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    One more time we have to congratulate Synthesis for their 2nd Realm First 💚 Actually yeah, that was planned to nerf our boosts once RF goal is achieved. Probably, we will start nerf with next ID (27.04) - gonna nerf quarter per ID. On monday/tuesday you should expect big post about Angrathar's coming future. Cheers, Graal
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    I think that after LK RF You should think about nerf 11 bosses to motivate lower guilds. It will also help second groups of top guilds. @[email protected]@Dredd
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    Hi all, I would like to find out others opinions of the way they have been treated by GM’s. I recently have been given a ban for what they told me was botting. This is simply not true. Their methods of finding botters are poor, and from my discussions with them to attempt to overturn their poor decision, it is apparent that this might have happened to more innocent players simply farming mats for their professions. Even though I explained to them that I am a mature player, who has spent many years playing Warcraft and has never cheated in all my years of playing, their arrogant responses I find unacceptable. In the end it just seemed as though they were ganging up on me, and showed no interest in any of my explanation of what happened that led up to them issuing me a ban. So fellow innocent gamers, please can I get your views on the way you have been treated? I believe that their arrogant behaviour is out of control, and they need to review their methods, before they start throwing bans at players, when they are simply playing the game as it should be. I have been playing on private servers for almost 4 years now, and a lot of friends online that can vouch for my gameplay, I would appreciate any of them to make a comment of this post also, to backup my view that the GM’s on this server need to review the way they treat players. Thanks for reading.
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    I saw Your appeal, gm should at least provide some info how those "tests" works, so u can defend yourself. Because saying "I have some imaginary test, which u failed, so im banning your account" doesn't really sound professional.
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    I have known Ditdatdot for all these four years, and he is the LAST person I would ever imagine to resort to botting. He has been very serious and honest in his way of approaching private servers, whereas he has also been having officer/guild master obligations. During yesterdays' raid he specifically told guildies over discord he liked farming leather for professions because that made him able to catch up on TV-series, which explains why he did not pay attention to chat (guildies can confirm). he is without a doubt innocent in this matter. #DitDidNothingWrong
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    1. My name - wsswwswsswss2. Report players name - Kyskys3. Date - 23 March 20194. Rules that was broken - bad nickname5. Description -He attack me in Un goro crater and when he was running i saw his Name ,,Kyskys" - [kys] - kill yourself
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    There will be post in next week about our incoming plans Cheers, Graal
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    I doubt those items are so valuable. It's the GM's duty to restrict access to the vault if you don't wish to share your bank with the new members.
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    Warning Edamer and Geramont are thieves skipping from guild to guild and look for opportunity to steal what is possible!!!!!!!!!!!! They probably create new characters and search guilds where people trust each other, if it is possible they take things from banks. Ignore such guys and be aware that thieves are also here at Sunwell and it is a character which cannot be changed and if someone is a thieve in real life - he also try to steal here Edamer and Geramont asked my officer to invite them to guild. In my guild even initiates could take soem things from a bank - they stolen each tab from the most valuable things and disappeared.
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    Character name : Jezus Punishment Reason: Fishbot Game Master: Asureuz Summary : I was banned for trying to use fishbot. After reading the rules of the server, I realized my guilt. I am very sorry for this and it will not happen again. Please unban my character. My guild progress now and Im necessary on raids. My english is pure so sorry for mistakes😛 Best regards, Jezus
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    Now I see that the fault lies on my side, but I would like to ask why I got a ban for the entire account, for all characters and chat channels. RISEAGAIN
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    Your name - Zako Eported player's name - Trellun, Riseagain, Angmaar Date - 17.03.2019 Rule that was broken - Using not english language Description
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    You will need to ask about your ban in the appeals forum. I have included the instructions below. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/forum/36-appeals/ https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/335-appeal-instructions/
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    @Graal @Raphael @Dredd Nerf 11 bosses, thanks.
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    Go work = > Buy SC = > Transfer to ally
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    Check, if the addon is not inside some folder created while extracting files. It has to look like this
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    Hello, Player was punished. Additionally, You can add this player to Your ignore list. Regards
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    Witam załączam link do ankiety z pytaniem związanym o transfery postaci https://goo.gl/forms/OLHuZodebUajIl6H2 Bardzo proszę niech każdy odpowie naszej administracji :) Pozdrawiam
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    Ankieta https://goo.gl/forms/OLHuZodebUajIl6H2
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    Screen is cut. Whats more, I was talking with Arinea and Corru (your previous report), and if you will keep baiting people and reporting them, I will punish you, instead of them. Rejected.
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    Two members of fatality in their natural habitat, standing politely on graveyard, while others fight. Couldn't take a flag on faps so no point in playing, right? And you boneripper dare to call other guilds trash? Please, don't make me laugh.
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    Hello, This screenshot isn't enough proof. It doesn't shows that it was RDF group or normal party. Regards
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    Your name - NieidealnaReported player's name - MoonbeamkaDate - 13.03.2019Rule that was broken - Player with lower roll get itemDescription - As dk dps i rolled item for dk dps but after roll (i won roll) i didnt get itEvidence - https://imgur.com/lmP7pgx
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    Hello, These screenshots aren't enough proofs. I don't see who got these items, raid leader or another players. Regards
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    Your name - XvkReported player's name - MariangrzybDate - 31.12.18Rule that was broken - use of texture errorDescription - This paladin hid in the textures so that no one could kill him, as soon as the horde's flag fell he immediately ran to his room with the flag.Evidence -
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    Transmogrification - the most important informations. Transmogs release date: July 6, 2018 at 9:30 Realm Time! Tutorial release: July 1, 2018. 1. First and foremost, we know that many people are against the feature which comes from the Cataclysm expansion and therefore we created an option, which lets you toggle the transmog visibility. The cost of disabling transmog visibility on other players costs 50g. If you want to turn them on again you have to pay another 100g. You can ask: Why do we have to pay for enabling and disabling transmogs? Well, transmogs are an additional feature in the game, so each option of reducing the amount of gold on the realm is healthy for the economy. The second reason is that we want to measure what's the players' attitude towards transmog. Transmog NPCs are located in the centre of Dalaran (near the fountain) as well as in the both capitals (near the Auction House). 2. Transmogs on Angrathar will be a paid feature. Armor Token = 10 SC Weapon Token = 50 SC You can again ask, why? Sunwell isn't a server that offers Pay to Win services. Our income is limited but we do our best to compete with the other servers that have much larger development budget. We try to provide you the fastest in-game support among private servers as well as fast and reliable development support. Transmogs as a visual feature which doesn’t impact the game, so it seems to be a good way to help keep the project in a good condition. 3. The only transmog items that can be bought in the store are lower level PvP sets: S3 - Vengeful and S4 - Brutal and PvE tier 3 (level 60). Offsets as well as S3/S4 weapons will be available to buy in the store as well. The natural question in that case is again - why? Let us explain it. Well, PvP seasons aren't very long on progressive realms based on one expansion pack, so the majority of players isn't able to collect enough arena points to buy both: current PvP gear and PvP transmog gear. We know that players love TBC sets, so they will have a chance to keep their AP and buy these items. Such solution dosen't have a negative impact to the game, it's just a cosmetic option. After all - none of them give any advantage at max level. When it comes to Tier 3 - originally players could collect these items in Vanilla Naxxramas that isn't available anymore on WotLK. 4. There are some restrictions when it comes to making transmogs. You can transmog only the same kind of gear. For instance: appearance of 2H Weapon can be changed by using other 2H weapon (you can transmog 2H mace into 2H axe, etc). However there are two exceptions: - Illidan’s weapons, Warglaives of Azzinoth, can be used to transmog 2H weapon for Warriors. - Staves can be transmogged using the other staves as well as 2H maces. However, if you're a mage and you can use staff and cannot use 2H mace than you cannot transmog a staff into a 2H mace. Furthermore, you can transmog a one-hand axe into a one-hand mace, a 2H mace into a 2H sword etc. - but your class must have an access to using the specific kind of weapon. When it comes to armor, it’s obvious that plate items can be transmogged with other plate items, leathers with leather and so on. You cannot transmog cloth items with plate, mail or leather items. 5. Transmogs cannot be saved and therefore token prices are so low. It means that each time you change an item, you need to make a new transmogrification. 6. Transmogrification tokens are not tradable. 7. Transmogrification tokens can be sent via the gift system. 8. Legendary weapons can be transmogrified, but it costs 10x weapon tokens. 9. We're going to enable the possibility to exchange emblems, arena points and honor for armor/weapon transmogs tokens.
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    It's really not difficult to understand. Sunwell staff will not tell you how the tests work. Think about it. If you and everyone else who play here know how the tests work, you and everyone else will know how to beat the system. This is no different than Dittdot taking 3 tests where the teacher does NOT give Dittdot the answers and he or she still fails the test. Dittdot took the test and lost. Stop trying to plead an agenda where the rules should be changed just because Dittdot lost. These tests are not imaginary. Naevys performed 3 tests. Dittdot failed all 3 tests. Congrats. Dittdot earned him or herself a ban. In the end, it truly does not matter what others think about the GM's. What does matter, is that you were caught botting and failed 3 tests. Therefore, you earned yourself a ban. Stop cheating.
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    Topic title: [Riseagain] (Banned by I have no idea) [b]Character Name:[Riseagain] [b]Punishment Reason:[/I have no idea] [b]Game Master:[/I have no idea] [b]Summary:[I got mute for a week on all chats, I have no idea why, there is nothing written on the forum that someone would report me. I would like to ask you about a remove of mute chat channels such as guild and wishper ]
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    Your name - Silvershield/SilverbloomReported player's name - Korboo, SarokhDate - 24/march 2019Rule that was broken - racism, sexual harassment, etc Where to begin? This player named Korboo was ninjalooting items in a raid. He was kicked from the raid and I informed the guild he was playing in, as they are former guildies and friends. They decided to expell him as he had other fuck ups with them too. This was months ago. Since then he has not stopped harassing me, and sometimes it has taken uncomfortable sexual tones. He did this via whisper, via whispers to MY GUILDIES, and on the frickin' global channel. I reported him in a ticket when he was writing sexual invitations to me in GLOBAL, but the response from the GM was just to ignore him. That isn't enough when he is writing these things in /all and in /global for everyone to see and even whispering guild members. This has been happening for a long time but a few nights ago was the very last straw. He and his friend Sarokh (who we expelled from our guild for misconduct) not only made sexual references to me, but also went into a tirade of racism, abuse and praises of Hitler. I even unblocked them to be able to take some screens myself. Here is a compilation of evidence: Here he is saying he wants to go to a hotel with me on two different dates. My whisper proves that this is unwelcome behaviour and yet he continued. Sarokh even went as far as creating a guild called "Hold my Slave" (a reference to our guildname: hold my honeymint). Guess who is the gleader of that guild? Chimpokomon, the guy who korboo "accidentally" gave items to (in a different report you have about them ninjaing). Here he is teling a guildie that he wants him to BRING HIM MY BODY Here, if you need to know who they are talking about, you can see sarokh selects my character for the laugh emote. It is also not the first time he calls me his slave, as shown in the previous screens. And here are some lovely examples of Korboo and Sarokh talking about slavery, using the n-word, and making threats. And here he brings MY CHILD into it. Suggesting I am a bad mother for playing warcraft instead of just dedicating 24 hours to raising my kid. On top of racism and sexual harassment: sexism. Hooray. And finally, Sarokh comparing himself with hitler... like it's a good thing.
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    So next after that LOD was done what is coming next ? Are you going to open patch 3.3.5 with fully working Ruby Sanctum or we have to w8 for christmas o_O
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    Hello Me and 3 other ppl want to transfer to this server from other private one. I have full Ulduar gear, achiv , rep, profs, pets, mounts that i want to transfer. I know gearing here would be fast but it's about such things like rep or achiv that i do not care to do again. thanks.
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    reason: Ninjalooting GM: Asureuz Summary: I was banned because of I took wf hands in voa without roll yet there was 1 more priest. First I did not realize that there is another priest so I took it without roll and when that priest (that reported me) told me I already had gem on them so I could not trade them to him. I am sorry that this happened and I swear this will not happen again. Please unban me or atleast reduce my ban because I have so many characters to play arenas etc. and I dont want to lose my arena partners. Have a nic day.
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    Hello! Name: Keyboardhero Reported player's name: Azkath Date: 2019.03.20 Rule wasnt anything resserved so it was ninjalooting Today a guy made Black Temple with ''LFM BT'' spam on global without any ress texts. After illidian he just looted shield and rolled other things from illidian.... After i asked him he said it was resserved after he ignored me... Ss: https://imgur.com/0nCELrg https://imgur.com/UdsDee0 https://imgur.com/FxuINSz
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    Your name - ThalasianaReported player's name - RahjinDate - 19.march.2019Rule that was broken - ninjaed an item he wasnt supposed to roll forDescription -Rolled for "Nevermelting Ice Crystal" in Pit of SaronEvidence -https://imgur.com/a/LOs1Arc
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    So maybe this will convince you. Brained is boneripper, right? 30s after emotes some1 suddenly has the urge to insult Vivace (these screens are his) from a lvl 1 character. HMM WHO COULD IT BE?
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    acc: Nety I got banned for "Ninjalooting" but I havent ninjad anything. Screenshots that that guy posted are completely irrelevant and shouldnt be considered as proofs because they are not proving anything. I feel really offended for getting banned for nothing and I want my acc to be unbanned otherwise me and my friends are permanently done with this server.
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    Looks like this belongs in the Angrathar section- I've moved it there. @Asureuz
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