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    To my surprise i have been banned from global chat yesterday for linking a spell followed by "Anal" in global. It's a common world chat meme from retail and I wasn't aware it isn't tolerated. All fine and I can deal with the 6 hour mute i got according to a GM ticket yesterday. Today I still couldnt join the global chat (even after 6 hours have long passed), GM reply was that the chat ban was 7 days. SEVEN DAYS? FOR A MEME? I dunno what your internal notes says, there was nothing racist or anything about it, nor was I spamming. I know now that this isnt welcome and wont do it again. But banning me from global for 7 days is very harsh. I can't trade or find groups for a whole week. Naxx just came out and I need peopl from guild to check global for me looking for a raid. Seriously? Please consider to go back to the initial 6 hour mute and not 7 days for a lame joke. Thanks. Character name is the same as this. why is no gm explaining why the first ticket answered said "6 hours" and then it became 7 days? for a non-offensive joke?
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    Character Name:Aitahitto Punishment Reason:BOT in BG Game Master:Tide Summary:I used an AFK bot in BG to leech honor I admit what I've done and take full responsability of it and I deeply regret it, I was banned on the 11 of february of this month and I'm posting this to appeal to you if possible to reduce my sentence since I would like if possible to enjoy Naxxramas launch with my guild, thank you for reading this and sorry if I wasted your time. All I can do is promise it won't happen again. @Tide
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    Hello, your account has been banned for 1 day. Ban time remaining - 6 hours.
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    We're not going to implement this service - never. Regards.
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    So i left a dungeon group while i was dead spawned into ah;knet and my guy was just kinda floating there so i logged out, and now I'm stuck cant even load into the game, i cant find the option to use character unstuck. Thanks. EDIT: IT FIXED ITSELF
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    Hello, sorry but its not punishable.
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    Angrathar is not a super high rate realm. x4 is a conveniance feature, x2 is just slightly boosted experience and we want to keep it that way. x8 is far too much, as it would be bad for the economy (having all professions on your alts wouldn't be hard).
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