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    This is to draw GMs attention to the following report that was probably overlooked (seeing as the others are getting replies and this one does not). In my personal opinion, these people have clearly crossed the line between /ignore'able offense and blatant harrasment/stalking. How can Silver play in peace if these people use different channels to attack her personally? Thank you, GMs, for your hard work, and I sincerely hope you will take actions.
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    Hi. I got into the ninjalooters hall of fame. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/7046-70-cephius/ The player who reported me first won 277 chest from marrowgar, then 264 head from bpc and at this point i knew he was just needing on everything. He already had 4x 264 t10 and already rolled for 2 non set epics. I dont support the greediness of some people thus i gave the mark in question to the second highest roller. https://imgur.com/a/wr8xSny Here is the screenshot of lootrules. It clearly states that we reserve the possibility to distribute the loot in any possible way. Everyone on the raid knew the rules and decided to join. I was entitled to do whatever i wanted with the items
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    Topic name: [Report] Salamirogue (rogue) and Rautakilpi (warrior) Topic content: Toxic/Racism Your name -Noiza Reported player's name - Salamirogue & Rautakilpi Date - 3/4-19 Rule that was broken - Toxic behavior & racism. Description - They started talking bad to eachother ending up kicking eachother from the heroic dungeon and kept talking faul language. Evidence - screen shots
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    Hello Thank you for your report Both punished Kind regards
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