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    And instant 70 will let those players to do something when they actually can only play 2-3 hours a week. This retail approach "everyone gets stuff even while playing 1 minute a month" has no place in TBC. If someone doesn't do "anything besides main spec", why it is an issue? Is the game so boring as it is, is it not fun in one spec? In hybrid PvE/casual BG spec? In 1-month-PvE-1-month-PvP spec? So many options, but all of them are easily ignored by the spoiled WotLK+ players who can't imagine the game without their favorite set of QoLs. "Anything besides main spec"... Next you ask everyone to have something to do besides main class? And next, "I have nothing to do besides playing my 10 Horde chars, could I have 10 Alliance chars and new raids so I have at least something to do?"...
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    Your name - SwdeeznutsReported player's name - ZinthosDate - October 27, 2018Rule that was broken - Not speaking English in Dungeon FinderDescription - Zinthos (and the rest of the group) repeatedly refused to speak English in a Dungeon Finder group. When I reminded them to speak English, they vote-kicked me from the instance.Evidence -
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    Hello, Players were punished. Both Zinthos and Rommill broke server rules. Regards.
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    old HG, old AlphaWoW - this TBC server never had any "special benefits" for ally side... Ares had only some faster lvling for ally - thats it. And yes the population on each of this servers was like 60% Horde vs. 40% ally. So what? Thats not the problem, you wont even feel it if total number of players will be 3K. Besides I was never focused on one fraction, like in HG i had some characters in Ally and Horde in the same time. But I was always way more Ally player then Horde - if you ask about proportion... it was like 80% time played in Ally. So I generaly speak as Ally player -> and my point is - its kinda make me sick when I read how ppl threat ally as a poor kids who cant care about themselfs. Geez... leave proud allaiance alone .
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    Hello. I'm 100% sure you were using speed hack. Your character was running with insane speed and you had low latency. Appeal rejected.
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    I'm generally very much against anything that alters the gameplay in a way that is not "blizzlike" which includes dualspec during 2.4.3 patch, increased leveling rates and what not. I am still against all these modifications except one, which I've changed my mind on, and that is dualspec. That may very well have something to do with the fact that I can't play as much anymore but still I am in favor of dualspec in 2.4.3. I completely agree with what you've said, and I hope that Sunwell team will implement dualspec but not any instant leveling boosts.
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    Opinion #1 This is Ninja looting, it is clear that Mansedzemor won the roll. The BoE item was then immediately equipped by the paladin who it was given to upon the raid leader's request. The raid leader and player should be punished.
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    Instant 70 will strip off a lot of content from the gameplay. Dual talents won't. They will actually add. There will be 10% of people that will put huge amount of time into the game and they won't care about the respec cost, let's call them "hardcore" players. But most of the playerbase will be just playing several hours a day and on how the server is "normal" player friendly depends it's future. If the hardcore gamers leave the server will live. If normal players will leave the server will fall. For most DPS only classes it won't matter that much. However for other classes, it can be a huge difference if there's a dual spec. I played on several TBC servers as a warrior prot both WITH and WIHOUT dual talents and what I noticed: On servers WITHOUT dual talents: - on raid days I could do the raid, daily HC and nothing else - on non-raid days I could do several HCs, not much more - when I had to farm I had to reserve a lot of time, having in mind that I must earn 100g first for both respects before I will even start making some profit - I was very reluctant from PvP, because again, I had to farm 100g first - slowly over time I've become a raidlogger which quickly turned into leaving the server totally On servers WITH dual talents (HG): - on raid days I could do the raid, daily HC and maybe respect quickly do a BG or farm something quickly, - on non-raid days I could do whatever I wanted: farm HCs, farm money, do some quests, - I was an active PvP player because swapping to PvP spec was a matter of few minutes and clicks (not few hours and clicks). - I always had something to do and was very happy with the server until it was shut down. And I know that a lot of player will face the same issues. (in my opinion) Pros of dual spec with HG like system: - More players for dungeons, - More players for raids (over time you will have a lot of people having decently geared several specs, what a convenience to have a prot pally respeced to holy or ret for free after the trash is dead) - More players for PvP - More players for questing (world would be much active overall), - Healthier economy - more people would farm Cons of dual spec: - Non-blizzlike tweak, however it would reflect WoTLK's most successful added feature - Some 'hardcore' players not being happy because of not having possibility to capitalise their huge amount of gameplay time into advantage over 'normal' players. I understand that TBC was about not giving people things for free. I understand that fun from that game was from sense of accomplishment that you was not given something, you earned it. However price that you would have to pay to play 1h or 2h PvP every few days would be just too big and would cause people not doing it. 1000g for 6 months is not free respec. This is enabling people to doing something beside their main activity. It effectively increases the amount of players on the server (hopefully too much players won't be a big problem). I am against other non-blizzlike tweaks. I would be even in favour of 1x XP 1-70 (let's face it, noone will put himself into disadvantage with .xp command when everybody else is having 2x XP). But allowing paid dual spec is crucial for myself and I couldn't imagine playing on such server without it. You're right that enough has been said and I hope that administration will be wise enough to make the right decisions.
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    Hello, I would like to ask you for deprive player Connected of Heart of Iron Item. During todays raid he and his friends from guild (Sama and Rougi) ninja looted this item claiming that they agreed on Discord to roll it for tank. This was not marked when I was joining raid group. I'm attaching screenshoot where you can see that DPS is rolling for tank item. I expect some consequences for those players. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    The differences are blown out of proportion. Realistically, they are almost meaningless, valued at less than a week's worth of gear, so in PvE context the effects are felt by guilds going for realm firsts, and beyond that point it doesn't really matter seeing as that, by having progressed slower and utilizing gear from more resets, you've already been compensated for and then some relative to racially advantaged but undergeared guilds who still managed to clear the content (if the strongest guild is Horde to begin with, on Hellground relaunch for example Autismus Ultimus was three resets ahead of everyone else as Alliance). In PvP it's at least arguably a bigger, but only a very small minority of playerbase is serious about minigames anyway. And indeed, historically TBC servers often had fairly balanced populations without any efforts to balance them because in actuality very few people care enough about racials to let them influence their choice of faction. This problem is real but it is a new one, caused by feedback loop of some recent servers having had lopsided population, which makes Alliance-leaning players anxious to roll on a dead faction where they might get outnumbered 2 to 1 in world PvP (66-33 pop) or being unable to find suitable guilds, making them go Horde as a safety measure, and now even the more faction-loyal folks might have to reconsider. Funnily enough, by having this discussion we are propagating the problem. However, the cat is out of the bag and, as you say, the fate of the server could be decided on day 1, with any adjustments done after the fact likely having little to no impact. After all, who would roll on 80-20 slaughterhouse of a faction even if you leveled twice as quickly or had an extra grand saved up from free riding skills? If a thousand people rolled simultaneously it would be fine, but we'd be living in a post-scarcity eutopia if that sort of coordination problems were easy.
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    opinion #1 I just see the rolls i don't see who received the item Not enough evidence Regards
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    Out of bonuses, I'd suggest XP bonus for like a month after launch. Like x2.5 to 58, and x1.5 afterwards. If it's advertised, many people who are normally on the fence will roll Alliance. Downside: server first lvl 70 racers are doomed to play Alli. But these are literally a dozen of players on the whole server, I don't think they should be catered to. A larger downside: server first T4 racers are almost doomed to play Alli. Or maybe there's a chance Sunwell is gating stuff on 60 for a couple of weeks? The safest bonus is free skills/mounts, but maaybe also minor endgame boost, like 1.2 honor/rep? So people know that the reasons to play Alli don't end on lvl 60.
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    Reduce spell cost to train for alliance players and/or free level 40 mount. Both things would help them from getting ganked by horde players which is usually what turns people away from the smaller faction. Faction queue will just lower the total amount of people playing on the server, not really proven that this will make people reroll alliance instead of horde.
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    As i have already put in another thread: The administrator of the server read these post and my only intention is to make them see the variety of people who play on their server and try to help them bot. 1. About "you want to spend few hours a day to play but at the same time..." I don't want to spend few hours but i have to. And in this situation there are many people that i know their cases and they don't even have time to write a post like im doing at this moment, so i also speak for them. 2. About being on the same level as others, to do raid, etc.: You are taking it literally when what i want to say is something more important => Specifying: We are a group of more than 20, to which will be added from here until the opening of the server another ten or more. They youngest are 26 years old and image the rest and their lifes. We would like to form a guild, play together, do the progression... but it conditions us one thing, that there is not DS so, the time that we have to dedicate to obtain gold to change talents continously, etc, it doesn't allow us to have a core of comfortable raid (like you said about, if you don't have time, go play dps...), it would take us far away from the progress, among other things. We have a life to attend but we also love this game and we think that Sunwell will do it great again and we want to join the experience as we have been doing since they started to open servers. I don't have the intention to discuss with anyone, so i repeat: Sorry if my opinion bothers someone.
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