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    All credit goes to "Tide" For this amazing work in Fixing this addon. I tried about 12 diff versions and asked for help and Walla! Tide to the rescue. Interface / Addons - move to Here Delete any previous .llua and .lua.config's "Wtf / Account / Saved Variables / DrDamage.lua + lua.config" "Wtf / Account / Character / Saved Variables / DrDamage.lua + Lua.config" What this addon does? This addon will show your DPS, or HPS on your Spells on your Action bar, allso has info in your Tooltip. /drdamage in game to change what you see, and how big the info is. Enjoy!! DrDamage.rar
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    1 day Xp boosts are now 60 coins up from 40 (50% increase) and 7 day boosts are 315 up from 200 (63.5% increase). No longer can you buy a 7 day with ANY of the sunwell coin packs without having extra left over (ie wasted). Since the price has been inflated to 315 for a 7 day boost; the best bang for the buck is 500 coins at $17 rather than the even $9 it was before. The $12 300 coin pack is useless in regards to a 7 day boost, in order to get a 7 day boost the cheapest you will need to buy a $12 300 pack and a $4 50 pack ($16 -- $1 less than the 500 pack). This is done all the time with gift cards. The idea is you make people convert universally useful money into something useless anywhere but the place where you converted your money (i.e. sunwell coins). People are more likely to buy more coins if they have some sitting around they can't do anything with, otherwise it is literally wasted money. I personally hate gift cards and find them a very subversive practice. I'm sure this isn't news to you (the admins) and I'm sure there was a lot of discussion as to whether its better to charge more for services most people will use or leave it as is. I personally think more people will be inclined to pay for this stuff if it's cheaper and I am certainly annoyed that I have coins which I can no longer use as planned. I don't know if I'm annoyed enough to outright quit the server but I am certainly annoyed enough to never buy coins again since I think the price is now prohibitively expensive. I like this server quite a bit and I hope the admins read this and consider what I have typed. I believe charging little for things that most people will be interested in and a lot for exclusive things (like mounts) is the way to go. Leveling is tedious and most people have been doing the same quests for years now. That is something best made cheap and convenient so that the most people will do it. The more 80's the server has, the more people will want to play here and the more 40 and 200 coin xp boosts will be sold. If price increases need to happen, that should be made on mounts. Spectral tigers are cool but trust me, they aren't when you see them all the time. Making them more expensive makes them more exclusive, rare and cool, rather than watering them down by making them affordable for everyone. In the end it's not my server and who ever owns and runs this has final say. I do think they are going about it the wrong way. Further I don't think announcements like this should be hidden away on discord rather than making a proper announcement on the server and site.
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    3k Retail and you don't think TSG in WOTLK is good. Yeah that's a little hard to believe.
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    Hello, player punished.
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    You must understand that just because it says 1,500 people are on your discord doesn't mean there are 1,500 active. I know because I run one of the largest Overwatch community discords. Once someone connects to it just 1 time, it will show them as being online on your discord whenever they load the program, regardless of if they're in your room chatting. I'm still listed as an active member on discords for events I've ran 2 years ago, doesn't mean I read anything that goes on in there. Can you imagine the backlash if Blizzard announced a new expansion for Starcraft 2 by sending you a WoW In-Game mail? That's basically what this is. Not putting pricing changes on your website is a big kick in the teeth for people who have actually donated in the past, I won't be buying these boosts again.
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    Your name - theuntamed Reported player's name - sonofragnaro Date - 22.03.2018 Rule that was broken - 4. Selling / buying gold outside of Bazaar(available only on Feronis realm) is prohibited. for selling gold, the player is punished with a permanent ban without being able to appeal against its; for buying gold from a source other than a bazaar, the player is punished 30d ban and the removal of all gold held on all characters. Description - player sells gold via mailbox messages. Evidence - https://imgur.com/nYGwaRV
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    Thank you for reporting this golds eller. He is already banned permanently by Nadiir.
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    Log into the account where you bought the SC by mistake. Put the xp boost in your basket and check this:
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    Hello ban reduced to 3 days Regards
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    This is the UI that i'm using, a lot of bartender bars hidden (Because i know the bindings by memory). Button Facade - Chatter - Pitbull Unit Frames - Quartz - Necrosis - ForteXorsist - Sabrina Buff Frames - Sexy Map - Tidy Plates - Nice Damage and i use Gothic font for everything (And setting almost everything in purple, warlock FTW)
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    right post, price for boost needs be equal to price for packs, i think most people who buy coins buy it for xp boost,if price for 1 day are 50% more them 7 days must be also 50%(300 coins ) or we see change is made only to force people to spend more money,money,money.I have also one more question why price change is made? it will be great to see answer or announcement on the server or site,for me also make coin mounts be more rare not common is better idea.
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    /facepalm in so many different wayz...
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    Here is mine! A simple remake of Kripps Hunter ui back in the days made with mostly elvui Im showing castbars and tellmewhen config,also i have custom Buff/Debuff Filters
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    The guy is named "Uberhaxxor", doesn't that answer why he would even want to run that nude mode?
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