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    Hello Loghain. Angrathar is international server with main English language since release. Rules are equal for everyone. We were warning polish community so many times, now we're using shock therapy. Its useful by the way. 7days is enough to teach you, how to use appeal template. Cheers, GM Ysolte.
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    Hello. First ban was given by me, not by @Crafty, so I'll answer you as well. It wasn't actually only "speedhack" but other hacks as well and used in a way that qualified you for instant permban without warning. If you knew that other people on that IP used EXACTLY SAME HACKS as you, then maybe you should have asked them to don't do that. Same hacks have been used in same way on multiple accounts on your IP, sorry but it doesn't look like you've done it only once and you wouldn't ever do that again. " 15. Having many accounts from the same IP is allowed, but sometimes, if the case demands it, we may punish all the accounts belonging to one player. " I'm leaving the decision up to Crafty, since perm ban was given by him.
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    Thank You very much for help
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    Please put the player on your ignore list. I will speak with them.
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    You're on the battle for Undercity questchain. You'll need to go to the Wrathgate and speak with Lady Aled (Red Dragon) That will start it off
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    This is the general behavior on this server it seems. 90% polish kids that do that kind of things everywhere. And the staff encourages it by not doing anything. I have found better communities where the staff actually gets involved with these kind of toxic behaviors so not you are wrong on this one two. My current last 3 dungeons runs ended either with getting kicked for not passing my main spec loot to someone else or no reason at all , always a gang of 3 polish kids so they can kick you fast. This ain't no international server just a playground for polish troll kids.
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