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    well... its all about what you mean seying "good reson" - coz you know... the only reson i (and many other players) wanna play on TBC is sentiment to the oryginal old game. So for me its "the good reason", even the ONLY reson i would say So im against every kind of stuff - witch is changing game play on max lvl. Dual spec is changing it... so i vote no for typical (wotlk) dual spec. The only way is fine for me its the old HG solution - cost like 1000 gold, half year duration, and you will have to go to ur trainer NPC if you wanna reset ur talents. So... im glad Sunwell Administration thinks kinda same way.
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    Your Name - Mhihi Reported player's name - Natureresist Date - 26 Oct 2018 [23:24] Rule that was broken - Rolling for a lower item than the item that he owns already. Description - This guy owned already a bis staff for boomy , and still rolled for a dagger that he doesn't actually need, maybe he gave it to one of his mates or guildies. Evidence - Pictures are attached.
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    Your name - TiramisuReported player's name - SnakepalDate - 27.10.2018Rule that was broken - giving loot not to the highest rollDescription - toc25 anub loot - ring, leader gave loot to probably his guildmate who logged off immediately, then leader logged off tooEvidence - attached
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    Hello, I would like to ask you for deprive player Connected of Heart of Iron Item. During todays raid he and his friends from guild (Sama and Rougi) ninja looted this item claiming that they agreed on Discord to roll it for tank. This was not marked when I was joining raid group. I'm attaching screenshoot where you can see that DPS is rolling for tank item. I expect some consequences for those players. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    opinion #1 I just see the rolls i don't see who received the item Not enough evidence Regards
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    Hello, Your ban was shortened. Regards
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    So play WotLK (here have WotLK realm Angrathar), MoP or another later patch, there is no need to spend a lot of time on the game. But why because there are people who have little time to convert TBC into WotLK? Then let's add some mounts from the first level, otherwise someone can say: "I don’t have enough time to go on foot and gather ore in Azeroth"
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    I am hard core TBC fan and player but dual-talents are something which this expansion trully needs. TBC is one of expansions where is huge demand of tanks and healers and being one of those is rly annoying outside of party, dungeon or raid. You can not farm, you can not quest, you can not grind and so on... I am not fan od changing much things from retail but we all should understand that we need tanks and healers and this will help for sure.
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    Okey so, I'm afraid we can't organize this event because blocking people on 60lvl isn't healthy for realm and this event is not worth it. We can manage to add there some semi-event with fightning creatures to make Dark Portal look cooler from Blasted Lands side, but I'm worried we won't recreate its original form. Greetings
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    Oh yeah, maybe ure right with this cap... Now it enlights me that maybe it was something about it haha. Anyway as I said, we will talk about this event soon!
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