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    Your name - Zypx Reported player's name - Unlikely & Holydef Date - 20-21st June 2020 Rule that was broken - Scripting Description - Hello, As I was competing for the top in the 2v2 ladder, this team called "nocheatsmileyface" climbed quickly these last two days. After fighting them, we won and lost some. I noticed something odd after all these games. The paladin is using "Hand of Protection" at 0.1 second after "Defensive Stance" is activated. The same for warrior in using "PvP Trinket" on my "Intercept" stun 0,1 second after it was used. Now I found this strange, until it happened 3 times in a row, without messing up once. This is something I wrote in Sunwell's "pvp-general" section after I noticed this. I did not stream to show this in video, but shortly after I see a video of yesterday proving exactly on what I was complaining about as a video: https://www.twitch.tv/tyrkysovej/clip/DepressedHelpfulDillBatChest As you can see in the 19th second of this video, the exact same thing happened to them. Even on 0.25x speed of the video, it's instant. It's hard to believe this is legitimate. This has happened again vs another team. Not only that, but people have complained about other things as well such as too fast interrupts on spell casters, and too high damage numbers. Some matches I've had against them were a bit surprising considering the warrior had done 100k more damage than me considering we have the same amount of gear. You can see the video on slower speed that this kind of trinket usage is simply impossible. Thanks for reading.
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    Hello, Player unlikely and his teams are excluded from the prizes at the end of the season. The reason for our decision are superhuman reactions occurring schematically during many arenas we observe Akremi
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    Dear players, First of all, we hope you are staying healthy, wish you all the best during this rough time. Long awaited moment just arrived! We would like to share information regarding Mythic+ project with you, and start the discussion about your expectations. "The Mythic+ Dungeon system is a known mode of content that offers players an endlessly scaling challenge in 5-player dungeons. The system allows players to compete against a timer, similar to Challenge Modes, but has much more lenient times so that the emphasis is on solid execution rather than pure speed." ~ www.wowhead.com General information Mythic+ was implemented in Legion as an alternative system of completing dungeons in harder form, mainly for people who hadn't time for playing raids and players who wanted to compete in something new - scaling challanging mode. It is obviously the case that Wrath of the Lich King expansion doesn't have such system, so our development had to find the workaround in order to create comparable gameplay. Inspired and based on retail, the following is a basic, step-by-step described mythic+ dungeon we can provide you. Firstly, we wanted to release this project during Ulduar content. There were three reasons why we decided to delay it: 1. Not gonna lie - there was simply more work to do than we expected; 2. We probably could make it but we didn't want to rush and provide you unfinished and fully tested product; 3. Trial of the Crusader content is known as the most boring because of its shortness - raids are way to easy and less complex compared to other contents. It was another reason to delay this launch and start this fun when people will start getting bored; Overview 1. Completing a Mythic+ dungeon will reward mainly Mythic Power and epic gear, more info in Loot & Times section; 2. Mythic+ dungeons have levels: a level 3 dungeon will be more difficult than a level 2, but easier than a level 5. There is cap of available Mythic+ dungeon levels set to 10/15. However, the highest level will be an outstanding piece of difficulty where mechanics will change everyday. In addition, Mythic level cap is still being discussed by our team. 3. Enemies in the dungeons will deal more damage and will have higher health pools with each level your party conquers; 4. A higher-level Mythic+ dungeon rewards better loot, more info in Loot & Times section. Mythic Level & Mythic Keystones 1. Mythic Level is the individual currency or item bound to each player that defines Mythic Keystone power for that player. Keystone is single item that will always look the same. If player has Mythic Level set to 5 then Keystone will activate Mythic +5 dungeon, if player has Mythic Level 3, the same Keystone will activate Mythic +3 dungeon version; 2. Only party leader will be able to start Mythic+ version. Appropriate gameobject will be present on the entrance of dungeon in order to start Mythic+ with difficulty level related to leader's Mythic Keystone. Leader needs to put Keystone into game object to begin the show; 3. In order to obtain Keystone player needs to complete one simple quest (like win rbg/rdf) or you can get it from Sunwell store; 4. If party finish Mythic+ dungeon in Gold time (more info in Loot & Times section), players will receive new Keystones in chest at the end of dungeons so they don't have to complete quest (point 3.) once again; 5. If party won't finish dungeon in Gold time (more info in Loot & Times section), player needs to repeat quest in order to obtain new Mythic Keystone; 6. Repeatable quest will change after some period of time - completing shall be easy e.g do some rdfs or win random battleground; 7. In order to start Mythic instance, you will have to talk to Mythic NPC and convert your group to Mythic one (this will also set Mythic Level that you will be playing against). Npc will also allow you to teleport yourself to instance location. Upon entering the instance, creatures won't be attackable until group activates Mythic obelisk which requires an Keystone you can obtain via a battleground win, dungeon repeatable quest completion or the store. Mechanics 1. Every instance will start at one affix and every few levels will gain additional capping at 4/5 affixes in total. A few affixes will look very similar to what currently Blizzard has, such as, Bolstering, Sanguine, Quaking. There is also a bunch of affixxes that we came up with and they are quite unique; 2. Some of the enemies (both boss and non-boss creatures) will receive additional spells with higher Mythic+ dungeon levels; 3. At the beginning of the Mythic season, we will roll a set of affixes which will be known from the start and they will be changing either weekly or daily. Mythic+ Seasons 1. Mythic Keystones won't disappear and your mythic level won't decrease with ID reset on Wednesday. We want to make our mythics more like in league seasons that will last for around month where groups with the fastest Mythic Level dungeons completion will be additionaly rewarded; 2. First season will start during Trial of the Crusader content, next season shall start right after the previous one; Loot & Times 1. Trash loot will be similar to the trash loot in raids, but without epic items dropping; 2. Once group starts a mythic instance via obelisk, a timer will start to run till you finish the instance. Your objective is to beat the timer, and if you do you will be awarded appropriately; 3. Lets say total time to finish the dungeon is set to 30 minutes. Example of timers divison looks like this: a) Gold Time is achieved by party when dungeon is finished in first 10 minutes; b) Silver Time is achieved by party when dungeon is finished in first 20 minutes; c) Bronze Time is achieved by party when dungeon is finished in total instance timer (30 minutes); d) If 30 minutes passed, party can still complete the dungeon but loot won't be such abundant compared to better timers; 4. On higher Mythic+ levels we may add feature that timer decreases by some actions (30 seconds) for example everytime when player dies; 5. Bosses won't drop any loot. Instead, whenever you finish a mythic dungeon you will be awarded with loot at the end of the instance; 6. Chest will contain different loot depending on timer dungeon was completed within (Gold, Silver, Bronze, time passed). Below we present initial design (Mythic Power values may change) of loot that will drop on Mythic dungeons: a) Timer passed: Emblems of Conquest, 5-20 Mythic Power, Epic Items; b) Bronze Time: Emblems of Conquest, 10-30 Mythic Power, Epic Items (more than if time has passed); c) Silver Time: Legendary/T3 single use transmog items, Conquest, 15-35 Mythic Power, Epic Items (more than in Bronze Time); d) Gold Time: Mythic Keystones, Legendary/T3 transmog items, Emblems of Triumph, 20-50 Mythic Power, Epic Items (more than in Silver Time); 7. Epic Items: on retail there are plenty of systems to generate additional (ranked) gear on mythic dungeons. Since we don't have such system on WotLK we propose to add epic loot from previous content. Mythic dungeons will drop better loot (Ulduar, Naxxramas, EoE, OS, VoA) with higher mythic level. For example Mythic +3 will drop some gear from Naxxramas 10/25, EoE 10/25 and OS 10/25 whilst Mythic +6 will start to drop gear from Ulduar 10 etc, maybe we can even add Ulduar 25 loot (w/o Fragments) to highest reachable Mythic+ levels. What are you thinking about this solution?; 8. Mythic Power: Mythic Power is new emblem-like currency that will always drop from any Mythic+ dungeon version. You will be able to exchange Mythic Power in vendor for plenty of items: a) consumables like flasks, potions, flame caps, gems etc; b) honor packs; c) store items like mounts, custom mounts, bags, tabards, companions, transmog items, heirloms and many others - we didn't want to force loot from store to specific bosses so we decided to add new currency so you can exchange it however you like; Season Rewards 1. There will be new ranking on Sunwell main page with fastest mythic level parties, we predict in-kind prizes for the best times (probably Amazon vouchers); 2. We want to provide rewards every season; 3. Probably only Gold Timers will be put into rankings; Second thoughts - we would like to know your opinion We would like to keep the Mythic+ system with no lockouts, meaning the same Mythic+ dungeon can be completed as much as desired, as long as at least one player (party leader) has a Mythic Key. However, we are aware this may bring unwanted/unexpected behaviors like kicking players right after entering the Mythic Key to object. What's your opinion here? Maybe we should disable kicking players on M+ versions? Furthermore, let us know what you think about our idea of Mythic+ experience we proposed and share your own ideas with us. Mythic API will be shared, so you can create your own addons for our Mythic+ project. We will also provide one addon for you in the future. ! ATTENTION ! This is the alpha version of mythic feature and its implementation. Final version might differ by a lot, we're open to your feedback and ideas which we're very open to. We want to create a good experience for everyone. 👉 FEEDBACK 👉 THOUGHTS 👉 IDEAS Give us more ideas so we can make it better for you. Best regards, Sunwell Team
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    I am going to leave it there short and sweet as never before. 31.01 - An announcement of incoming Crossfaction Battleground System for 10-79 players via Sunwell Discord channel. 03.03 - Several days of tests with volunteers on separate, specially prepared test realm. 17.03 - An additional day of tests. Several further issues that required their repair were reported. 15.04 - An unannounced system implementation attempt on Frosthold unsuccesfully failed due on a various crash reasons. ............. - Planned deadline of a fully operational Crossfaction Battleground System implementation on the live Frosthold realm. The missing dotted field is requested and expected to be completed.
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    Hello, While having overtuned content might bring some sort of purpose for high-end raiding on the table, i hope you guys internal-tested this or plan on testing it further. I mean, the buff is kind of creative with adding more classes with different abilities, or even changing / adding some mechanics or hp boost. BUT! Even if the majority of players voted for this, i hope you implement proper buffs & testing before release, and don't just go overboard with it. Otherwise it could do more harm than good. Anyway, i think you guys did a good job with the server so far and i expect the same further. Thank you! 🙂
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    I am extremely pleased and equally surprised to announce that for the first time in 2 years here on Sunwell, trying our luck almost every single week, we finally experienced such a special moment - Warglaive of Azzinoth drop. 🍄Congratulations goes to the winner.🍄
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    Hello, we reviewed the evidence in this case, checked the arenas placed in the complaint and arenas played at other dates. This does not look like trading. We are not going to punish the above teams. greetings
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    To gain a full picture of what has transpired to night we must first go back 10 minutes before this screen shot was taken. On discord a player alerted me to another player "Azunyaan" , who was being racist in a BG, "Eye of the Storm" to be exact. This players has ask to remain anonymous, so I've professionally redacted his name from the following evidence. I then promptly logged in to message the offending player, I thought I'd allow him to decide his own punishment as seen below. From here we get to your submitted evidence, I had thought you were a completely different person, a friend of Azunyaan, just trying to be sly, but on discord you corrected me. Afterwards you proceeded to lie about what you actually said, and I responded with the truth. You said you would appreciate it if I would write my opinion, but I don't think you truly mean that, because I'm of the opinion that you should remain muted for the FULL 60 minutes (1 hour). In order to give you the fairest possible outcome I shall allow anyone else to rule on this case. Best of luck, much love, yours truly - Direction
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    sorry but i clearly see in the screenshot that @Tentraprovided the RL only asked for DE 11 sec after MS so there was no OS roll ... how can he provide a screenshot for "roll" when there was no announcement about rolling OS ? as long there's no other screenshot prove RL called for OS roll , i see this is considered as ninjalooting and for that Koony (Raid Leader) should be punished. after confirmed ninjaloot on 25-Man version of the highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter detection system: https://bit.ly/2KEqxmK, receives 7 days of ban and the stolen item will be removed. The player will be added to the ninjalooter list after the ban is lifted. in case of ninjaloot on every single raid (Vanilla/TBC/WotLK) that is not highest raid tier, the player will be added to ninjalooter list. More details: https://bit.ly/2KEqxmK i don't know why there's no 7 days ban for the 10 man version but whatever ... P.S : as @Tentra said he couldn't provide any screenshot of him whispering Velysonia or if he was ignoring him , still GM could check the chat logs , i don't think Velysonia should be punished as he won the rolls for DE and it was the RL fault .
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    Guess this topic was not for nothing after all. Thank you sunwell team for coming up with an idea to solve this. Much appreciated. ❤️ love all, Third shi(f)t dont be mad P.s. sunwell if you need my help for the upcoming ICC buffs feel free to DM me, an extra opinion can not harm you, you can take it or leave it. It's only an idea since I've been here from the beginning. Peace.
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    Character Name - Primei Punishment Reason - Hacks - multiple offenses Date - Ban date: 2020-06-28 01:15:41, Unban date: 2020-06-28 01:15:41 Description - Hello I would like to ask you to clarify the matter related to my account. In the first form: Date of ban 28.06.2015 00:34:20 Unban date 2020-07-05 00:34:20, Reason: Hacks. And then the final version: Date of ban 28.06.2015 01:15:41 Unban date: 28.06.2015 01:15:41 Reason: hacks - multiple offenses. I agree that i made a mistake by using 3rd party program, and im sorry for this abusement. Decision to use 3rd party program was made to get rid of boredom, and make low-lvl dungeons faster (get to last boss faster), and im totally embarased that it caused me to get banned, and i dare myself to not touch such software anymore which i don't use normally. Altough I accepted first punishment and i was hoping to come back to server after a week of punishment. But yesterday when i tried to log in, i got shocked by different description on my Account Panel. I wonder why such moves has been taken, and if there is a possibility to return to first sentence. I'm really motivated to come back to server with this character since I just lost biggest opportunity in having fun during TOGC realm first race by being completely retarded. Sincere Apologies. Thanks in advance.
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    Greetings @blajvinger I would highly suggest you to find 4 friends to gear up a character or just spam heroics in general. So you can avoid this toxic behaviour.
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    Dude Lmao, lets break this down 1. Door strat has existed for awhile, but I'm guessing you must be new to TOC 2. At least one other guild to my knowledge was doing this 3. Do you actually, honestly care about the Sunwell Team here? Or are you just mad bro? Sunwell team by adding those buffs actively discourages multidotting and hitting orbs, and this strat was allowed and used even in retail. So see no lines being crossed here 4. Yes, because following an established strat is EXACTLY the same as the clearly not retail like strat of curse of tongues on the LK. 5. Using an established strat for valks does not ruin the entire instance. I wonder where your worries of this instance being approached properly came in for the demon hunter who keeps going underground. Gonna have to look for your forum post on that 6. Many people lost their faith when they say new ulduar buffs on Frosthold? What does that even mean? Uld mechanics were tough for most guilds, and there were and are no exploits. Really sounding like you're having a fit here. 7. You clearly have strong emotional ties to things being done exactly the way you see fit. I'm sorry to hear you suffer from that So to summarize, the guild you're berating in question is following an established strat that worked and was allowed by retail standards, and openly streamed and showed their kill, the exact opposite of typical exploit behavior. Just because they didn't follow the strat that you see fit does not make a kill illegitimate when allowed by the rules of the game. I strongly suggest you get over yourself. EDIT: Btw as proof, you can check out this wowiki article's description of doorway strat, showing this has been around for awhile. I highly doubt our esteemed sunwell developers would overlook this. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Twin_Val'kyr
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    The default loot rules are applied to every raid leader. If he wants to change the loot rules, he has to state the new loot rules and screenshot it. so my question for the Raid Leader is : did you ever said before starting the raid or when you were recruiting that's armor priority ? at world chat or in the raid ? saying that "Majority of the people said that it should go to a rogue because its a leather item not a mail item." that doesn't justify anything here as you didn't say at first it was "loot council" before starting or as long the person who WON the roll didn't agree to it ,as the Raid Leader don't have any screen for him changing the rules before starting (yet) for me this is considered as ninja-looting according to Sunwell Terms of Use and there's other topics like this and i know this seems unfair like as paladin for example can role for almost anything but that's the "Rules"... i am sorry but you are the RL so you are responsible of clarifying every things before starting ...
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    @Cmokaj you need to put unedited screenshot for GM to review it and let me add this for you Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list.
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    Grettings @Brittany This doesn't break Sunwell's ToS.
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    Hello. Your account was unbanned and mute was applied instead. Keep in mind that you're always responsible for your actions, no matter if you're under the effect of alcohol or anything else. Best regards
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    This is so not true man. I'm sry but ppl were/are doing m+ cuz you can get great gear from it and also every reset you get chest to open with gear piece too depending what was your highest m+ level. So that's what players really want. Sure m+ without gear dropping will be fun for first 2 days and after that why would any1 waste time on same content to get nothing? It should be balanced, and that means you cant gear yourself only through m+ but still you need that feeling of progress to keep going.
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    To be honest, I wouldn't mind fragments being obtainable from very high key levels. With toc/icc release barely anyone will want to do ulduar 25 and even now getting pugs that can get past kologarn is rare. Plus since high level keys are ment to be hard this way of getting the mace could be even harder than through ulduar but still give the possibility of getting it to those who are willing and able to do this content.
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    ok, now... 3v3 soloQ wheN?!
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    Report dismissed. Reporter is clearly not pointing out the truth. Thank you @Sealed
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    Dominatorx, I enjoyed how you only sent screenshots to try and manipulate things and try to fool the GM's. Not a wise idea. There was no ninja'ing going on here. The loot rules were MS > OS > DE as stated in the screenshot. You clearly stated that you rolled Black Ice for transmog. Transmog is clearly not MS. There are other people who need to get gear for PvE who actually going to use it for their main spec. We can't have people like you on this server. You bring people down. The server cannot progress with people like you on it because if so no one would get gear because people would be taking it for transmog. In the screenshots submitted below you stated, "ok then I pass it." (Which you failed to include in your screenshots). The fact that you didn't include that just proves that you are trying to fool the GM's and you must think they are stupid which they clearly are not. The GM's work hard and do their best to make this server an enjoyable environment and people like you who are toxic and deceiving ruin good servers like Frosthold. I can't believe that you had the audacity to make this post to waste the GM's time. Unbelievable man. All the screenshots below clarify everything Crafty or Azathohth, whoever gets to read this. I apologize for Dominatorx wasting your time and I hope you enjoy your day. Thank you for your time and for all the hard work you put into making this server great!
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    I'm just seeing that I've been falsly accused of ninja looting in a EoE 10. Before I made this raid, he texted me telling me that he wants the neck and boots. All I said that I would give him the boots, but I never said anything about the neck, thinking he wanted the Heart of Maly. one, since I cannot control that. I got a random mage to join the group that said he'd bring his druid friend. Nobody needed that neck and the balance did. I don't know the guy, never have seen him. I simply gave it to him, thinking that a spirit neck that has stats for a druid/priest/mage/lock is better than to give it to a toxic hpala that is now spamming forums and global chat and harassing me through different characters, just because he is salty that he is too ignorant to understand that that the neck wasn't for him. Many people disagreed with him and he is now even more salty. I ignored him, but he keeps spamming me. I agreed to give him the boots because nobody needed them. And also I said in /rw that the boots are going to the hpala because nobody needed it, even tho they were leather. And now he posts about me like I am some kind of a ninja looter, with over 50+ raid leads . I've never ninja-ed anything, never had a problem with anyone other player. But salty people will be salty. If you think I deserve a ban, just because as a raid leader I decided to give an item to a proper class, rather than to one who doesnt need it for a MS(eve after a RW) and is salty because they simply won a roll? Then do it. Ban me for because I was logical about it. Thanks for your time and understanding. P.S Before the raid started I RW-ed : MS>OS>Dis./Sell ARMOR PRIO , Gneven, Elyrth,Strvinar, Ukke, the druids name(started with W,) a dranei paladin(don't know his name), dranei shaman as well. Everyone in global is making fun of him. I will like to see him muted or banned on the forums because he is falsly accusing people of ninja looting, just because he is toxic and making people feel uneasy trying to play this game. (in game name Denetor) (Lanoar on the forums) Thanks for you time, cheers!
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    1º gibbs is 5k gs Paly tank so he dont need gs 2º that ring is a BOE so, he can need and sell it in AH 3º Is group loot so he can ninja all 4º Dont make raid with gibbs
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    OMFG i asked him about armor prio (@Chasstra) .i was kicked and before that he just insult me about telling false thinks
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    Hello, Thank you for your input Amed, I just want to clarify that I'm a player that's never stolen anything, not even blue loot in dungeons. I simply and only followed what RL called out, and clearly both of us made a mistake in regards to that loot, and was unfortunate I had to leave in a rush.I don't think I deserve any punishment for this sort of nonsense, and Tentra should also at least be warned to stop spamming global and trying to disgrace my name.Saying I'm a ninja looter in Global and such. From his screenshot I only see a whisper saying "yo", which is easy to miss during global spamming in prime EU time. Regards, Cheeky
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    Today player with IGN Kasiacihopek has ninjalooted [Relentless Gladiator's Ringmail Gauntlets] during our VoA18. He has not announced any changes in the loot rules nor has he listed them before raid, or before a boss fight. So assuming the rules were as default, he has taken items regardless of loot rules after losing a roll to me, and claiming i have no right to the item as i am a Random Looking for group player so i should stay quiet and be grateful for being invited to his raid and not complain about not getting items.
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    Maybe it is or maybe not. What is certain and without any doubt, was the wrong choice to put online another wotlk server when there was already angrathar, a good wotlk server. Keep Angratahr online where raids have already been released and require less effort than Frosthold, turn off Nightbane and continue with Pandaria........... but no one knows if there's "really" something true about this.
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    Player has received a temporary mute. Please also consider adding them to your Ignore list. Thank you for this report.
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    Greetings! That was not the issue of the ban, main issue was past history regarding your accounts and goldselling involved. Aanditsgone has been unbanned, but Aralhl will remain banned.
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    I felt like the same. you can faceroll all tot(g)c except 25 hc and that while being drunk probably. then 25 totgc comes and you go from that to having to play pretty clean with not one huge mistake allowed per boss or you wipe . I like that in hc 25 but others shouldn’t be super easy it’s just 0 fun and/or challenge there.
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    Greetings @krchmar We had checked logs and it looks someone else used your account to advertise goldselling websites. Account has been unbanned. Best regards, Crafty
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    Are there any screenshots of the actual rolling? That would be helpful to report. Was this player the highest roller for each? If so then this cannot be considered ninjalooting.
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    Greetings @Arkzar Please add that player to your ignore list, the matchmaking system will ban them from ever joining your future groups. https://sunwell.pl/page/rules
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    Greetings @Badvibez Player Durum looted Hammer of the Astral Plane at 2020-06-20 23:44:01 and went offline shortly after. Afterwards, at 2020-06-20 23:48:45, player Durum traded Hammer of the Astral Plane to Player Alcusiaa. Item remains on player Alcusiaa. Player Durum was informed through an in-game mail to respond to this report in under 48 hours.
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    Greetings! Player had been warned, it seems he was not aware of the rules.
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    Player has received a temporary mute. Thank you for your report.
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    So basically what most of ppl are telling here is dont add items at all, dont add hard to get transmog, dont add items from professions cuz its gonna ruin economy. So its safe to say you dont even need to add m+ at all cuz what's the point of competing at all, most of ppl dont care about cosmetics,mounts or rannking.....You are just wasting resources and possibly making server unstable etc etc let's just raid log and every1 is happy lol
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    I don't think we should interfere on this one.
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    That's a great feature, and I'll definitely be coming back for 3.2 on this server to test it with my friends. Some suggestions, though: - While the idea of having T3 as a reward for doing higher keys is somewhat decent - if I understood the post correctly, - you might want to spice it up a little bit. My suggestion is add NON-SET items from T3 into loot tables starting from Level 10. By non-set I mean weapons like Misplaced Servo-Arm and armor pieces like Icebane Helmet (imo Icebane set is the best transmog set in entire game (yes, retail included) to this day bar none) or Necro-Knight's Garb. And if you are going to add custom mounts, consider making a Yellow Swift Hawkstrider and a Sapphiron-type mount for something like completing all +15 in time as a prestige reward. - Giving out past raid items as a reward for swift completion is also nice. However, consider scaling loot upwards for items. Obviously take the source into consideration - don't make upscaled 239 Forge Ember equal in power to Flare of the Heavens. That would give people options to grind for should they wish it, and add variety to selection of off-pieces. (Just don't make another Memento of Angrboda, thanks <3) - Speaking of items - while that's not really a blizzlike feature, having M+-restricted consumables like reusable pots purchasable after a player successfully completes a certain Level M+ dungeon in time would be convenient for people who want to push. - Ulduar should be really simple post-nerfs, so adding items from it shouldn't be that much of an issue. I suggest the following breakdown of item quality: 1. Mythic 0..+3 - 200 item from a Heroic dungeon/Naxx 10/OS 10 +0..1 2. Mythic +4..+6 - 213 item from Naxx 25/OS 25 +0..1/EoE 10/OS 10 +2 + scaled Heroic items 3. Mythic +7..+9 - 219 item from Ulduar 10 Non-HM/ToC Heroic dungeon item + scaled Heroic items 4. Mythic +10..+12 - 226 item from Ulduar 10 HM/EoE 25/OS 25 +2 + scaled Heroic items 5. Mythic +13..+15 - 232 item from Ulduar 10 HM/Ulduar 25 Non-HM/ToC (Raid) Normal + scaled Heroic items 6. Mythic +16..+18 - Previous one + permanent re-usable pot that only works in dungeons + a chance at 239 item from Ulduar 25 HM (don't make it too high for obvious reasons) 7. Mythic +19 onwards - Previous one + a chance at 245 item from ToC 10 HM/ToC 25 Normal (don't make it too high for obvious reasons) For the sake of balance introduce ToC drop items only after Realm First! Grand Crusader is attained by a guild. - Don't introduce weekly loot chests since it's an extra layer of RNG that's not needed. If you are going to introduce weekly chests, let people pick the slot they want an item for, if that's possible (e.g. I cleared a Mythic 14 and I want a trinket, when I open chest I have a choice for 3 gear slots, e.g. bracers, cloak, trinket) to make RNG more controllable. Best regards, Flare To be utterly honest with you, Ulduar loot post-nerf is free. Even pugs are doing Algalon 25 now. The only issue for any remotely coordinated guild at this stage of the game is Yogg +0 (for pugs that are not an alt run of sorts it's obviously Firefighter 25), for good guilds farming all HMs is a non-issue. For people who actually push keys, doing content that's actually difficult and rewarding over undertuned raid should absolutely be an option if the feature is to be implemented.
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    Some suggestions: - Priority of a player doing M+ shouldnt be gear but rather the challenge and the competition it offers. So imo it would be better for the loot to be transmog tokens, companions and mounts that are ONLY available in M+ . These items should be custom made and not for example Raven from Anzu. So M+ level 15 could flex and brag all they want without having people who farm these rare mounts feel sad. - People who join M+ and progress in high levels should get a title / achievement. The higher the level the better the title. 5/10/15 levels = 3 total titles. - Another idea about loot: Instead of bosses dropping loot, or instead of getting loot when you open the chest after finishing a dungeon, maybe there wont be loot at all (except Mythic Power). Every week the player will unlock a chest in their home city (or Dalaran) where he can find all that bonus loot. This reward loot will depend on how many dungeons you cleared through the week and the level of Mythic it was. I think this is better because you want players to slightly commit to this M+ project and play throughout the week instead of doing only 1-2.. - People shoulnt be able to kick other members, BUT they should be able to report them. A player getting too many reports in 24 hours from different players should be banned from M+ for some time/day(s). - Adds in M+ should have stealth and invisibility detection! - You cant finish an M+ dungeon if you dont kill ALL bosses (compared to RDF where you can skip some). - Nitro boots are automatically deactivated once you enter a M+ dungeon, but you keep the stats it offers. - Having equipped any item with resilience stat makes you deal 50% less damage. - Some loot can include flasks / pots and items based on the players' professions. Perhaps some recipies from Naxx/Uld/ToC/ICC can be obtained depending on M+ difficulty. - Reward players that performed better than others : Team 1 finished M+ in under 10 minutes (GOLD) = gets XX rewards. Team 2 finished M+ in under 10 minutes (GOLD) but they had 2 deaths in their run = gets YY rewards. That should affect the point system and rewards. Thanks for making M+ , it will be FUN!
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    Greetings @Steve, Since Sunwell is a Progressive Server, Events are also affected by this. So you will most likely have to wait till ICC to receive the lvl 80 Items!
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    Greetings! Player was punished according to our ninjalooting rules.
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    I found multi account lvling DKs, Im not sure if its forbidden here but i remember meeting bunch of clones in open world pvp is 1hit kill so I will just leave some screens
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    idk if you judge from your own preferences but me personally prefer a bit more challenge (not the ones when you're having no chances of staying alive tho), - on other servers i used to play with many chars and from both factions. Mostly I choose to come as those who lose mostly (though unless if they lose miserably and I can't help them enough, then surely it's still better to just sort of underplay on the winning side but still get something - points). If the group isn't losing miserably then i'd be there to help them. Unless when I feel like playing with certain class. For example atm I'm having multiple chars leveling, and i sometimes just enter with the other side's char to help, ofc if i have at that range (playing x3 on lower levels, x1 on higher, so that way i can do something against higher levels). 80th are sort of dead end to me, so I'm stopping at 79 (2 chars already in here) - it just somehow feels that at 80 there's not much fun left, end-game by dead-end. And i mostly dislike raiding, to me it's better just some 5man hard dungeons with almost same/same quality rewards. I indeed twinked myself on other server with 79, and got the idea that when it's too easy, it's not interesting. But same is with too hard. I like the idea of stopping the hardcore twinking on bgs, but in the end there's just way too much disbalance overall. If people join at low levels on bgs, then who should they be bashing at? It's the core of the level system in such MMOs. Lower levels will have headache trying to match someone of +9 levels (ofc there's some chance for epic 70 geared that can do well enough). Lower skill ranks, gear. Though if you levelup through the bg, then mostly you stay at same gear. So I guess just limit it to the starting Northrend gear level for the exp-stopped ones. There's still the level difference, but it's unlikely GMs make some 70-74 and 75-79 brackets. Ofc there's gonna be some troubles while playing against others, but if they just pass by to 80, it's sort of alright (make them always get x3 rate from BG exp ) And as of now, the separate BGs don't work. Cuz staying at 79 is even worse than on 80, due to no raids. So people log in, check the status of the BG queue, see it's low, try to wait for some time and logout cuz bored while there's nothing else to do.
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    I hope devs wont listen to you guys and they wont change anything cause game and bg's are fine.. Any change can RIP pvp on this server. Angrathar doesnt had crossfaction and it was fine, Just dont put crossfaction on this server aswell, thanks. If you dont like to playing on horde side, wait for transfer and go to Alliance
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    Max, you expressed exactly my pov. I think players who are not dickheads are very few. So far, I've done 4 heroic dungeons and in each there were insults and someone was kicked out for the loots. I use a similar addon, it's Blaklist. After you enter player names, you can add an additional note for each player. This additional note will be shown to you in the party chat or raid chat if any of these assholes are there with you.
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    Pretty sure Comet's Trail is still better than Mjolnir Runestone.
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