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    LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/0FxQ0QR3g364WJus1 Feel free to discuss guys.
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    SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS is a group of friends retired from the NA raiding scene, with varying rankings around world 100 throughout all expansions, we've come to agree that retail is currently a mess and we're looking to go back in time for some fun, slay some dragons, have a drink, laugh a lot, talk some big shit, and make some new friends in the process to make our time more enjoyable. Let's get some things straight about who we are. We are a group of incredibly thick skinned individuals who talk shit to each other on the daily. If you get upset about me telling you your damage sucks when you kill yourself on a boss pull, we are not the guild for you. We are not looking for members related to drama or inability to control their free time. If you have to go randomly once in a blue moon for an emergency, that's perfectly fine. Every 15 minutes and you'll be back on these forums looking for a new guild. Why join SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS? Proven leadership with deep retail experience in slaying online dragons to loot their pixels with great efficiency. We strive to always kill bosses faster than before with less mistakes. The mindset in our raid environment is simply to kill everything as fast as possible to have fun playing other games with each other. We also offer an incredible time meeting new friends, a community for growth, and some fire ass music to boot. Raid Days & Times This is where you come in. Raid days and times have not been set, we are actively recruiting former raiding friends who would like to raid old content and take a long break from retail. Estimated 2-3 days a week, likely later times as many people have lives, and hopping on WoW immediately after getting home is stupid. Relax, have a drink and some food. We'd rather have you come prepared than be rushed and make stupid mistakes. Role Availability & Applying Applying is very simple, there is a short application template asking for some information about what you want to play, age, and for a strong meme. https://discord.gg/udvndem SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS is always looking for exceptional talent of any class and spec. If your put up big numbers and talk big shit, we want what you're selling. Melee DPS Rogue: OPEN Warrior: OPEN Shaman: OPEN Paladin: CLOSED Druid: OPEN Ranged DPS Hunter: OPEN Mage: OPEN Warlock: OPEN Priest: OPEN Shaman: OPEN Healers: Paladin: OPEN Priest: OPEN Druid: OPEN Shaman: OPEN Tanks Paladin: OPEN Warrior: OPEN Druid: OPEN
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    This is just to re-iterate that it's very important to have T5 ready on launch. A server without T5 instantly gets an awful image, and the raiding scene also suffers by a lot of gear from T4 making T5 easier. Worst case, you can delay T5 for like a couple of weeks after launch, but that's already your reputation being hurt for no good reason IMO. I know MrCule have said "we'll try our best", but I think it's pretty crucial.
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    well -> Bursztynek was my main in ally (Human), i trade it for Horde Warrior using HellGround Slave Market. But after switching fraction i also make "fresh" rogue and yes... name it again, like my old main -> "Bursztynek" so ye... all you said its true and Yes - Revengers ❤️ i was and had great time there.
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    What about just not opening the portal in the first 3-4 weeks (or maybe a more reasonable time period), wait 'till 30%+ of the population is lvl 57-58+ and then open it (and somehow manage to count exactly how much time it took the "realm first" people to lvl up, like lvl up till 60, disable "played time", until the dark-portal opens up? Idk, kind of gets complicated this way...). One one side, poeple could get frustrated with this, but on the other hand, top guilds could lvl up fast & start farming vanilla raids & enter Outland with Tier 1 - Tier 2 gear!
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    I believe I added several dummies there 😮 I can add more if needed, no problemo monsieur.
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    As someone already said "the game comes with PvP", when you open your game and log in you must be READY to PvP. If the game didn't include PvP I wouldn't have this conversation but IT DOES. For the fourth time: THIS IS HOW THE GAME IS, NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO PLAY. I have to use caps and underline because it seems like you have a problem noticing the important points of what im saying. I agree that ganking low level players is not right but that's how it is, bad people exist and we have to learn how to deal with them. I'm not forcing you to do PvP, playing the game is your personal choice and PvP is a part of it. If the game didn't have PvP then this would be a completely different conversation, I'd be wrong for wanting from them to add PvP, but the reality is this, you want for them to change the game which makes you wrong by default.
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    That's funny because you people pro-worldpvp are crying twice as much. You don't even have brain capacity for civil conversation, instead you go and insult anyone who disagree with you. I'm sure you've convinced anyone of anything. /s Well, bye, welcome to my ignore list. PS. Grow up.
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