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    Character Name: Eurydyka Punishment Reason: Ninja looting Game Master: Tide Summary: We have invited you to our raid because we needed a hunter and u TOLD u are SURVIVAL SPEC that was the spec you joined with and one you were assigned main spec roll for. Grim toll is ARP trinket, which is designed to be used with MM SPEC. You changed your spec just before Gothik and your only purpose of doing this was rolling on another (second) Main spec. Loot roles were announced before killing the first boss. It was MS>OS>Dis. You could not have rolled for 2 main specs. The Roll won a Frost DK that will use it properly with His Talent build, even on late game. AS survi u woudlnt even use it no more thats why you did not get it. Its like i would give a Items that uses the ENCH for ELE shaman beacasue ele sucks. Really thats pointless of this thing. You were a Survi from start and this trinket was for MM spec. Because You were not MM, you had no right to receive the trinket. Like i wouldnt give item with Mp25 for a DPS because it has a HASTE rating no point seriously. Main Spec Means SPEC U are raiding at! Its like i would give 2h weapon for Frost dk ! Becasue he have a Unholy spec . Kind regards Evidence : https://zapodaj.net/4274b73ddffa3.jpg.html https://zapodaj.net/204e284bf1c2f.jpg.html
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    Your name - GantherReported player's name - EurydykaDate - 02.05.2018Rule that was broken - point 22. ninjalootingDescription -Being on a naxx 25 I played the hunter survi and i won from the meaxen roll for a grim toll. the leader, after all, gave it to Druid nick Fiskemor and told me a grim toll is for mm hunter. At this moment I changed the spec on the marksmanship and informed the leader about it. Then from gothic drop another grim toll which I also won, this leader gave it dk about nickname Bauddox. I think that grim toll belongs to me the same as feral and dk even being in survi because there is no chance to do arp cap on this content. And for each hunter it is a very good item. Roll rules is a ms>off
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    Your name - Defender of FaithReported player's name - Chrystus, MaryjaDate - 08/05/2018Rule that was broken - 17. Character name must not be vulgar, racist, insulting, shouldn’t be similar to the nickname of any staff member. The same goes for guild names, pet names, arena teams, etc.Description - Players named their characters with "polish" names of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary. This is some serious trolling which directly insult catholics. They play rdfs together so there is no coincidence and u cant really say for example, that Maryja is not offensive nickname, because player is making it look rude on purpose.Evidence - sunwell.pl/armory
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    Hello Those are just common names .. So basically if someone name themselves "Binladen" we should rename them ? Binladen just means son of laden :\ I hope you can see my point of view Regards
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    Watchout for neutral AH snipers that could "steal" your cheap posted items. Yes, there is scum doing this, believe or not.
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    cons: - no criitical life saving abilities (Ardent for pallys, WotNP for DK's), - relatively low HP-pool and avoidance, - VERY skill dependant, - low threat generation (can be compared to bear's - maybe slightly more than druid's) RDF's are nothing compared to raiding (well maybe except naxx10 which is just 10man RHC), so don't judge class with only one place where you could check it out pros: + one of best tanks on anub's adds, + can cast vigilance
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    Kind of shitty behaviour indeed, with addon or without. Perfectly Blizzlike though - or is it not? Since it's a pretty rare issue, I think Sunwell could just make neutral AH sniping bannable. I think it would add not more than a few more tickets a month, while making hundreds of players feel safer.
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    Botting is bad for our server and ruins our economy. I will not be unbanning.
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    I was in a pug made by <Epidemic> , which was currently at Kel'Thuzad. I joined and accepted the 14/15 lock. We killed Kel'Thuzad, and [Envoy of Mortality] dropped, the item was rolled for. The only 3 people who rolled for it who actually needed it was, Me, Shae and Robutnik. But I won the roll, then Kev ( the raid leader ) whispered me, and wanted me to pass the gun. Afterwords a rogue named Cyborg who already has the gun, rolled on it and won. It was obvious that they were planning on giving it to the Warrior in their guild ''Robutnik''. I have 3 printscreens, First one : The rogue who already has the gun. Second one: The warrior who has the ''stolen'' gun. And the third is me winning the roll. And the whispers from their raid leader.
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