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    Hello Sodix, It's very safe for everyone who wants to play fair and follow our rules. We're not throwing bans left and right, it would be pointless and dumb thing to do. We check everything very carefully before applying a ban, of course we are just humans and things like a typo may happen but it's very rare and corrected in no time. Answering to your question: " why i should play if my account can be removed for reasons outside my control in the future ? " We don't remove accounts, just ban them if someone break our rules - ban can be removed any time. Chance that your account would be banned without reason is like 0,0001% cause typos i've mentioned earlier are very rare. I'm not sure why are you lying here? Are you trying to get your account back? Or do you want to slander our server cause you're angry that we caught you? You've tried to sell your characters more than once: your characters on angrathar: your characters on nightbane: I don't know how it does look like for you, but for me it doesn't look like "i have never tried to sell my account and this is just plain wrong". Here are our rules: https://sunwell.pl/page/rules i'd like to warn everyone that if you'll break them and then just lie that you didn't, it will make things only worse for you. We're excited for new realm as well, you're free to join of course (on new account, this one stays banned) but keep in mind that gold selling/account selling/hacking and similar shady stuff will get you banned again. Just play fair and you'll be fine. Regards
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    Hi there Sunwell Community! It's been an honor to be part of such a great team and ever growing community! And We are happy to be with you guys and gals once again! There is only 5 days left until Frosthold launch, I wanted to talk about some in-game related issues which can be solved easily: 1. Items showing incorrect data, Quests showing incorrect information or not showing at all. - Please make sure to delete your cache folder before launching the game (the reason behind it: some players try different private servers especially funservers, which causes issues related to quests and visual bugs, we do recommend removing it so you don't have to deal with these matters). - You can find your cache folder here "%dir\World of Warcraft/Cache", once you are there, delete the entire folder named "Cache", once you launch the game, a new, clean, fresh one will appear in its place. This solves up to 90% of common game issues. 2. Players who join your RDF group and refuses to do anything, ending up leaving. - There are different options to deal with this type of issue, but the best option we recommend is to kick the player and add him to your /ignore list. - There is a system in place, which will make sure you will never random queue with that player ever again. (Side effects: this option might increase queue times in long term.) 3. Player is insulting you and keep harassing you. - Add that player to your ignore list. - Does he continue harassing you by creating different characters? You need to report him to us, you can always get in touch with us about these kind of issues. We will make sure he will not dare to repeat this again, also always take screenshots. Do remember, this is a PvP server and we can't really do much about PvP related harassment issues; The administration doesn’t interfere in the game play. You can kill each other, camp each other, yet we appeal to your common sense to keep that in moderation. 4. You are encountering an issue in older instances/dungeons? - Contact us as soon as possible through an in-game ticket or through discord, we will deal with this matter as soon as possible, but it's advised to report it on our bugtracker to prevent this kind of issue ever happening. https://github.com/SunwellTracker 5. You are stuck and you cannot move - For example, if you fall into the abyss in outland. - It's best to try using the .unstuck feature, if that doesn't work, try using our website teleport feature. 6. You are stuck in a different phase or you don't know how to do a quest. - It's best to use YouTube or wowhead to research information’s about the quest, I personally use it all the time and never had issues related to quests, but we are always here to help you out. 7. You talked to a Support Staff and he didn't know how to fix your issue. - I am going to be honest with you, if sometimes a Game Master cannot help you, it's not because he don't want to or doesn't know how, different Game Masters may have different ranks, which means access to different commands. Sometimes you need to wait longer for your ticket because the currently online support members do not have the needed power to help you in this scenario. - This is why sometimes specific tickets take longer to answer, it's not like we are ignoring you, we see everything you write to us. - We are able to monitor your tickets through three different spots (in-game, browser and on our phone), so it's not possible to miss any of your tickets. - Thanks to our developers, we got a perfect ticketing system which allows us to see your current and past tickets (this change was made recently). 8. Gold sellers and bots. - We are one of those teams that always challenged gold sellers and bots, we literally had thousands of banned accounts and large amounts of gold removed from the economy. - Reporting them always help us to do our work faster. 9. Ninja looting. - Everyone knows how it feels, game masters are also players themselves, we experienced it first hand and we know how it is, but we need you to understand there is no perfect solution for this. - we got different rules related to this matter which is not perfect even blizzard didn't manage to solve the issue in wrath, but we always do take suggestions. 10. You deleted your item by accident! - We are assessing the situation on Feronis and Angrathar and I'm happy to say our developers managed to develop a system which allows you to restore your deleted items, we will provide more information hopefully soon. 11. Adding gold or items to players. - Basically there is no way for any game masters to add any sort of gold or items, because we do not have the power to do so. 12. You can't see your own texts/chats or items are not loading. - Easy solution is to type /reload couple times. 13. You are stuck in the air (especially in argent Vanguard). - This is a known bug on most private servers, it will be solved someday, for now the only solution is to alt+F4 and re-enter the game. 14. Your spells are bugged or not working as intended. - It would be best to do a normal re-log, else your character must die and get revived, this will result in an aura refresh. It's always best to report it through our bug tracker. 15. You are noticing weird negative stats on your character and you can't figure out why. - This is one of those issues that can be managed but can't be solved without altering your client since it's a client-side visual bug. Good news is that it's just visual so you are not losing any stats, it's a mathematical bug, sometimes core bugs out and shows for example your agility 110-10, and in reality you got 100 agility, but the system shows it that way. We can reset it for you but it might happen again. 16. You can't see players inside of the instance. - This could mean you have a different instance ID, you will need to wait for the instance reset timer, we are not allowed to reset any of them. 17. Your AddOns are not working at all. - Please make sure you have the right version and moving your addons to the right folder it should be like this "%dir\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns", if you are missing the "AddOns" folder just make a new one. 18. You can't login. - First of all please make sure you have an account and double check your realmlist.wtf file at %dir\World of Warcraft\Data\(enGB or enUS depending on the version)\realmlist.wtf" delete everything then type set realmlist Logon.sunwell.pl and you are good to go, also please make sure you are using your account name and not email address. 19. Your game keep crashing. - As you know there are different reasons for crashes but the most common one is related to Ram! In this case you need to download a Small Program called Large address aware then you should be good to go afterwards, Also remember we are always here to help you out. 20. Screen goes black when switching to windowed mode. - Open Config.wtf file using notepad, the file is located in the "WTF" folder. And add the following line and save the file. SET gxWindow "1" We want you to understand that game masters are here just for you, and we are group of volunteered players which want to help this great Community. Until next time!
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    I'd rather think that because it's 2019 and we are promised crossrealm and scaling (which are already on retail so are definitely within reach if the devs are mentioning them) then we may not be stuck in a continuous loop of leveling->grinding eq and starting all over again. That would be a perfect remedy for me right there.
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    I understand what you mean, but with a new progressive server it makes sense that people will have to start over from the beginning...... One more time. Even if you took a long time to get an achievement/title/mount don't take it too personally, in the end it's just a game. And even if it's a game you really like, it's always going to be "a waste of time." It is better not to spend so much time and effort because these changes reset everything that has been done previously. Or, if you really like to dedicate your soul and body to a game, have a laugh if you lose everything. You won't be the only one.
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    Personally, being able to disable x3 leveling rate is the whole reason my husband and I rolled characters here in the first place. We love the leveling journey more than the endgame, and outleveling zones by getting too much EXP holds no interest for us. If you want to race to endgame, so be it. Optional 1x is there for people who don't care about that.
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    Full list of leveling Realm Firsts on Frosthold! Professions: - Grand Master Alchemist - First to 450 Alchemy - NOT ACHIEVED - Grand Master Blacksmith Solas [Horde] - First to 450 Blacksmithing - Iron Chef Nagapog [Alliance] - First to 450 Cooking - Grand Master Enchanter - First to 450 Enchanting - NOT ACHIEVED - Grand Master Engineer - First to 450 Engineering - NOT ACHIEVED - Doctor Ahyep [Alliance] - First to 450 First Aid - Grand Master Angler Whirlpoolxx [Alliance] - First to 450 Fishing - Grand Master Herbalist Logico [Horde] - First to 450 Herbalism - Grand Master Scribe Logico [Horde] - First to 450 Inscription - Grand Master Jewelcrafter - First to 450 Jewelcrafting - NOT ACHIEVED - Grand Master Leatherworker - First to 450 Leatherworking - NOT ACHIEVED - Grand Master Miner Emphy [Alliance] - First to 450 Mining - Grand Master Skinner Wildheit [Horde] - First to 450 Skinning - Grand Master Tailor - First to 450 Tailoring - NOT ACHIEVED Race: - Of Gnomeregan - First Gnome to Level 80 - NOT ACHIEVED - Anfallah Of Argus [Alliance] - First Draenei to Level 80 - Yungflame Of Khaz Modan [Alliance] - First Dwarf to Level 80 - Cheerly The Lion Hearted [Alliance] - First Human to Level 80 - Savanteroni, Champion of Elune [Alliance] - First Night Elf to Level 80 - Agmashgodx, Hero of Orgrimmar [Horde] - First Orc to Level 80 - Plainsrunner Wildheit [Horde] - First Tauren to Level 80 - Imb Of the Darkspear [Horde] - First Troll to Level 80 - Vanquishr The Forsaken [Horde] - First Forsaken to Level 80 - Misty Of Quel'thalas [Horde] - First Blood Elf to Level 80 Class: - Savanteroni of the Emerald Dream [Alliance] - First Druid to Level 80 - Archmage Whoopsie [Horde] - First Mage to Level 80 - Assassin Caffeine [Horde] - First Rogue to Level 80 - Crusader Alle [Alliance] - First Paladin to Level 80 - Prophet Anfallah [Alliance] - First Priest to Level 80 - Stalker Cryhavoc [Horde] - First Hunter to Level 80 - Warbringer Cheerly [Alliance] - First Warrior to Level 80 - Tuss The Malefic [Horde] - First Warlock to Level 80 - Agmashgodx Of the Ebon Blade [Horde] - First Death Knight to Level 80 - Torus Of the Ten Storms [Horde] - First Shaman to Level 80 General: - Cheerly The Supreme [Alliance] - First player to Level 80 Congratulations!
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    I'd like to share with you some of the weakauras I've made over the last few days. These are basic and not extremely customized so you can easily take them out/modify them/do as you please with them. My idea is to make a version of these for every class/spec in the future. For now and until there's some downtime, this is all I'll be making. Weakauras download: https://tinyurl.com/wa2f335rar How to import a weakaura: Copy the entire string in the pastebins. In-game, type /wa. Select "New" then "Import". Paste the string, then press "Import". You should have the aura(s) listed under Loaded or Not Loaded. If your auras aren't loading, click the group you imported and go to the "Load" tab. Check if any of the selected conditions don't meet your criteria. General Warlock Druid If anything is missing, isn't working or is wrong please let me know!
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    What i mean is , i just logged in excited for the new realm coming out. saw i had been banned 1 month ago for account selling. i have never tried to sell my account and this is just plain wrong. this would not be the first time this has happend to me on a privateserver. I not gonna bother making appeal, but iam affraid this makes me question why i should play if my account can be removed for reasons outside my control in the future ?
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    Where is the fun of redoing a raid, but without getting any achievements(since you already have them)? New server = starting over and this includes achievements, mounts and so on.
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    Unpopular opinion - continuous loop of leveling > grinding eq (from 0 to hero) is more interesting than playing same old end game all the time with nothing new to expect and nothing else to upgrade your character with. You had your time with your ShadowMORON full BiS warrior but that time has passed so just move on. If you look at it realistically even on retail WoW people lost those characters forever (their BiS WotLK gear is useless now). I will never understand how can people get SO attached to virtual characters they have on some private server of an old as fuck game or how they want to play same old end game forever. When you do a replay of Witcher or Gothic do you do it from ending or from the beggining? I don't see how in WoW it's any different and people who say low level content is shit while when they're at 80 all they do is raid log shouldn't be listened to because they don't understand what the game is about at all.
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    Dude, it's always been a continuous loop of leveling, grinding eq and starting all over again. Since it is a perfect remedy for you right there, then you can start again.....or not.
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    Hi, as title says, I am looking for guild to chill, chat and PvP. Will mostly play battlegrounds and arenas, mostly 4fun, but who knows, maybe some serious rating later on 😉 Raiding? I ain't got time for scheduled raiding, so mostly PuG/filling main or alt groups in guild. My expirience is imho enough to join semi-hardcore raid groups right-on (can elaborate if asked to), so no need to be afraid of my skill if it'd become necessary to include me into your group anytime, just give me like 15 minutes to recall them fancy tactics and let's go 😅 Faction? - I can play both, still not sure, that's why I am asking you guys if there is emerging any PvP-oriented guild Language? - My native language is Polish, but still can communicate fairly well in Eng, hope you won't be dissapointed ☺️ Class preferences? - Gonna start as druid (exp feral, end resto/resto), and later on add 1-2 alts. Was thinking about Hpaladin and AffliWarlock, tho UnhDK got special place in my heart too. P.S. Even tho I don't like it, I can swich to Discord...
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    A couple of questions: 1. Does it have working BGs, scripted working Dungeons and Raids? 2. Does it have working Wintergrasp battle? 3. Are there alot of bugs? like bugged quests and whatnot? 4. By progression server you mean: you can't do Ulduar until you finish Naxx? 5. Mystic and Timewalking means the server will not be fully Wotlk Blizzlike? Thanks
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    No, you can't do Ulduar until it's open, probably in couple months. Once it's open you don't need to complete Naxx to enter.
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    Needing an item on 5-Man dungeons is not considered ninjalooting, thus it won't result in expending the ninja list. https://sunwell.pl/page/rules
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    Was there a fix? I got in for a second, exited. Tried to get back and have been getting that message ever since then...and stays up for about 3 seconds then goes back to realm list.
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    Thanks thats what i needed.
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    LF decent and determined players (preferably warlock and mage/hunter) for Frosthold RF RDF leveling group. I have everything planned so if you want to be among people who hit level 58 first PM me on Discord - Xil#0375.
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    Not really, counters or not it depends on the skill of the spellcaster and on you of course.
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    DK has its counters, and you shouldn't look at 1v1 when determining if classes are OP or not imo.
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    "Selling your account" means "trying to sell your account" as well, same as "i'm selling my house" would mean that i'm trying to sell my house. When you put something up for sale - you're selling it... You have no idea how our "system" work, and i'm not going to explain it to anyone, cause it could work as a guide "how to reduce your chances of being caught". Like i've already wrote in first post " We're not throwing bans left and right, it would be pointless and dumb thing to do. We check everything very carefully before applying a ban " I'm closing this topic cause you've received your answer and i'm not going to repeat myself over and over again. Also if you would like to write something on forums please do it in ONE post, not in six posts one after another. Regards
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    Yes, if a player queues for RDF and he is afk or declines it, he will be timed out for a few minutes and removed from queue. There is a visible countdown in the RDF panel for those timed out. This prevents any unnecessary trolling. 🙂
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    Oh yes you are right i had forgotten about that. Sorry 😩 And all i can say is , have you never been down and sad in need of money bought a gun to rob a bank but didnt go through with the actual robbery because it was wrong. Does Sunwell Team have leniency towards this kind of misshaps ? Iam glad to see my post didnt get deleted, i was sure it would , and it has also made me belive in the Sunwell team again after my uncertainty, very professionally handled.
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    LF french player who want create a guilde on this server at the opening ! add me on discord for more information Fuego-GanjaMan#9766 ( sorry my english is bad >< )
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    Hahahahaha oh my god, absolutely wrecked 🤣
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    <Nova> (H) is a (EU) Semi-Hardcore guild that cleared all T7 content on Dragonblight in a very efficient and timely manner. We're a bunch of groups coming from Omega/Lordaeron/Sunwell and we're dedicated to create a very fun and efficient raiding atmosphere. Our goal with this guild is to clear all content in a fast, efficient, and yet fun manner. When we're doing progress bosses we want full attention on the boss at hand, but at the same time once that boss is killed we will goof around and enjoy ourselves. What we want from you: -> Dedication. We want you to always have the best enchant/gems available, whilst always flasking and using pots during raids. -> Attendance. We expect a high attendance, this is of course very crucial during new content, and should you not be able to maintain that for whatever reason that particular week, please give us a heads up so that we can plan accordingly. -> Class-knowledge. We want you to know what your class is capable of, and that you can master your class and play it at it's full potential. -> Criticism. We want you to be able to handle being told if you're doing something wrong, or simply doing something that can be done better. -> Comradery. Always treat your guildies with respect, a sense of familiarity in the guild is important. Currently our main roster is FULL, recruitment for stand-in positions are still open. We keep an eye on our raiders and if we notice there are people underperforming, they will get replaced and someone on the bench will get a shot. Trial duration is 2 weeks, so anyone could get replaced if their trial period wasn't successful. We will raid on Wednesdays and Sundays, and a third day being added (Monday) during progression. Raid times: 19:30-22:30 GMT+1, if extra time is needed raids might be extended to 23:00. How is loot being handled? Loot Council If this sounds interesting to you, head over to our Discord channel and apply. https://discord.gg/AzXe4Zr
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    Hello. If you broke our rules and been banned for that, you could just wait until it's over. But you've decided to keep creating new accounts (over 10 of them) and keep using hacks. Such behaviour won't be tolerated here. All your current accounts will stay banned and if you'll break ANY rule on new accounts, doesn't matter if on Angrathar or Frosthold - it will be perm banned as well. If you can't play without hacks, please don't play here at all. Regards
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    Kto wykaze sie odwaga i zagra 16 listopada na nowym sunwellu? Bo mam wrazenie ze fani tego przybytku zalu graja w wowa sigleplayer. zaczyna sie farma nolife potem last patch wygranie gry = wipe
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    Wydaje mi się, że sama ta gra polega na czymś więcej niż na wymaxowaniu postaci, altów i chwaleniu się tym na schodach w Dalaranie, bo rozumiem że pijesz do tego, iż otwieramy nowy realm, gdy kończy się end game content. Pomijam już, że mamy plany związane z Angratharem, by nie zginął śmiercią naturalną. Kiedy ja zaczynałem grać w WoW to celem nie było "wygranie gry" (a MMO można w ogóle wygrać?), ale spędzanie czasu ze znajomymi w grze, którą uwielbiam. W każdym aspekcie. Levelowanie, farmienie, progress PvE, PvP, Role-Play i cała masa różnych innych rzeczy. I wierz mi, znajdzie się wiele osób, które wybiorą ten - jak to nazwałeś - "przybytek żalu". Temat zamykam, a jak będziesz miał ochotę pogadać na troszkę wyższym poziomie niż to, co zaprezentowałeś tym postem - zapraszam na priv na Discordzie chociażby. Pozdrawiam.
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    Hello. We've been writing about it recently in one of our announcements on discord/facebook. https://discord.gg/KN8TmfS Changelog for MoP just isn't updated currently. Regards
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    If you have not patched your 32 bit exe with The large address aware patcher then you will be limited to 4 G of ram on a windows 64 bit operating system. You can read thispost on the Blizzard forums. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/1658706617?page=6 Basically the patcher enables a bit in the exe that allows it to use the larger pool of ram that comes with a 64 bit OS. You can get the patcher here. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/large-address-aware.112556/
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    Your name - Skyzo Reported player's name - Xborn , Panszakal Date - 2019.10.23 18:45 Rule that was broken - Xborn (hunter) roll caster/healer trinket Description - On the raid, the general rules apply, and everyone can roll items in his or her class. (WoW basic rule). Xborn confessed roll for his friend's (Panszakal). Evidence - Screenshot Best regards: Skyzo
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    Of course, you can't agree that these characters are just a part of some game, everyone is free to think exactly that way. But even thinking in this way, things are different from what you would like. Losing a character with a high GS(and with the Shadowmourne) is part of the game when there's the project of a new server, ther's no remedy for this. Like I said before, face it and have a laugh, because "events" like this can happen sometimes.
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    I don't see why it would be a waste of time anyways and neither do I agree with the "dont take it too personally" thing. If Steam for example deleted my Binding of Isaac or The Witcher 3 save files, I'd haunt them until I'd get them back. Even if I deleted them myself, I'd still get very sad. And of course this is not my server and not my decision, I agreed to all the terms and stuff, but I can't agree that these characters are just a part of some game. I'd actually say that these 6,4k+ GS characters are a very solid representation of the effort some people put into this server and they just don't deserve to be forgotten and later deleted. And I didn't say that playing the game is a waste of time, because it is not. Of course the most important and meaningful part is the journey itself, but you just can't deny that owning a Shadowmourne feels pretty good.
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    So we can delete now our chars on angrathar.
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    2. Rates: most of your players SUFFER cuz of slow leveling. Anyway gameplay under 80 lvl doesn't matter. Let it be x4 AT LEAST. Or x6. 3. I don't think it's good idea. IMO it would be better to allow us transfer our chars from Angrathar. Clean 80. W/o gear, gold, achivs etc. CR is a dangerous thing. Angrathar gonna die anyway, your CR won't work anyway. 4. Maybe Mythic+ Wotlk raids? with boosted drop rate/additional loot. 5. & 6. Who cares. 7. Quite nice. Btw did you think about deleting "inspect" option? every player would my more individual, probably social in raids/guilds would increase cuz players will have to TALK about talents, items etc. It wouldn't be just copying from better players. Raid leaders and guild masters would be more important roles cuz they need to be sure that they have players with gear & talents they need. Just think for a while about it. 8. Finally. 9. Good idea 10. IMO make an option to choose. For example make a little buff on nax BUT add an option of heroic/mythic difficulty with increased drop chance/amount. If you force ppl to play on boosted nax some ppl gonna cry a lot. Most of players highly respect their freedom. More freedom = more happy players = easier to lay your hands on our money. Just give us what we want. 11. Higher rates = no boost. Try to think up something usefull in 80lvl game to get your money. Teleports, profession leveling boost, transmogs, freakin epic mounts etc. 12. Great.
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    There's couple points i'd like to tackle, but first I highly suggest that you refrain from misdirecting players or give false information to get more players on the start. This is especially important to key factors that will actually weight in the players decision of playing here or elsewhere. 1. XP, Profession, Rep(, etc) Rates - My opinion is my own, I don't feel the need to actually say what kind of rates I'd like, but if 2 servers / realms are opening at the same time this will be the first thing I'll look at to decide where I'll play. Personally choosing between a realm where I can have fun without wasting too much time on stuff that doesn't really matter (focus on pve and pvp), or will have to suffer through countless hours of grinding xp, or waste hours and hours just to have basic profession stuff isn't really a choice. 2. Raid difficulty - I enjoyed Naxx... I enjoyed Naxx a lot on Angrathar, but that's as far as I go when it comes to raid difficulty. The buffs on the other raids weren't enjoyable at all, and as such I appreciate full honesty on the release, if there will be non-mythic buffs in anything other then Naxx it's important to tell the players beforehand, saying there won't be just to lure players in Naxx and then buffing it anyway will only give bad reputation and not achieve anything. BE HONEST ABOUT IT THIS TIME. 3. Mythic difficulty - This is great, if it means normal / heroic modes will be blizzlike then it means everyone from pug-only players to hardcore guilds will be able to enjoy PVE, however only cosmetic stuff seems a bit underwhelming. I think one good way to go about the mythic loot in a way its appealing to players without unbalancing anything is to give more loot, for example... let's say... Lich King heroic gives 2 items (example), then Lich King mythic should give 4 items + the cosmetic stuff. This would encourage players to actively engage in mythic tries as it would speed up their progression. And once again, I urge you to be honest about the server features on release! We want to know exactly what will be buffed and what will be the rates. Edit: Be careful with the surveys as you will likely get feedback from a very restrictive group of players that does not represent your potential population, go out on facebook, reddit, WoW communities, etc and try to grasp what kind of features attracts more players or is generally better received by most players. I for once happened to come across this survey, I played here in the past but ended up quitting because I wasn't having fun anymore. If the survey gets the majority of the votes from the players who kept playing here then that's probably a recipe for disaster, at this point i'd say feedback from the players who eventually left server (there was 5k players peak so that is a lot of players who left) should be highly valued so you don't commit whatever mistakes made those players leave in the first place.
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    This guide will be a short list of the most common fixes to the "Can't login" posts. It's based on most common to least. 1. Forum accounts are not game accounts. On the main page of the web site you'll see a "player's panel" and at the bottom will be a registration button to make a game account. 2. Realmlist issues. This part is just a check list of all the possible fixes for realmlist issues. Since there is no way to tell which one of these could fix your problem, it's best to go through each possible fix. 1. Extra spaces in front of your realmlist. Fix: Double check there is no extra spaces in front of or between your realmlist. set realmlist logon.sunwell.pl 2. File set to "Read only" Fix: Check your wow folder properties, and look for "read only" option. If it's checked than just uncheck it and apply for all folders and subfolders. 3. Depending on where you downloaded your client from, some servers set their realmlist in config as well to have you play on their server. Fix: go to wtf > config and search for a line that specifically says 'SET RealmList "logon.RandomServer.blank"' and remove that line. 4. Remember that the WOTLK realmlist is in Data>enUS (Only folder in data) 5. Do not log in with your email, use your account name. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Account closed message~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So you've tried to log into the game, but it says your account has been closed. 1. Log into the main page, and check your player panel to see if you've been banned. Banned; please make an appeal. Not banned; Change your password. You may have to wait 10-15 minutes until you're able to log in. 2. Check your settings to see if your account is IP locked. Hopefully your problem is now resolved, but if its not please make a post so we can help!
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    Past servers who have offered optional (lower) xp rates generally offer mounts, pets, or vanity items along with the challenge that if you level from 1-80 at lower rates. Can't find anything on forums or website with any such promotion. Is there anything at all? Think they'd be interested in implementing *something*? Otherwise there's really little point...
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    Are there too many of one class or another? Or a disparity for some classes? I'm looking to get into the community and would prefer to play a class that doesn't have a billion other people playing it.
  44. 0 points
    Hi guys,i rly want to paly on new realm...but I have a question,what did u think?how much player will come on new realm?:)) I rly hope 5k+
  45. 0 points
    I'm just so hyped about this server.Are you? I really liked the mythic+ system and ofc the exp rate what about you?
  46. 0 points
    well the population doenst matter at all..... at least 500 pop is ok for a server but still this new server i bet that will have 2-3k players.
  47. 0 points
    Sooo... I create account a few years ago, i farmed Achievements, gold, items. I send donations and now, i have ban for hacks ... and u can't delete my gold, achivements, characters and fu* donation points!? I Can't even delete my own account... Yeah... I create accounts and using hacks on new accounts, because i was angry (because i got banned on fb by MrCule, because i wrote "Old Scarlet Monastery event the same as on ToD" - so i got ban for saying truth and i got 30 days ban for killing dwarf hunter inside WG, yeah he even send me warning in ingame mail 2 days before ban ). And now i can't play with friends who decide to play there... Nice. If u can do nothing just delete my account please. Because i don't see any option like that in player panel. THANK YOU.
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