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    Hey there! Not so long ago, because only a week ago, The Lich King on Heroic difficulty was defeated. Big congratulations to Synthesis for grabbing the Realm First! 🎆 I promised you some news about WotLK and the time has come. The PvE schedule looks like this: 27.03 - removal of ICC Boost from the First Quarter & Heroic Attempts amount set to 25. 03.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Second Quarter. Professor Professor Putricide will keep his boost 10.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Third Quarter. Blood-Queen Lana'thel will keep her boost. 17.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Fourth Quarter. Sindragosa and Lich King will keep their boosts. Add ICC buff for 10norm, 10heroic and 25norm raid versions. 27.04 - Ruby Sanctum launch at 8pm GMT +2 PvP & Hot News: In about a month (the end of April / beginning of May) there will be a PvP Tournament. Its end will mark the beginning of the new PvP Season. More information on that soon. The developers will pay our BugTracker a visit with a full force. If you are aware of any bugs on Angrathar, please report it here: https://bit.ly/angrathar-bt. We’d also like to invite you to report any PvP related bug, because that’s something we’re going to focus on. Halion in 25 Heroic difficulty will be boosted. The boost will be present until three guilds defeat the encounter - and these guilds will be rewarded, as there is no Realm First for that achievement. Feronis transfers are coming in the future. More information regarding this will be given when time comes. ? - A new raid, written and designed by us. I’m telling you that only because I like you It will be totally magical and rad new thing. Now, thank you for being with us this whole time. You’re giving us lots of motivation and I promise that we will never stop working on Angrathar. It’s not a secret that the last few months were really… something else. There’s lots of work ahead of us, but first things first. More posts soon 🍩 The policy has changed. We are not abandoning Angrathar. I am not abandoning you. Sunwell Staff
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    i feel like the only option we're left with, if we want quality gameplay at this point, is finding another server it's not the 1st or 2nd time this happens, announce some buffs, then modify those buffs, then announce nerfs, then announce other nerfs, then change it again and all according to random posts on forum, this is typical of a bad server management, especially from graal.. it's like he's insecure of what he's doing and posts an idea of what to do next, then sees comments and adapts till he has as litle negative feedback as possible i came to the server on release and i admit i enjoyed naxx, a lot, but then it has been disaster after disaster.. still, just like everyone else i waited for icc since its pointless to come to a wotlk server and invest almost an year and not finish icc, and in the end i was disapointed... especially after reading this topic, angrathar has already been paying the population toll for their bad decisions and we should just let them reap what they have been sowing and as a final point the announcement of a custom instance is just a sad desperate move to try to keep as much population as possible, it is not a bad idea but the timing of its announcement reeks of despair
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    Pile of bullshit. Sick of sunwell and its sudden decisions. Instead of nerfing 1by1 they went to pull another sneaky shit. Was so looking forward to next week cause we finally started working on sindy and pp and we finally have numbers + 6 hours time to progress those 2 only and they slap us with this shit now. Cba. Stop announcing shit if you wont hold on to it later. Lod isnt for everyone - dont make it so everyone can kill it. There are still guilds who want to say they did lod pre nerf, and even having one more guild being able to say that is better than have 5 guilds we never heard of farming it. Tbh i cant decide if im more pissed or sad and dissapointed. Gl sunwell with 1k mediocre pop you will be left with in a month. I hope you are aware that to satisfy that pop that will stay and to have them kill shit you will need the 30% plus handholding enabled.
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    Your name - Akoxgodx Reported player's name - Tide (game master) Date - 4th April, Anno Domini 2019 Rule that was broken - I hadn't broken any rules, I am acquainted with the server's terms and conditions farily well, yet I have been punished with a 30 minutes mute applying to all chat channels. Description - As a dutiful guild master, I have been posting a recruitment macro for my guild, of course with an appropriate time intervals to avoid spamming. My recruitment macro has been in compliance with all the server rules, it was fully in English and composed in a polite and informative manner. All of a sudden I have been punished with a 30 minutes mute by a GM named Tide who apparently disliked the fact that I was searching for players of Polish ethnicity, which is rather understandable and self-explanatory if all of my guild members are Polish and many of them do not have any profficiency in using English language. I have to admit I feel quite aggrieved by this act of racism aimed at both my guild, and at myself ad personam. The same happened to one of my officers trying to advertise our guild a day before, the same game master was involved. If I am wrong, please point out which part of the server rules have I breached in any way. Otherwise, please stop acting in a racist way towards innocent players trying to contribute to server's community growth. As a guild, we have played on many different international realms before we came to Angrathar, and we have never been treated in such a discriminating way by a game master. We will not be blackmailed to change our ways and to consider international guild applicants, we want to preserve linguistic homogeneousness in our guild, this has nothing to do with nationality or ethnicity, as we have players living in many different countries, but all of them are required to speak Polish, this is a mandatory requirement and we are not changing it in any way. I demand justice. Thanks for your time. Evidence - [00:14] Your chat has been disabled for 30 minutes. By: Tide ,Reason: I like to ask you to cease advertising polish only Guild immediately and edit your recruitment text with a proper one which presents more friendly and welcoming Guild to everyone from every nation . - I can also provide screenshots later today if mandatory. This happened in GMT+0 time zone, thus it was 1:14 AM server time.
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    When we get info?
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    Why would u even open transfers from feronis when there u could simply buy lolmourne or val'anyr from the shop for example, unless u planning to open transfers and give them basic 80 starting gear otherwise if they are allowed to come with their over geared chars u should also open transfers from other servers...
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    Please, listen to your community and dont do this. As GM of one of these remaining 7-10/12 guilds, I can tell you that ICC is nicely buffed and the only thing that is holding these guilds back are numbers, the pool to recruit people from is super shrinked now. For that reason, allow feronis transfers so we can actually fill our raids with decent consistent players and dont nerf it. I doesnt even matter if you dont remove the LK hc items from those players, since prob not many have them anw, just let them transfer for mutual benefit. Now that you already did first quarter, idk, leave it be i guess since most guilds have it on farm and it will give fresh ones a bit challenge. But nerfing fester, bpc and most importantnly end wing bosses will just kill the joy. If anything prolong it, do it every 2-3 weeks now that you announced. But most importantnly - dont implement the buff, at least not for 25hc - so many people announced quitting over that thing alone. (And guys dont give me that bshit "just disable it lol" - you know very well options like those divide the group)
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    "? - A new raid, written and designed by us. I’m telling you that only because I like you It will be totally magical and rad new thing." this looks very promising. Im hypped. But the upcoming icc nerf is horrible. Synethis has huge experience with basicaly your server's mechanic on Feronis, that's why it didnt take so much time to kill it for them. We have completed icc with all wings open for like 2-3 months, just let guilds to struggle through boosted heroic LK. It looks like u made LK boost for 1-2 guilds, others are just dont have time to even try it. So in that case, that LK boost is irrelevant. Imp, u should start to nerf bosses as soon as at least 3 guilds slay HC LK (as u're going to do with Halion). At the end, u're going to make icc wg buff, which makes 25heroic (like 9-10/12) completly puggable. What's the point? In ulduar, u didnt make a post-nerf version, like blizzard did, u just removed the custom boost. But why are u going to add the blizzlike buff? Your custom boosts are decent, removing them is already a nerf. Basicaly, just give us more icc attempts without removing the boosts, so let other guilds to feel boosted not-blizlike content.
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    This is to draw GMs attention to the following report that was probably overlooked (seeing as the others are getting replies and this one does not). In my personal opinion, these people have clearly crossed the line between /ignore'able offense and blatant harrasment/stalking. How can Silver play in peace if these people use different channels to attack her personally? Thank you, GMs, for your hard work, and I sincerely hope you will take actions.
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    Your name - Silvershield/SilverbloomReported player's name - Korboo, SarokhDate - 24/march 2019Rule that was broken - racism, sexual harassment, etc Where to begin? This player named Korboo was ninjalooting items in a raid. He was kicked from the raid and I informed the guild he was playing in, as they are former guildies and friends. They decided to expell him as he had other fuck ups with them too. This was months ago. Since then he has not stopped harassing me, and sometimes it has taken uncomfortable sexual tones. He did this via whisper, via whispers to MY GUILDIES, and on the frickin' global channel. I reported him in a ticket when he was writing sexual invitations to me in GLOBAL, but the response from the GM was just to ignore him. That isn't enough when he is writing these things in /all and in /global for everyone to see and even whispering guild members. This has been happening for a long time but a few nights ago was the very last straw. He and his friend Sarokh (who we expelled from our guild for misconduct) not only made sexual references to me, but also went into a tirade of racism, abuse and praises of Hitler. I even unblocked them to be able to take some screens myself. Here is a compilation of evidence: Here he is saying he wants to go to a hotel with me on two different dates. My whisper proves that this is unwelcome behaviour and yet he continued. Sarokh even went as far as creating a guild called "Hold my Slave" (a reference to our guildname: hold my honeymint). Guess who is the gleader of that guild? Chimpokomon, the guy who korboo "accidentally" gave items to (in a different report you have about them ninjaing). Here he is teling a guildie that he wants him to BRING HIM MY BODY Here, if you need to know who they are talking about, you can see sarokh selects my character for the laugh emote. It is also not the first time he calls me his slave, as shown in the previous screens. And here are some lovely examples of Korboo and Sarokh talking about slavery, using the n-word, and making threats. And here he brings MY CHILD into it. Suggesting I am a bad mother for playing warcraft instead of just dedicating 24 hours to raising my kid. On top of racism and sexual harassment: sexism. Hooray. And finally, Sarokh comparing himself with hitler... like it's a good thing.
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    Say it again when u farm 70 lvls on bg playing bis 79
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    ^how many guilds killed more than 7 heroic? 5? 6? Only 3 guilds are at 11/12 hc (Titan rip, synthesis probably gonna farm it so only synced are progressing LK) so it's much better to let guilds/pugs kill more than gunship on heroic than giving a chance to 1, maybe 2 guilds to kill a boosted lk xd
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    My name : Spintowinx Reported players's name : Pristt Reported player's armory : https://sunwell.pl/armory/Angrathar/Pristt Date : 10/04/2019 Description : Was doing a dungeon while "Shadowgem" dropped on one of the adds and I asked this guy if he has "Jewelcrafting" and he said no so i told him that he is not allowed to roll need on them and i found out that he already ignored me Evidence:
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    "In 20 minutes from now there will be another restart (sorry for that) - we're adding 10% Hellscream's Warsong (horde) and 10% Strength of Wrynn (alliance) buffs to Icecrown Citadel 10HC and Icecrown Citadel 25normal modes - just like it was mentioned here: https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/7041-angrathar-endgame/ Valithria Dreamwalker boost was already removed. Restart shouldn't take less than 5minutes." What have you done? You ruin everything! No fun at all now. You're best at ruining sense of achievement! Why don't you make a poll at least after so many complaints? We would see how many people actually agree with it.
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    Hi there! New content is up with pack of new features to make your play more amazing! Honor Boost x2 is up! It will end on 20.04 at 10pm GMT+2 New PvP Season has launched! Records for boss killing are added! Location available with new quests and items - Ogri'la! Training Dummies in the capital cities. 2.1 Profession Items! Full list is here Call to Arms quests will change a bit: - It will award additional 50 Arena Points during Honor Event! After 20.04 it will grant with 25 Arena Points permanently. - Quests will also provide +3 Battleground Marks of Honor for every Battleground, except the one directly involved with the quest. Players joining other battlegrounds than Alterac Valley will no longer be kicked from AV queue. Dual Spec makes its way to the Horde and it's gonna cost 500 Gold! Dual Spec will be also available in the Shop for 100 Nightbane Coins for both factions. Players who AFK on Battlegrounds will be kicked from it after 1 minute of absence (they require 2 afk reports) Mount Hyjal will be available today later (19:00 CEST). Mount Hyjal is buffed slightly, and our devs have worked to ensure it’s our best release on Nightbane yet. Karazhan Attunement got removed! You don't have to obtain The Master's Key to enter the instance. Hyjal Boost: All of the hostile creatures have basic damage and health increased. However, many of them have also spells modified so I will point them below. Trash: Shadowy Necromancer - Shadow Bolt: 4.5-5.5k Abomination - Disease Cloud: 1.5-2k Banshee 17905 - Banshee Wail: 3-4.5k Gargoyle - Gargoyle Strike: 2-3k Frost Wyrm - Frost Breath: 6-9k Giant Infernal - Immolation Aura: 1k Felhunter - Mana Burn: 3-4k mana burned and 50% of mana burned turned into damage Bosses: Rage Winterchill - Frostbolt: 9k direct, 3k/s - Frost Nova: ~5k dmg - Death and Decay: 25% hp per tick - Frost Armor: +5k armor Anetheron - Sleep: 5 targets - Carrion Swarm: 6.5-7.5k Towering Infernal - Immolation: 4-5k per tick Kaz'rogal - Mark of Kaz'rogal: ~12-13k damage - War Stomp: 9k dmg Azgarol - Doom: cooldown reduced to 35 seconds Archimonde - Doomfire: cooldown reduced to 15 seconds - Fear: cooldown reduced to 30 seconds - Soul Charge (Priest, Mage, Warlock) damage set to 6k damage + 6s silence - Soul Charge (Warrior, Rogue, Paladin) damage set to 6k damage +6s debuff - Soul Charge (Druids, Shamans, Hunters) damage set to 6k damage +2.5k mana burned Pre-nerf value of reputation gains: Skeleton Invader, Skeleton Mage, Towering Infernal, Lesser Doomguard - 0 reputation Ghoul, Crypt Fiend, Shadowy Necromancer, Gargoyle - 2 reputation Abomination, Banshee, Giant Infernal, Felhunter - 3 reputation Frost Wyrm - 15 reputation Rage Winterchill, Anetheron, Kaz'rogal, Azgarol - 200 reputation Archimonde - 500 reputation Rest of 2.1 content will be implemented with The Black Temple release really soon Kind Regards and enjoy, Sunwell Staff
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    First time seeing a twink beating an 80? Well, that's probably rare within Fatality. By the way, don't you have any achievements yourself? You have to brag about how good your guildmates are?
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    Dear Adminstration when the right time will come?
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    *Nightbane Releases* Sunwell: WE WILL NOT ABANDON ANGRATHAR Also Sunwell: abandons Angrathar Nerfing ICC so fast, releasing a buffed boring 1 boss raid and releasing some unbalanced badly scripted custom raid isn't going to turn the population around after you treated the player base so poorly after all of Sunwells focus so clearly went into milking Nightbane.
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    Hi, I would like to draw attention on PVP situation on Angrathar. Alliance are generally way more active in PvP than Horde, and we are always kicked out from Wintergrasp because Horde is not interested in PvP enough, and not to mention that we are waiting queue for battlegrounds for at least 15-20 min and often more than that. Considering global Alliance chat on Angrathar, not just me but a lot of other players would like to transfer our characthers to Horde (pay for it ofcourse) just so we can play normal PvP. Someone should really make it possible. Who cares if percentage of Horde players is higher than Alliance when all Horde players are in dungeons and raids and PvP is not balanced. And restrictions regarding transfering and balancing Horde and Alliance players should be based on PvP activity. What you say guys?
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    How many resets did it take to clear LK HC? Quite many as I recall. Now, the strongest guilds had left the server during or after Ulduar so LOD could certainly have been achieved in fewer resets, but I just don't get some people's obsession on expecting near-BiS gear by the time bosses are killed. Indeed, that would be quite ridiculous since at that point only the single strongest guild can beat it - if another guild could clear it with any less gear, they would have claimed the first (supposing no one's doing split runs, everyone gears at roughly the same speed, and for that matter I don't think split runs should be encouraged). Each reset of gear acting as an indirect nerf to content is a wonderful mechanic, but that only works insofar as there's further room to gear up beyond the point that's required to kill the bosses. If a boss DEMANDS very many resets of gear (especially considering if it also takes a good comp, which high-end guilds are more likely to have: requiring too much gear will lock out most raids forever), you're in an utterly unhealthy spot of super-exclusive content or prompt nerfs being required, neither of which are desirable. On the other hand, if firsts are achievable without farming prior content too much, this mechanic takes care of all the problems naturally without demeaning the content with nerfs or anything of the sort being required and everyone's happy. Besides folks who have an obsession about content "lasting long enough" even though they don't have any skin in the game, I guess. Now, perhaps you could say bosses other than LK should have lasted longer and that sort of makes sense, but then again, they lasted for an unblizzlike duration as it is. ICC sans LK is supposed to be pathetic.
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    My name - ShirlawkReported player's name - Shreku/NidiverDate - 08-09.IV.2019Rule that was broken - Insulting. Hate speech.Description - I won the item with a roll. I was asked to give up but not dismiss the item because I have honestly won the roll and I have the right to it. When I wrote that I will not give away the item, that player started insulting me. First with dk nickname Shreku, later with a druid with the nickname Nidiver. He insulted on guild and private chatting. He did it for over an hour.Evidence:
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    Same here OldTimer, this will most likely be my final post here as well. Myself and 10-12 IRL friends have slowly lost interest here due to the rapid population decline, lack of GM/Dev responses, and lack of PvP. If the creators can take anything from this, it should be to listen to your community more. These issues could have been fixed quite easily a month or two ago by simply: -Providing dual spec earlier (since Horde refuse to que when alliance have a pvp spec to swap too) -Fixing t4+t5 raids sooner (Vashj's elementals phasing thru the ground/still casting lightning spells in Phase 2-3, Karazhan being beyond busted initially) -Increasing XP gain (nobody wants to join a dead server, let alone pay to catch up with boosts) -Taking a hard stance against guilds exploiting your broken server (doom lord/world boss spawn kills after every server restart) -Having more boots on the ground (GM responses take ages, Adrestia is the only local GM i've ever seen, and Pixi is a certified retard and banning people that aren't botting/cheating) -Resolving dungeon bugs quickly (Heroic BF demons requiring invis pots to pass/BM is STILL bugged beyond belief - mobs will run to the final boss and then chain back if hit, and the most laughable one that is STILL currently here: 100% guaranteed critical error crash after doing BM currently. You better hope and pray that everyone is quick to roll/pass on loot after a normal or heroic BM, because your whole group will get the fatal error, and your loot + badge is gone by time you get back in) I could honestly write a book on the short comings of this server, but it'll fall on deaf ears. The server sees an under 1k peak pop now, outside of raid log window (which is still only 1200 or so for a brief hour or two on the weekends). The sad reality is that maybe 10-15 people at most check these forums, and those that don't are finding out on their own that the server is dead. My buddies and i will be on Dragonblight until Classic, and i suggest you find a server that isn't trash too. Good luck to all of the players from Nightbane, i know there's plenty of us that put many hours into it!
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    According to your statement about our lovely Premonition it certainly is your thing and about the queing thing: everything was said above, you only have to read and understand. guess thats too hard rofl
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    It''s horde season right now. Yeah, who'd have thought it'd happen again, how did dinging 80s and going back to warmane as some of you were announcing during ally season go? Back then 2 weeks of ally domination was enough for y'all to lose your shit, and now horde is outnumbering us again for over a twice as long period, but now it's great because it's your side and you expect ally will just queue solo like everything was normal If you click a 'queue button' and its 4-12 for you, what is to be expected? A bg where sooner or later the opponent will have mass twinks while your team will keep increasing in lvlers. So yeah, the rule is: if the opposing faction outnumbers you with 1:2 ratio in terms of online and queued twinks (which is the case most of the time now), play defensive - form a premade. Because horde will have 8+ twinks either way so its the only way to make the match even I understand your worries about IoC though. We're stealing from you the opportunity to get mass honor as would inevitably happen with 38 twinks online on H and 17 on A. Sorry! I love IoC, hope by the time of next CTA the numbers will be more even, for now I discourage alliance to queue it.
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    Hello Thank you for your report Both punished Kind regards
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    Hey ditdatdot, i play on Nightbane, but figured i'd reach out on this thread. I wouldn't have believed you normally, however something very similar happened to a friend on Nightbane. I had a friend (who has literally never played a PC game before) start polaying with me recently. She's not very good at all, and honestly plays like a bot (lots of downtime between spells, using similar/"bad" rotations, and TONS of keyboard turning). Long story short, she got to 68, and received a ban from Pixie. We're talking about a girl that can barely connect and stay alive long enough to complete a quest here. She legit can't even install addons herself, so i know she doesn't bot, or even know that they exist. The reality is that these GM's are just amateurs that expect everyone to understand the game completely, and too stubborn to admit when they are wrong. Whatever "tests" they fail you for are hilarious, considering i know for a fact that this fisher price server doesn't have a warden / bot detection utility. These "tests" that these kids are running are probably something like: "is he keyboard turning?" / "is he dying to easy mobs?" etc... Do yourself a favor and deal with the jokes of GM's here until Classic, and then watch the already falling numbers drop to zero on Sunwell.
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    wrong subforum, plz delete
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    many people are waiting for the message about transfers, and you tell as they will be somday. what was it spossed to be? when the time comes? when the time comes, people will find another server without your pity
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    There seems to be a generally accepted consensus that when a specific (small) percentage of the population reaches a certain goal, that the remainder will suddenly lose all interest in said goal and will instead just lower their standards in some kind of apathetic shoulder-shrugging surrender. "Ah well, let's just do it all easy way and just get it over with, that way we can tell our inflated sense of self-worth that we too cleared the content". Try to think of any real life situation where this is the case and you will notice you will struggle. This concept and its correlating response have very little fundament in terms of how human psyche works. Just the act of post-clear nerfing creates an overall reduction in people's sense of accomplishment or "worth" of a server (past, present and future). I know this isn't the first time we are walking down this road, but pretend for a second this is a marathon-race. The first runner crosses the finish line, and you start blowing your whistle. "Okay guys, congrats [insert random Ethiopian name] on winning the race. Stop the clock, for the remaining players - we have reduced your remaining running distance and you are now allowed to use bicycles. We have made it easier for you to finish the race, so everyone can reach the finish line. AREN'T WE NICE TO OUR PLAYERBASE <3" This goes against the whole philosophy of competition and diminishes the value of any past and/or future accomplishments. And for any runner still in the race it doesn't come accross as something positive, but rather as a moment of existential reflection which for some will result in a "fuck it, why even bother - when is classic coming again?" Not even going into the fact that you start nerfing in pure chronological order, rather than applying some actual thought in terms of which bosses might warrant a nerf. But it makes this change not only fundamentally flawed, but also executed in careless fashion. Sunwell staff are great on the micro scale. Sorting tickets, fixing broken boss events, ressing people with the 0% hp bug etc. One of the best levels of customer service I've witnessed. But the macro decision-making seems to be made on a whim, with very little reasoning other than "well this way 100% of our player-base can see 100% of the content". Too bad 100% of 0 is still 0.
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    Hey. In both this thread and on Discord, We've seen some concerns regarding how fast our ICC boost will be nerfed, namely: the Lich King. Many of you thought the boost was supposed to be removed today or tomorrow, but it's going to take a month, and the boss has been released for two months. There's lots of time ahead of you and I'd like to believe that you'll manage to defeat the Lich King. I also support your request: if LK won't be killed by, let's say, 3-5 guilds, the boost will stay, so you could face a formidable enemy. Lifting the boost is supposed to aid other players with even thinking about attempting the Heroic version, but LK - buffed or not - will be out of reach for most of them. We're also not going to apply the zone buff (Hellscream's Warsong / Strength of Wrynn) on 25 HC version, only on 10N/10HC/25N. I hope that you'll be satisfied with that. The new raid is also planned with Normal and Heroic versions, which will allow for some fluidity when setting up his difficulty level and people won't even know the strategy, so that is going to be really interesting. Kind regards, Sunwell Staff
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    I would leave lk, prof and sindi hc buffed. Its realy too easy right now tbh. Without sunwell buff we gonna get bored after 2-3 id's of killing whole icc in 2 hrs. At least leave Lk hc with buff to the moment, that 2-3 guilds will kill it.
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    It's really not difficult to understand. Sunwell staff will not tell you how the tests work. Think about it. If you and everyone else who play here know how the tests work, you and everyone else will know how to beat the system. This is no different than Dittdot taking 3 tests where the teacher does NOT give Dittdot the answers and he or she still fails the test. Dittdot took the test and lost. Stop trying to plead an agenda where the rules should be changed just because Dittdot lost. These tests are not imaginary. Naevys performed 3 tests. Dittdot failed all 3 tests. Congrats. Dittdot earned him or herself a ban. In the end, it truly does not matter what others think about the GM's. What does matter, is that you were caught botting and failed 3 tests. Therefore, you earned yourself a ban. Stop cheating.
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    If you do not have much time to level a character... I suggest you take a look at the Sunwell Black Market. Characters up to level 78 can be purchased... you cannot purchase level 80s. Just purchase a level 78 and obtain the last two levels. https://sunwell.pl/ucp/black-market
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    Better give us some info about transfers before server will be empty :/
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    The plan was outlined a month ago. You had a month to try and argue with it. Now there's no point. In the end of the day, 10% isn't a huge deal. I'd still prefer them to not increase it further. We have no Cata to prepare for unlike Blizz. People here have infinite time to gear up, git gut and clear semi-nerfed ICC 25/ICC 10 HCs.
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    Your name - IkeyReported player's name - Wiki / ZamorsDate - 11.04.2019 Rule that was broken -Ninjalooting Description - I joined the guild S H I E L D in TOGC25, i won the roll on heroic Solace and i didnt recieve the item. Proof - https://imgur.com/a/JwPqPHG
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    Character Name: Niniwa Punishment Reason: Wrong link on global chat Game Master: Tide Summary: By mistake I gave a link in a bad chat which resulted in an immediate perm ban on global chat and mute for almost 50,000 days. I should be punish but 50k days? oh come on! I am asking for a drastic reduction the penalty.
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    Hi there. My answer is two-fold for you. First, and the most important bit, is that Horde has less players active in PvP. Frequently, when you do BGs at level 80, it's frequently that you'd experience 40-3 players in queue (40 Alliance, 3 Horde) and thus Alliance waits for BG frequently. Horde on the other hand naturally gets instant queues or get in as soon as current one(s) finish. Secondly, the long queue on the Alliance side is because many fresh 80s queue - and I mean really fresh, being naked would've not made any difference. While Horde has it as well, the ratio is three times higher on the Alliance. And this is going on since realm's start. If you remain Alliance and aim to PvP at level 80, expect long waits in the queue and losing fast if too many green shits join. If you roll Horde, enjoy near-instant queue and, well, at least you get it instant, win or loss. Both sides have guilds/groups that make premades at different days, which usually leaves Horde always the strong one since while both sides have a premade group, Alliance always has more green shit that's easily killed and frankly, being an Alliance player at this time, is horrible with tactics and coordination. I never join a BG unless my PvP buddies are not interested, it's just not worth it.
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    Hello Thank you for your report Players punished also please add them to your ignore list Kind regards
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    I can't find any mutes associated with the account this character is on. Our rules specifically state: Based on the information you have provided, you should not have received a mute. But as said above, I cannot even find a mute attached to this account. I welcome you to discuss this with me on Discord should you have additional information.
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    Hi. I got into the ninjalooters hall of fame. https://sunwell-community.com/index.php?/topic/7046-70-cephius/ The player who reported me first won 277 chest from marrowgar, then 264 head from bpc and at this point i knew he was just needing on everything. He already had 4x 264 t10 and already rolled for 2 non set epics. I dont support the greediness of some people thus i gave the mark in question to the second highest roller. https://imgur.com/a/wr8xSny Here is the screenshot of lootrules. It clearly states that we reserve the possibility to distribute the loot in any possible way. Everyone on the raid knew the rules and decided to join. I was entitled to do whatever i wanted with the items
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    Topic name: [Report] Salamirogue (rogue) and Rautakilpi (warrior) Topic content: Toxic/Racism Your name -Noiza Reported player's name - Salamirogue & Rautakilpi Date - 3/4-19 Rule that was broken - Toxic behavior & racism. Description - They started talking bad to eachother ending up kicking eachother from the heroic dungeon and kept talking faul language. Evidence - screen shots
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    Twoje imię - DensiZgłoszona nazwa gracza - Holycary Data - 01,04,19Reguła, która została złamana - Need przedmiotu nie należącego pod jego klaseOpis - Paladyn needował item dla rogala nawet na screen widac jak ma go zaznaczonego i przekazuje mu przedmiot. Mozliwe że byli znajomymi.Dowody -
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    Hello sunwell administration. I got banned for no reason at all, dont know for how long cuz my account status keep saying im "active", and its dumb overall to be honest. We played some 5v5 arenas and we got accused wintrading vs some randoms we never met before. I know we ressurected some of them during arena but that was only because they are so bad that we could beat them 2 times. (we wont tryhard vs rouge with cloth set for 78 lvl caster...................) I dont see any reason to ban us... esecially only 4 of us ( XDDD ) and no penalities to enemy team??? IF U DONT WANT PPL TO PLAY STUPID 5V5 BRACKET DISABLE IT BECAUSE SEEMS LIKE PPL CANT HAVE FUN DURING ARENA OR THEY WILL GET BANNED... Would be nice if u can remove this pointless ban or at least give us more evidences of us "wintrading" or smthing. AT LEAST GIVE ME REAL REASON OF OUR BAN. Thanks p.s I still love you tho
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    Character name: Zulfix Punishment reason: Fixed 5v5 arena Game master: Azureuz Summary: I got banned for no reason at all, dont know for how long cuz my account status keep saying im "active", and its dumb overall to be honest. We played some 5v5 arenas and we got accused wintrading vs some randoms we never met before. I know we ressurected some of them during arena but that was only because they are so bad that we could beat them 2 times. (we wont tryhard vs rouge with cloth set for 78 lvl caster...................) I dont see any reason to ban us... esecially only 4 of us ( XDDD ) and no penalities to enemy team??? IF U DONT WANT PPL TO PLAY STUPID 5V5 BRACKET DISABLE IT BECAUSE SEEMS LIKE PPL CANT HAVE FUN DURING ARENA OR THEY WILL GET BANNED... Would be nice if u can remove this pointless ban or at least give us more evidences of us "wintrading" or smthing. AT LEAST GIVE ME REAL REASON OF OUR BAN. Thanks
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    Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Professor Putricide and Sindragosa will keep their boosts as well. We're going to follow at PvE scene and we will lift the boost as soon as it's going to be necessary. If you want to keep them boosted we won't argue here 💕 Theme post edited. Best regards, Sunwell Staff
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    And when the time comes? more details
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    I saw Your appeal, gm should at least provide some info how those "tests" works, so u can defend yourself. Because saying "I have some imaginary test, which u failed, so im banning your account" doesn't really sound professional.
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