 with the reduction by 2.37 times level 50-59 with the reduction by 1.56 times level 60-69 with the reduction by 1.07 times - twinking bracket Would you like to add something else? I hope you get rid of this fiery young man before anyone mind to take him seriously.
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    You do not understand that he suggested long term solutions that can be applied even on 80 lvl bg's, i totally agree with his suggestions and i think that they may encourage people to play pvp, in future that may help the server to not die again as we are used too. EDIT: sunwell staff "sucesses" are often short-lived, just look at actions they made to kill other realms, maybe thats their operating principles, but i don't think so. I encourage sunwell staff to listen to more sides and provide LONG TERM results.
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    FiX noThInG indeed. In your amazing statistic, in the first 3 weeks of last month (pre-separated queues) there were a total of 8670 BG's played in the 70-79 bracket. An average of 2890 BG's per week. Since the fix, there have only been 1342 BG's. Less than half than before DESPITE wsg weekend, which is traditionally a big boost in BG's played. So horde are winning a bit more but a lot fewer people are playing, and this will certainly decrease in time too, as queue times worsen.
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    KRS Stop fooling and bs around. You may easily check that it is still not even more than 33% win for hordes 70-79, in the last pointed overall games so its unbalanced nearly like it was, for the price of dramatic reduction in quantity and frequency of bracket battlegrounds. But more essentially they have thrown massive amount of players away from realm. From the very Feronis beginning Horde and Ally twinks been doing tough brawls between each other - we had to be annihilated by some reckless moves. And, when comes to sunwell, you should have done balance first on whole server, try to decrease pvp experience or open transfers. Im starting to lose my patience looking at your incompetence and how you are keeping us ignored. We are waiting for reactions!
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    Hey there, earlier there were free horde to alliance transfers but the event has since ended and there is no Faction Transfer Character Service on the store. The NA scene is quite small, especially on Alliance and as GM of Seventh Empire[Alliance] there have been several horde players that have approached me as they don't have many guild options as well on the Horde side and my guild fits their goals better. My question is if the sunwell team is planning on a new faction transfer event or open up the possibility on the store, or if they can accommodate specific guilds that have very focused goals and purposes.
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    Hey guys, i just grinded my character to 79 to start twinking, i stopped my XP gains and i realized battleground doesnt let me in anymore. Before stopping my Xp it worked fine but since i stopped them, it kicks me off queue right when the new bg starts. Anyone have similiar issue? Any thoughts might be helpfull, Thank you!
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    Update: today the 70-79 bracket is even busier than the level 80 bracket, and it looks like Alliance is winning more today, after Horde won more yesterday: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds What an active and healthy bracket! Thanks Sunwell!
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    Hey there @Mystiken Please write to me directly on discord. I have a few possible fixes in mind (instead of reinstalling OS+wow).
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    So, as in tittle, i went to os25 2d pug, when we killed boss i rolled for leather legs from it, at begining of raid there wasnt no information about that hunter cant roll for those legs that are pretty dope for my class, and i won it by roll but it was given to Lucy (the rouge). screenshots are added below. Greetings. I'm askin to delete those item from Lucy's bags cuz he didnt won that
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    I just wonder how you have such a lack of informations when forum is already burning hot. Any of twinking bracket level 19-79 has been successfully annihilated by such a soft crying boys that forced Sunwell to separate queues for battlegrounds instead of allowing factions to balance manually or whatsoever in the number of players. Seems that you have a lot to read, especially that Sunwell has already lost almost 200 of twink players both faction with potential of over 1000 like it used to be and they don't even feel like responding any possible way in game, discord, forum, private or facebook.
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    If this item was better for him than his previous item and he won it then raid leader haven't done anything wrong. Please keep in mind that pug raids don't use Council Loot - you can't give item to whoever you think it would fit best - you have to give item to person which won that item if it's an upgrade.
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    Your name - AkadiReported player's name - AtkruesDate - 8/01/2020Rule that was broken - Offencive/bmDescription - macro/addon, i dont care.
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    You and all the players who like this shitty thing stay away from this server.
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    Why don't you just go 80? Stop trying to harass levellers please
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    Let me not comment that in any way, because to me your logic is zero and I leave it to others for judge your entries. Id like only to mention that what adminis did is motherfu**ery, because they went to a shortcut instead of creating a tools to balance and encourage players below level 80 to get to the other side. They could do this in the many ways mentioned in this thread. As we can see they are not trying to do something to balance 80s as well. Our players did what they could to level up in the horde and I think it is not appropriate that someone do such experiments on our community - how without success - to fix the balance on the bracket. Still there is no balance, there is almost no twinks to stay, rest are consider to say farewell to the server permanently, the problem remains and we are awaiting for official administration state because I am tired of debates with random people.
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    Disagree, it's the exact opposite - it would make the most sense to separate queues by default from the very beginning, because of the highest number of levelling people - then people would get used to fact that you can, in fact, play BGs without twinks while levelling and it's not pointless to try. I'd argue that the change was made way too late anyway, and its effects won't be as good because now the mentality's broken already (people still don't want to try to play, but queue anyway) and has to be fixed, maybe with time, or with actions. As it is now, you expect immediate results from an action which effects have to grow on people. Also: Choose one, or (even better) stop "setting rules" on a public thread.
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    I allow myself to make some offtop in the spirit of sport competition and invite you to the sewers in Dalaran, because I really like to face level 80 players - that's one of the last things I can do now. Just send me a private how I can recognize you.
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    I didn't understand you twinks' desire to ruin my experience enjoying some 70-79 bgs on the way to 80 either. Face it, when you are bad players looking to boost your egos by farming helpless players, you make enemies. Watching Sunwell put the 79 twinks in their place has been like watching justice being done, and it's nice to see. And it's funny to watch the ally twinks beg for the return of a bracket where they won almost every single game.
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    It seems to me that in this thread I have also seen people who are not twinks that complains the frequency of playing has dropped much more than 100%. An increase in the number of winnings by just 25% for horde proves that the faction inbalance is cause, not the people playing with locked exp. For seven years it used to be evenly adjusted in terms of the number of players, hordes, allies and twinks - no one complained, and no one asked admins for solution. We have had 40 twinks each faction battlegrounds and we would like to come back to that. My optimism in convincing people like you that they are completely wrong and mindless is justified by the fact, that my master science ed in technical area is not needed to understand such a problem, just only a little bit sense of wisdom and logic that everyone possesses. Also, I would not like to deal with you anymore - as far as it does not make any sense - I'm just trying to fasten admins reaction for that rotten state of bracket. Most of your posts are off topic, you don't have any arguments and knowledge about being a twink, what has already been proved as well, so I honestly don't understand your will to interfere in our affairs. As long as queues will be separated, that the inflow of new players to our bracket is impossible and outflow of people that likes to play battleground any time in the day - still real.
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    I dont care what someone writes on the side when the bracket and my guild falls apart in front of me and people are leaving realm on the matter of fact they dont see any perspectives. There was a lot of opportunity to give us feed back or to answer even in a private short message that Im still waiting for. We stay ignored and all Im trying to do is stop people here, cause once they go away - they will not come back any time soon or at all. For instance purpose with my other 79 things thread you can easily see how we were f****d up and denied attention. The ideas we have been fighting for years have been rejected once again without any solid argument, even though we had a good forecast from Sunwell Crew directly - before Frosthold opening.
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    Here's my experience after the change: I don't know how everyone is losing BG's on alliance now. My record for today is 9-1 A-H. Lost one because horde had FULL 77+ and alliance was petty 70s. But alliance still owns it just as hard from what I can see. EXCEEEEEEPT the queues are now 30-45 min long. I just queued for WSG (on wsg weekend no less) 48 ally in queue - 3 horde. Yay. Seems like this fix has made queues longer with no added benefit to horde. They still refuse to pvp in the 70-79 bracket and they lose just as hard, except now alliance, which is already a super gimped faction, also has long queues. I never had a twink but I was very happy with the instant queue.
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    Twinking is dead on sunwell forever. Deal with it
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    Twinking is toxic anyway just let them sink into oblivion so we never have to see them again
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    lol, when horde twinks on angrathar completly dominated 70-79 bracket you didn't see any problem, but when ally is geting better on this realm you immediately react. maybe check 80lvl bracket to see how horde stomping on us in every bg, you horde fanboys
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    separate q is death to twinking, crossfaction balanced teams is the way to go
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    Yeah cos Alliance really needs more twinks, They only have, so far, 98% of them, so they really need to increase that proportion to 99% or 99.9% Nice bracket you're building there. This screenshot shows the bracket situation better than I can explain:
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    Dumbstep's Enhancement Shaman (3.3.5 PVE) Guide. First of, thanks for reading my guide, I hope it helps someone out. PS: Sorry for BED Engrish, have a nice day. ^^ Table of Contents: Stats Talents Glyphs Rotation (Spell Priority) Macros 1. Stats: Your most important stats are in the following order Hit > Expertise > Haste > Attack Power > Critical > Armor Penetration > Agility >>>>>> The Rest. Disregard all other stats until you are Hit and Expertise capped. Stat Spread: Hit Rating: Your hit rating should be 9% (Melee) + Which should make up 16% with 3/3 points put into your Dual Wield Specialization talent and buffs from other classes in your raid. Expertise: Your Expertise should be capped at 26/26 at all times it's one of your two most important stats. Your Unleashed Rage talent will help you out greatly with this. Haste: Don't be shy when getting Haste, take as much of it as you can, there's no cap on Haste for our white hits aka: Auto Attacking, special abilities do have a cap but we want as much of it as possible because more Haste = More Windfury Weapon procs, More Maelstrom Weapon stacks, More T10 4P Bonus procs. Attack Power: Very useful stat as well because more of it you have the harder your abilities like Windfury Weapon, Lightning Bolt and Magma Totem will hit. Critical: Another useful stat because it gives a chance that your Spells and Abilities will hit 2x harder. Armor Penetration: We are a physical melee class combined with spell casts, about 50% of your total damage output will be somewhat buffed by Armor Penetration but don't focus on getting the stat, you will gain some from offset gear and from buffs. Agility: Less useful imporant stat lol, it marginally increases your melee Critical and Attack Power stats. 2. Talents: Starter Build (Fresh 80 When you have Mana issues) Best in Slot build (You should be using this build once you are around 5.4k GearScore and no Mana issues are present) You can test and make your own builds here without spending gold for respecing ingame or just want to take a look how these builds might pan out for you: https://sunwell.pl/talents-calculator/shaman Reasons why use certain talents and not others: First and foremost you might have questions why I'm not using Enhancing Totems talent that increases your Strength of Earth Totem by 15% which is really good, the reason why i don't use it is because any raid should have at least one Death Knight, taking into consideration that they are one of the most played classes and they provide the Horn of Winter buff that has a superior range (60 yards) and does not stack with our Strength of Earth Totem that only has (30 yards) and will in some situations not reach Hunters. But in case you really do wish to take the Enhancing Totems talent or your guild wants you to take it, take 3 points from your Ancestral Knowledge talent and place them into Enhancing Totems but consider that a small personal Attack Power loss if there is a Death Knight present, because with the Mental Dexterity talent all of our Intellect also gives us the same amount of Attack Power. Reason for not putting 2 points into Improved Stormstrike is because it only gives 20% OF BASELINE Mana back (Intellect and other buffs are not taken into consideration), so i opt to put 1 point instead into Elemental Focus which reduces Mana cost for all your most draining spells like Chain Lightning and Fire Nova spells by 40% whenever you crit, which i find to be way more Mana conserving. Other talents i don't think are controversial, but if u disagree with any of them let me know either under the post or hit me up ingame (Dumbstep). 3. Glyphs: Major Glyphs (Optimal for single target fights aka: Boss fights): Glyph of Feral Spirit Glyph of Windfury Weapon Glyph of Stormstrike Minor Glyphs (these are not as important and some are situationally useful, here's mine): Glyph of Renewed Life Glyph of Astral Recall Glyph of Water Walking Glyphs that are useful in some situations: Glyph of Fire Nova Glyph of Lightning Shield Glyph of Lightning Bolt 4. Rotation (Spell Priority) Considering that Shamans don't have a set rotation but we depend on procs and cooldowns to do damage, here's what an opening should look like (First make sure your Lightning Shield is on you, and keep it up at all times, when everything is on cooldown refresh it) remember to refresh your Weapon Imbues before every fight on your main hand use Windfury Weapon, on your Offhand use Flametongue Weapon , do NOT use 2x Windfury Weapon on both your offhand and main hand (not even different ranks) , it has an internal cooldown of 3 seconds, if you hit with your offhand, the Windfury Weapon hits for 50% less and goes on a cooldown for both hands, so it's better to not have anything on your offhand instead of another Windfury Weapon but preferably use Flametongue Weapon on your offhand weapon. It gives you fire damage on on each strike and passively increases your spell damage. Never use spells with casting time unless it's instant cast Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning with 5x Maelstrom Weapon stacks, spells like Lava Burst are out of question because when you are casting anything you are preventing our Windfury Weapon from procing. So the opening looks like this Totems down ( Strength of Earth Totem, Healing Stream Totem, Windfury Totem) for fire totem use Magma Totem YES! Even on single targets, always use Magma Totem! it does significantly more damage than for example Searing Totem, Flametongue Totem , put your Magma Totem on a different number on your spell bar, because it lasts only 20 seconds and you will have to refresh individually all the time, it's too mana costly for to refresh with all other totems. Open up with Flame Shock (specially if u have Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice ), pop Feral Spirit , then hit the target with Stormstrike , Lava Lash , if you have 5x Maelstrom Weapon stacks use your Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning depending if u're fighting one target or more targets, if you don't have 5x Maelstrom Weapon stacks use Earth Shock. When EVERYTHING is on cooldown use Fire Nova YES! Even on single targets, it does huge single target damage too and u're not just standing there. 5. Macros Ok so here's some of my Macros that make the ''rotation'' easier by shortening it from 7 buttons to 4 My all in one Melee macro which puts Stormstrike and Lava Lash into one ability and also helps with pet targeting your current target and not going off on it's own attacking random stuff. #showtooltip /startattack /castsequence reset=7 Stormstrike, Lava lash /petattack My all in one Shock macro that puts both Flame Shock and Earth Shock into one button and switches to Flame Shock when u switch to a different target (I know it's situational sometimes u might want to use Earth Shock instead but works for 99% of the situations and makes life easier) #showtooltip /startattack /castsequence reset=target Flame Shock, Earth Shock My Lighting macro a simple macro that makes you cast Lightning Bolt when u press the button and Chain Lightning you press shift + the same button (just make sure you unbind that Shift + Button first before using it for example unbinding Shift + 4) I'm aware that this macro can be made with Binds without the macro, but this saves slots on the casting bar #showtooltip /cast [nomodifier] Lightning Bolt /cast [modifier:shift] Chain Lightning END (for now) thanks for your reading STORM,EARTH AND FIRE guide your path. Guide suggested by my friend Underline add us ingame if you have any questions or just wanna hang out.
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    Hi, I am now sure there are cheaters who are using arena hacks, farming bots and i dont know what other hacks but there is plenty for sure.. I am not talking about fly hack because this one can be scanned by server anticheat. I want to put attention of the moderators to make it nohack at all, someone haveing 5 bots for herbalism 1 more for fishing then tanking naxx 25 where he cant die has too much advantage i think. Then climbing to rank 1,2,3 or beating top 1,2,3 team because of using additional programs clicking for him is also quite unfair dont you think. So I just wish moderators pay attention to botting and hackiing going on server and unfortunately I am sure its going on.
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    It's hard for me to decipher your attempts at speaking English, but I do understand that you are making the absolute ridiculous statement that a horde win percentage of 33% on this day is somehow worse than a horde win percentage of 2% on the day before this thread was made (December 21, 2019). And what was the horde win percentage yesterday? A quick look at this link: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold Shows more red than blue wins for yesterday in the 70-79 bracket. So one day horde does better the next day ally does better. That's called a balanced bracket. Compare that to the absolute joke that we had before this change, where you ally twinks dominated every single day. And who cares how many 70-79 bgs popped on that day if the games consisted of you and your heroic guildies killing afk horde and lowbie graveyard rezzers? No doubt you can fit in a lot of bgs in a day if you do that. The truth is that you are comic relief for me. You are so desperate to return to the situation you had before where you farmed helpless horde levelers that you try to take the facts that any non-brain dead individual can see shows a much-improved bracket and tell everyone that no, in reality, they should want to go back to the bracket where ally won almost every single game. Another point that any non-idiot can see is that the number of levelers on the server is going to naturally go down all by itself as more people hit 80 and the server loses players. Fewer levelers = fewer leveler bgs. Do you need me to explain that to you? But you no doubt are going to continue to post stats acting like the separation of the twink bracket is what caused that. One day this server will die completely like Angrathar did, and I fully expect that, when that happens, you will be in this thread saying "see, I told you killing twinks would ruin the bracket!"
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    Let me explain it. Ganker are subhumans. They are not normal human beings, they are literally losers and subhumans who are allways mad. They are losers in real life, they can't achieve even things what normal people achieve. They are losers in wow, they with big struggle got into 80 lvl, at 80lvl they suck so hard at both PvP or PvE they didn't manage to get any gear from PvP content or dungeons. Even 75 lvl players bully them in northrend. That's how losers they are. So they go gank players who have at least 20 less levels than then because they can one shoot these without worrying about them having any chance to defend or escape. They do that to release their frustration and raise their e-penis. They don't care about gold, honor and stuff. They are just losers.
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    I didn't say guild has already fell. 4.75 % of total guilds players did so. I wonder when someone is finally going to delete that people out of here for not speaking directly about topic. Your mindless hate disgusts me and I will keep reporting all that are not related to the bgs at all. My private message that Ive sent to the admins was read today, so we are awaiting for a reply before you lose that people completely for doing nothing to solve that separation and horrible pvp state in all brackets.
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    Your name: EoghannPunishment Reason: "Ninjalooting" - joke!Date: 7.12.2019 Hello I haven't played on this character for a long time and today after logging in I am greeted with such a message: "A Ninja Looter has been added to your raid! <Eoghann> was added to the ninja looter list due to the following proofs: <number of topic> / https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/13886-1-eoghann/" Please show me where in this application is information about loot distribution rules? This is not the first raid I have organized and I would like to point out that when organizing a raid alone or together with my colleagues, to avoid such situations I enter a macro: / rw General Loot Rules: Main Spec> Off Spec> Diss / Sell Raid leader reserves the right to the final decision. If someone stays with me in the raid it means that they accept the award rules described above. That is why I do not understand why Lexsy was so offended that he did not get a necklace that basically did not give him any upgrade because it is a typical element of the plate tank equipment. I do not understand why such an application was considered positive at all because it does not present the rules of loot, which were announced before the start of the raid. I think people like Lexsy are bringing toxicity to the server community and they should be punished with a ban or mute for posting and defaming me in public chats long after the raid ends. Now I regret that I did not report this crying kid in the forum, then maybe he would be awarded the mute, not me. W związku z powyższym, jako że informacja (oskarżenie) pomawiające mnie o kradzież została podana do opinii publicznej daję wam 48 godzin na publiczne zamieszczenie przeprosin na facebooku, czacie w grze oraz stronie internetowej oraz usunięcie mojej postaci z tej idiotycznej listy, w przeciwnym razie składam zawiadomienie z Artykułu 212 Kodeksu Karnego, oraz ufam, że macie zarejestrowaną działalność i uczciwie płacicie podatki od tych wszystkich "donate" gdyż nie jeden Urząd Skarbowy się Wami zainteresuje. * jeżeli nie rozumiecie w języku polskim odsyłam do https://translate.google.com/ Regards
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