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    Just /ignore him. Greetings.
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    Most players are back on Warmane. On Dragonblight are only players that are trying to prove themselves they did not do stupid thing when leaving Sunwell. So my resume is like this: -Alliance started boycoting IoC and AV -People left to Dragonblight and killed bracket here. Yes, i blame people who went Dragonblight. -We moved again to warmane cause most of us are enough of "2 month" servers, CYA
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    You should be perm muted long time ago, we've been giving you another chance over and over and looks like you didn't care about it at all - this time you've crossed the line. Appeal rejected, Goodbye
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    Alliance dominates because it has way more geared and pvp-focused players. Horde has many low gear/pve players due to the higher population of new players. Best fix would be crossfaction BGs, even if the faction aspect of the game would come less. Increasing horde-side honor gained (or even better decreasing pvp gear price) is very interesting though and could really help horde gearing up decently for pvp. It stil doesn't solve 40-60 faction balance though.
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    If i would play Classic i will go to Classic private server - not Wotlk or TBC. If Bllizard somday will open (never ending TBC, or never ending Wotlk) server i will think about going back to retail. For now... syrsly a LOT of ppl dont give a sh*t about Classic WoW,.. coz Classic SUX!
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    I agree - only crossfaction BG can fix the situation, guys don't want to queue after being stomped (with the exception of some gritty ones *respect*). You can't lure 'em in with double or triple honor, believe me :D. On the other hand I would enjoy playing side by side with the horde guys I had played against many times. I bet this would be much fun.
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    Let me start by saying this: If Administration wont take a serious steps to change that, this server will be nothing more that depopulated ghost realm Feronis once was (before it was shutted down). Alliance domination is beyond Horde on every stage. There is no place for serious competition between two factions. Despite of existing some good players, and their few premade's - there's is nothing more. Some lonely well geared maraduers and that's all. After Administration created "PVP STATS" on main page. I realized (as many people before me) that there is even more diffrence between the factions (check overall victories). There are horde players who want's to play PvP (casually or not, dosen't matter) but they simply can't obtain gear as Alliance by far. Horde Healers on battlegrounds just dosent exist, because there is no one who can support them in fight, no other healer, no peeling from other dps, nothing. Just because they are blowned up by enemy so quickly and these newbie healers can't even react to that. That works very demotivating towards players who want to step into PvP feature. Ok. I know that there are human racial, but overall, on 15v15 battleground you wont even feel that much, as you would do on Arena for example. So dont even come with that here. They got advantage with that but not that much. That just can't be the single reason why Horde statistics suck's so much compared to Alliance. I got nothing against Alliance premades, good player's from their side, and so on. That's not the case. The real problem is that there is no new player's, no fresh blood from Horde side. They just don't want to play those 2 minutes battlegrounds, where they are camped on graveyard for the rest of time. I mean, why would they? There are many other game's (or server's) where they can compete against other player's. So what Administration can do about it? My proposal is very simple. Make the horde obtain Honor x2 quicker than Alliance BUT made the gems cost like 5k honor more (and transmog cost to 60k). That shouldn't destroy the economy (besides the few players playing PvP on horde side overall) but it would HELP A LOT a new players, or some alts to obtain a proper gear to fight Alliance. I know it's a serious change, but it dosen't have to be permament. Administration should observe the results, and make their on thoughts on this. In the best scenario - horde PVP STATS would be closer to the Alliance, and after some time, they would came back to the older system. That's just my thoughs on this whole terrible situation that we face today. It is very bad, and SOMETHING NEED TO BE DONE. I dont think that my proposal is perfect, but that's something right? I hope someone from Administration will answer to that suggestion. Regards
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    Character Name:Xerkres Punishment Reason:Insulting administration Game Master:Azathothh Summary: Dear Azathothh. I wish to apologize to you, administration and sunwell community for my latest behavior. I fully understand why my account was banned, nevertheless i would like to ask for unblocking my account and replace this for perm writing ban. i am very ashamed of latest behavior and will try to explain my latest attitude. i belive that even the ugliest truth is better than the lie so... i was really drunk last night and it was not my will to offend anyone. i am really streightforward reliable and honest person. i am as well dedicated sunwell player for many years. i am also very polite and well behaving player (havent any ban and mute before). Please consider it as one time weaknes of mine. all in all i am very ashamed of my behavior and i would like to ask for trust in me and to allow for me to play WoW. Due to the fact that my behavior was unaccepted i will propose switching acc ban for perm writting ban. i hope that you will consider my honest response and request. Your sincerely, Xerkres.
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    polaczki rozwalą ten serwer, aż szkoda na to patrzeć. Nic dziwnego że za granicą mają do nas podobny stosunek jak my do cyganów. Wstyd i hańba. A administracja serwera nic z tym nie robi.
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    Maybe transfers will help from others servers to sunwell? I'm sure there are servers where population is low but ppl still playing. I think this option would help our community and the others 🤔🙂
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    Hello, He's punished, thanks for your report! Regards
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    Hello. These characters are forced to rename - he won't be able to log on them without changing their names. Regards
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    Hello. Thanks for your report, they were punished. I'd like to remind that in "normal" /party chat you can speak any language you want, but in Dungeon Finder group ENGLISH is required, both on /party and /say during that dungeon - same applies for battlegrounds. Regards
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    Topic content: Similar character name to staff nickname.Your name - PurplehideReported player's name - AzagthtothDate - 2019-07-17Rule that was broken - Rule #17 "Character name....shouldn’t be similar to the nickname of any staff member." Description - His nickname is similar to staff nickname Azathothh Evidence - https://gyazo.com/32c19be439217aae5bb493388321cf9a
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    You can get bis gear for PvE playing PvE. You can NOT get bis gear for PvP playing PvP. I can not explain it easier. If you do not understand, I'm afraid it's not my fault.
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    Your name - Deicus Reported player's name - Accbuyer Date - several days up to 21th July Rule that was broken - Insulting other players is prohibited. The punishment depends on the situation. We do not resolve reports about guild chat or whisper (the only exception is when it’s really necessary). We’d also like to notice the existence of ignore option. Description - This player which I don't know, and for unknown reasons, always spams emotes on me as soons as he sees me in dalaran sewers (where i often stay). Unfortunately, ignoring a player doesn't mute the emote sound he does, so I often have to mute the game for the /cry /laugh and /chicken spam he does on me. It is very annoying. I also know that some other players in the horde have been harassed the same way by this player. This is honestly ridiculous and only a punishment can make this stop, because I've tried talking to him with no effect. He often comes close to my character so I can hear the emote sound at full volume. Evidence - Screenshot: Accbuyer isn't ignored in the ss to show how he spams emotes (which sound cannot be muted). Please do something about this. Regards
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    Hi, please increase rates for exp x7 - x8 and rep x3, gold x3, prof x3 + increase honor a little bit and save this awesome server. Nobody is intrested farming all day long on 10 yrs old content. Make it semi-fun realm and profit. Or die in ashes. Regards
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