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    I assume the Sunwell staff isn't listening to your complaints because they can see their change was a success: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds BGs popping all day in the 70-79 bracket, and both sides are winning. Horde actually seems to be winning more today, which is a nice change. You're welcome to join the bracket- all you have to do is level a non-xp locked toon to 70 and you're in. If you choose to keep your 79 toon locked in a dead bracket that's up to you- you shouldn't expect Sunwell to listen to your ideas when your ideas are what led to the situation of ally twinks winning 95%+ of the bgs and dejected horde levelers afking all the time. Those were no doubt the "good old days" in your mind, but not in the minds of anyone outside your bracket.
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    Thanks to you guys, I will never see AV again at level 79. Thanks for killing 79
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    Twinking is dead on sunwell forever. Deal with it
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    KRS Stop fooling and bs around. You may easily check that it is still not even more than 33% win for hordes 70-79, in the last pointed overall games so its unbalanced nearly like it was, for the price of dramatic reduction in quantity and frequency of bracket battlegrounds. But more essentially they have thrown massive amount of players away from realm. From the very Feronis beginning Horde and Ally twinks been doing tough brawls between each other - we had to be annihilated by some reckless moves. And, when comes to sunwell, you should have done balance first on whole server, try to decrease pvp experience or open transfers. Im starting to lose my patience looking at your incompetence and how you are keeping us ignored. We are waiting for reactions!
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    No problems, anytime again. Level up and pvp at 80 newb.
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    Devs are fucking retards. "Let's take a poll on an 80% horde server to do away with twinks. Let's not forget alliance almost always wins pre 80 bg's due to twinks, and literally has nothing else going for it. Not even enough people to raid NA hours and HC queues are 30 minutes to an hour long" Final result... Horde wins vote 4 to 1. Go fucking figure. Big brain fucking devs. Let's not forget that it's a trash PvE private server where almost no one PvP's anyway and queues already take forget. This dumb fuckery is just death to even trying to twink. Next time can we take a vote to have Alliance players deal 10% less damage as well? Seems like something you'd do.
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    Your name - MuhammadPunishment Reason - RacismDate - 12/21/19Description - Not really trying to appeal the mute, I'm sure someone could have seen whatever I had said to be racist. I just want to know exactly what I said that was racist because I honestly have no idea. All I did was mess around on global the night before, and the day after I log in and see I'm kicked from Global for 7 days. I didn't do much after that but at least I could talk, yet a couple hours later I log in again and now I'm muted for 12 hours. Just requesting word for word what I said that resulted in the aforementioned punishments. Edit: btw can I get reinvited to the Sunwell discord? I posted something nsfw and I thought nsfw stuff was allowed where I posted it.
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    I'm pointing out that certain twinks stomping levellers 50-60 times a day (and that isn't an exaggeration, everyone can see the pvp stats) is abusive (and these twinks know who they are, everyone does). Alliance twinks clearly abused the situation to such an extent that now we probably won't have a twink bracket on sunwell at all, This isn't about *me*. As I said before, I can premade and get my daily arena points and feel like an alliance player if I want. I am also not the person who's been making complaints often enough that Sunwell staff have felt the need to intervene. Horde levellers have done that. You know, those statues that you've been mowing down 24/7 for a month. They were actually making tickets and writing forum posts while their character was running into a tree. If we'd had balanced battlegrounds in terms of twinks, and not everyone rolled one faction at the start - *like I told people not to do* - we wouldn't have had this happen. Sure e'd have had some imbalanced battlegrounds and a lot of levellers, but it would've been on both sides, and we wouldn't have had an 87% win ratio for alliance which has caused enough furore that twinks will now be separated. Right now, most people will probably go back to bugmane. If you actually want to stay on sunwell and fight in the twink separate queues, some of you are going to have to roll horde, or again, you won't have any battleground pops, because the twink ratio is still incredibly skewed. I feel like captain obvious here. But it seems alliance twinks are too interested with feeling like a superhero than they are in having a good bracket.
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    It's certainly true that Marian is right that on Angrathar there was a thriving twink bracket at 79, and the games were, for the most part, twink v twink, with levellers being the rare exception. Those who believe that twinking is about "farming green dudes" -- as is the meme on the sunwell discord -- almost certainly have no experience of this. Angrathar was fun and competitive and - for the most part - played in the right spirit (until a certain Alliance guild decided to spoil things and the bracket began to fall apart). However, it's also true that on Frosthold there were some Alliance twinks were who abusive of their power imbalance, and really *were* "farming green dudes", and in fact afk green dudes at that, and they were doing so 50-60 (sometimes more) times a day. A certain twink rogue, who has since hilariously deleted his account, farmed almost 1000 wins in a month. 1000 wins would normally take about two years, for a dedicated player playing all the time. This is how absurd the situation was. There is no question, Marian, that if you want to point fingers at who created this situation, in which twinking is dead on Sunwell, that you can say admins made a bad decision. I certainly agree. I was making tickets and forum posts suggesting that they lower xp for losses etc. I believe this would've been a better change, and told them so. However, I was *not* surprised that they did what they did. It almost seemed inevitable, and unfortunately Alliance twinks were so short-sighted and thirsty for leveller blood that they couldn't see this too. A lot of those abusive twinks were in your guild. Ask yourself this, was it *really* necessary for the likes of Davant and Survimaster to farm levellers for as much time as they did? How did it not get boring? Couldn't you foresee what the result of that would be? Basically, I blame both Sunwell admins (who have a track record of poor decisions tbh) *and* Alliance twinks. And when the queues were separated, it was noticeable that both Dancing and Davant and many others who had farmed so many kills were not very good at all in twink v twink battlegrounds and were among the first to go missing. So that was amusing to see. All in all I respect you Marian for your dedication to trying to improve things in what seems obviously a lost cause, and you yourself played in the right spirit and didn't farm levellers abusively, and you also tried very hard in the twink v twink games when all the other Ally twinks had turned their xp back on. However, some of the blame has to be pinned on your fellow ally twinks, and you need to admit this in my opinion, and don't pretend the situation was normal before the change. It wasn't. And I was warning you the entire time. But you seemed to deny the problem outright. Anyway good luck and enjoy wherever you decide to play next.
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    I see that the Malware unit has returned himself to the position of commenting and breaking the rules, because as far as I know it is forbidden to pump up previous entries - but apparently nobody cares to treat everyone equally. The value of battleground games on 70-79 bracket has dropped to this day to volume of 47.29 % of what it was on first of January. Bracket is still unbalanced, there are no tools to allow players to balance it on their own ways and pests like the one above have neither knowledge, experience nor anything common with this thread. He even admitted that he didn't read posts. Horde winnings remains at the end of the day on 33.58 %. When it comes to weekly summary it is no different than 45.41 % and monthly 25 % - which means that my alone adversary is missing the truth once again. It's been almost 3 weeks since your brilliant solution occurs and now we have no more than reduction the number of games by 2.12 times for 70-79s, forcing 200 players to switch to Warmane or stop playing. The rest of the people are waiting for further decisions. 79 twinks games stays with the numer of 0. There are 2 Horde and 1 Alliance twinking guilds that are awaiting for any administration respond. Let's see how it looks like on another brackets by measuring average number of games of last 7 days to the numbers before separating those with their experience locked. The average game numbers: level 10-19 with the reduction by 2.10 times, - twinking bracket level 20-29 with the reduction by 1.95 times level 30-39 with the reduction by 3.71 times level 40-49 with the reduction by 2.37 times level 50-59 with the reduction by 1.56 times level 60-69 with the reduction by 1.07 times - twinking bracket Would you like to add something else? I hope you get rid of this fiery young man before anyone mind to take him seriously.
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    I sincerely hope that no one take seriously all those who speak out off the topic, and only thing they try to prove in that post is their mindless hate for twinking community. You have to be so determined to put much effort and energy into thread that does not concerns you. If your neighbor buys a car, do you pierce his tires ? Below is the ranking created by one who used to play among us. I hope that no one will be offended because I put it here, neither author himself - but if I am not mistaken - he once shared it here on forum pages. It is not unclear to discover that there used to be about eight hundred characters who had over 775 hk on 79 level or more than seven hundred characters with hk above 1100 and that means they had contact with twinking community during Angrathar times. It is in fact extremely pathetic and frivolous to deny such a ommunity and interfere where you have no power of voice and points of interest. Perish without attention. All we are interested in is to play together like it was before. There were better and worse times but we hope to resolve situation positively or let it be spontaneosly. Many people have spoken here and I am more then sure that administration will consider all wise suggestions and solutions that were mentioned. I emphasized again that it would be very fine and reasonable to allow both separate battleground bracket for those with their experience locked and additional crossfaction option for those who don't feel like to wait for pop's and willing to play with their opponents side by side - sometimes. If it could be introduced in my oppinion it would be a good compromise among the solutions proposed to us that will please everyone, except for those who claimed above they overvoted us to get rid of twinks because for some unjustified reasons.
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    That is a way to go. I have said many times in other thread that this is only one month and half since Frosthold start. There are already more then 150 players both faction in summary that twink now or potentially twink once hit levels. New ones continue to appear. Everyone can easily check that by looking on PVP stats and try to count by twink guilds. That number however unbalanced, makes impression is such a short time. Next, nobody likes when someone say what to do and how to play, so if you only have to implement the first solution, perhaps temporarily, then maybe it would be worth considering to create additional and fully voluntary que option for those who don't like to wait for pop and would like to wait for crossfaction battleground with 79 twinks only. Available by NPC or otherwise. And finally, because I have all in sincerely - you have to remember how huge twink population was during good old Angrathar times. So let me recall to administration that if you leave only one (first) solution and if it turns out that it perhaps doesn't work and cause worst gameplay or something else you may lose those players. I have recruited plenty of people both realms to stay 79 and discover twink things simply by playing with low levels on same battleground. If that will happen to separate completely and irreversibly that two groups the machine will stop self-winding if you know what I'm trying to say. Fully balanced battlegrounds are perfect in theory and in practice. That perfection means it happen not so offen. Low levels in a small amount always been and will be necessary on such a private server. Please consider that voluntariness for players in the implementation of improvement solutions.
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    Tbh leave it as it is. Horde side is growing strong. As all oldschool twinks know 79 bracket balance is fragile af 🙃
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    Generally true. I just wanted to point out that there is not much more fun when you are on the ally side. You do get free wins but what is the point if you can't experience any PvP?
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    Why yes, it is a place to level, otherwise there would be no BGs before 80. See, you try to turn everything around, for example someone before said about this poll: think about what you want to achieve and then present something ... 50 people on the forum decide on the whole bracket? To which I answer: why should a minority group named twinks decide how an entire bracket is supposed to be played? Are you owners of the bracket and have the right to do with it as you please? If queues will be separated, you will get a bracket without PvE gamers and levellers, so WHY ARE YOU OPPOSING?
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    Personally I am for crossfaction battlegrounds as it is perhaps best for keeping non 80s gameplay. Before such a solution occurs it would be extremely essential to know some basics as far as it is not usual: 1. What will mechanics look like ? On which principle players from both factions will be selected ? Wheter queing in pairs will affect algorithms to prevent unbalanced games ? 2. Do you consider that as a temporary solutions until the quantitative of players improve visible and statistically ? 3. How can it influence the announced solutions of Angrathar crossrealm ? 4. [OFF topic] Due to probably most popular thread by now I would like to ask the same question as I did on Frosthold announce - youtube livestream. Do you consider to finally create separated arena ranking for 70-79 bracket ? I guess it may not have to contain any special rewards, but that opportunity would certainly be innovative and surely unique for competing 3.3.5 servers.
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    Congratulations Alliance twinks. We won't have a twink bracket due to your 24/7 leveller farming. /Clap
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    Hello. Nope, sorry - Frosthold is fresh realm and transfers are not possible. Best regards
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    Update: today the 70-79 bracket is even busier than the level 80 bracket, and it looks like Alliance is winning more today, after Horde won more yesterday: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds What an active and healthy bracket! Thanks Sunwell!
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    So, as in tittle, i went to os25 2d pug, when we killed boss i rolled for leather legs from it, at begining of raid there wasnt no information about that hunter cant roll for those legs that are pretty dope for my class, and i won it by roll but it was given to Lucy (the rouge). screenshots are added below. Greetings. I'm askin to delete those item from Lucy's bags cuz he didnt won that
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    Your name - SmexinReported player's name - ScaltDate - 07/01/2020Rule that was broken - 7. Spamming, swearing racism is prohibited. Be civil.Description - After wiping for half an hour on kt 10 man because he was doing less dps than a rogue in heirlooms, this guy decided to blame everyone besides himself. Of course, he had to mention a nationality that he said he "hates" and he was pointing it out in a racist way. Evidence -
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    Hello Sunwell team I was in a Naxx 10 man with the guild [NO FUN ALLOWED] filling as a dps role where the loot rules as stated were MS over OS, the item that was fairly won by rolling was given to another character that had not won the roll and had been given the item. Shortly prompted into a kick from the raid group. Tried also stating that because it isn't a 25 man that no penalty will be given when ninja looting. Your name -TurbovirginReported player's name -Supercuteirl (Master Looter) & Plex (Received item wrongfully) both from the guild [NO FUN ALLOWED]Date - 2020-01-02Rule that was broken - Ninja looting Description - Won clearly on rolling an item that was up for rolling, item in question is Cloak of Mastery I rolled a 72 while Plex rolled a 71.Evidence -
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    Your name - Parryhotter Reported player's name - Kheops Date - 31.12.2019 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - It was Mainspec > Offspec. There droppt a Cloth Shoulders with Int/Spirit. Our BalanceDrood (Elisewin) Won it by Mainspecroll. What happen is that the Leader gave it to the priest. His reason was 1. "Cloth going always to cloth players" and 2. "The Druid is not even in my guild" i got some screens. Fun fact, he gave himself Leather Wrist before (he play warrior) After i ask him whats wrong with him, he kicked me right after the Boss without have a chance to roll on loot. Screen also there Evidence -
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    Hej, sprawdź czy w ustawieniach swojego czatu nie masz przypadkiem zaznaczone Make Noninteractive, jeżeli tak jest to zmień na Make Interactive. Po kliknięciu prawym myszy na zakładke General powinno sie to Tobie pokazać.
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    Is it just me or this BG is happening waaaay too often during peak hours? I mean, i know there's a lot of sadists among you who like to spend 40 or more mins in 1 shitty BG,but holy shit man, in my opinion AV is happening way to often,and u cant even disable it in your RBG queue
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    ok I suggest now separate bracket 70-73 so it will be easier without 7 alliance at 70
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    This is the situation literally every game 24/7 for the whole of the CTA. They do this whether there are twinks or no twinks on ally side. They even do it when it's horde that have the twinks and ally don't. Yet zero punishment. And the Sunwell staff wonder why 79 bracket is a shitshow. It's a shitshow because you give zero punishment for this behaviour that is going on every single game, not by one player, not by two, but by eight to ten. And when you separate twinks, it won't stop. I'm telling you that now.
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    RDF is inherently every man for himself kind of system that punishes prosocial behavior. Blame Blizzard for making such a garbage design (and devs for implementing it at this stage). I understand they eventually """fixed""" this with personal loot, which I think is a retarded system, but to its credit at least it does remove the issue of people not only needing gear for friends but people needing gear to vendor it, which I recall being a far from unheard of practice in retail and some private servers. At this point people are being nice, only needing items for actual use (by someone). Titansteel Destroyer is much better for UH anyhow. Just buy that one.
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    i rolled 37 warrior rolled 15 and ninja ta nk paladin rolled 73 and gived axe to warrior guild friend it is the evidence photo what can i do for get that axe third time? if i can solo that boss ok or should i pay anywhere for get that axe? or got tricked third time? why no one cares my problem?
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    I read exactly what he said, and I quoted it, but you deleted my quote: So let me REPEAT what he said: "If you don't like 79 twinks you have 2 options - 1. make a twink yourself and quit complaining, 2. don't play this bracket and quit complaining." Unlike you, I'm a native English speaker, so I know exactly what those words mean. And I REPEAT that I have a third option, namely: 3. LMAO as the Sunwell devs shut your leveler farming party down and make you queue against other twinks.
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    Apparently you haven't been paying attention to current events because there's a third option: 3. LMAO as the Sunwell devs shut your leveler farming party down and make you queue against other twinks. After careful consideration, I choose "3."
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    Hello, Account was unbanned. Regards
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    Hello, Your account was banned, because some players in your dungeon party reported you for weird behaviour. Movement of your character was suspiciously mechanical, so it was good proof to think that you're using a bot software. Your character was running from waypoint to waypoint, using taunt - Hand of Reckoning and Righteous Defense instantly. Your account was unbanned, but I will watch you on the all characters. Regards
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    What you're asking (no loss exp) is unrelated to this thread anyway. Also separating queues won't even affect you personally if all you play is a level 79 twink, but it will affect positively new players and levellers. You need to open another topic to discuss that other issue but logically you would have to wait the brackets to stabilize after the new queues are introduced and then, if the problem persists, then maybe address it. Denying that the separate queues will improve the balancing and thus have a good chance to solve the problem is simply ridiculous.
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    The fact is currently lv 70-79 bracket is CANCER if ur horde. I lost 99% of my games in this bracket. I queued bgs since im lv 10 and won arround 90% of them till i reached lv 70 dominated for ally twinks. Since horde have 0 twinks and just afk u cant do anything but afk too or die again and again and again and again instakilled by the ally twink army. Alliance dont even need to worry about questiing or farm honor since they have freewin. Also while i was leveling and winning all that bgs in earlier brackets like 30-39 40-49 (balanced brackets where true skill dominates instead of twinkers) etc all allyes left the bg when they started loosing so i didnt get any xp or honor back then seems fair HAHA. Ban the twinks fast horde is just geting a very bad mentality in this realm they just afk to loose due to that group of bored ally twinkers who like to oneshot lv 70 lvelers.
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    yeah thats why u give free transfer for ally... and ally dominate all bracked gj admins
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    Hey Anfall, exactly this dominating at BGs in result making all horde destroy every single alliance player leveler in world. You caused that. I made 3 alts already and all of them was part-boosted on BGs at 70-79 bracket (horde side ofc) and each time i was playing warsong we had 1 tops 2 players who willing to play and rest just afk and run into the wall. Actualy many of them not even ressurecting and staying somewhere as ghost. Its all because you meet like 5-6 twinks which is impossible to kill as a normal player, even if he is geared and somehow skilled. So ppl just stand still. Idk how many horde twinks there are atm, but back to 1-2 weeks ago there was 2-8 twinks on EACH warsong for alliance side and maximum 1 for horde side, and most of the time we had none. Horde AFKing not because they want to afk, they do it just because there is no option to fight. This situation ridiculous and similar to fighting with knife vs tank. In case of that you just ruining game experience for many players, especially the newcomers. As it was mentioned before - at 3.2.0 was implemented twink system by blizzard, which made their own bracket for players who lock exp, so thats a great solution and should be done here. I have my own twink now and would be happy to play vs equal players instead of raping these ones who litteraly getting oneshoted each time. If you really want to play and not just abuse your power vs weakest players - you`ll always find fun and opportunity to play at these separated que. This is also similar to arena rating brackets btw, if you are 1500 pve geared newbie you shouldnt meet 2,2k players and be farmed from them. Cheers
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    No, it would just upset afkers. I don't see that as an issue.
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    I am responding to you because you posted a screenshot of my guild (which as I said before, I appreciate the free publicity, ty) but you posted that screenshot to make some kind of point. I therefore decided to address your point, and talk about why I think it's silly and illogical. I'm not sure when I've done all this "refusing"? What exactly have I "refused"? Most of these things you accuse me of refusing I'm not even aware of. All I've done is explain why the server at the moment is not one I'd recommend to people and why I'm hardly playing myself except when I know my friends are on. Take that for what you will. I don't *have to* do anything. But you keep being you. As I know you will.
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    Added to the list. You can't argue with people who start voting for other players for no reason, it's not worth it.
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    Hi guys I`m leveling and I notice that the aggro radius it`s too high, even when the mobs are too lower level than I am, they follow you anyway, I want it to propouse to change this on some moment, if its possible. Thank you and congrats for the work done so far.
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    Rewarding Criteria: 1. In order to be able to receive a reward, the difference between the player and his teammate cannot be higher than 150. Teams with one member won't be considered to end season rewards. Difference between the player and his arena team cannot be higher than 150. 2. In order for a team to be awarded, it needs at least 10 played arenas in the last arena week before the season's last arena point flush. 3. Teams with vulgar, racist or insulting names won't be considered to end season rewards. 4. Before receiving rewards, we will check arena logs searching for wintrading and the players will be checked in the means of illegal software. 2v2 Rewards: 1st place: Deadly Gladiator title – permanently, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm 2nd-3rd: Gladiator title – for one season, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm 4th - 7th place: Duelist title – for one season. 8th - 15th place: Rival title – for one season. 16th - 27th place: Challenger title – for one season. 3v3 Rewards: 1st place: Deadly Gladiator title – permanently, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm 2nd-3rd place: Gladiator title – for one season, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm 4th - 6th place: Duelist title – for one season. 7th - 12th place: Rival title – for one season. 13th - 21th place: Challenger title – for one season. 5v5 Rewards: 1st place: Gladiator title – for one season, and Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm 2nd-3rd place: Duelist title – for one season 4th - 6th place: Rival title – for one season. 7th - 10th place: Challenger title – for one season. Q&A 1. What is a server time for the weekly Arena Flush? 2. How many Arena Points will I get for my Arena Rating? 3. How long is Deadly Gladiator season? 4. Are you considering to change Deadly Weapon price? 5. Are you going to host 2v2 and 3v3 tournaments in the future? 6. Honorable Kills Titles: HK ALLIANCE HORDE 15 Private Scout 2000 Corporal Grunt 5000 Sergeant Sergeant 10000 Master Sergeant Senior Sergeant 15000 Sergeant Major First Sergeant 20000 Knight Stone Guard 25000 Knight-Lieutenant Blood Guard 30000 Knight-Captain Legionnaire 40000 Knight-Champion Centurion 50000 Lieutenant Commander Champion 60000 Commander Lieutenant General 70000 Marshal General 80000 Field Marshal Warlord 90000 Grand Marshal High Warlord
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    Yeah cos Alliance really needs more twinks, They only have, so far, 98% of them, so they really need to increase that proportion to 99% or 99.9% Nice bracket you're building there. This screenshot shows the bracket situation better than I can explain:
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    Dumbstep's Enhancement Shaman (3.3.5 PVE) Guide. First of, thanks for reading my guide, I hope it helps someone out. PS: Sorry for BED Engrish, have a nice day. ^^ Table of Contents: Stats Talents Glyphs Rotation (Spell Priority) Macros 1. Stats: Your most important stats are in the following order Hit > Expertise > Haste > Attack Power > Critical > Armor Penetration > Agility >>>>>> The Rest. Disregard all other stats until you are Hit and Expertise capped. Stat Spread: Hit Rating: Your hit rating should be 9% (Melee) + Which should make up 16% with 3/3 points put into your Dual Wield Specialization talent and buffs from other classes in your raid. Expertise: Your Expertise should be capped at 26/26 at all times it's one of your two most important stats. Your Unleashed Rage talent will help you out greatly with this. Haste: Don't be shy when getting Haste, take as much of it as you can, there's no cap on Haste for our white hits aka: Auto Attacking, special abilities do have a cap but we want as much of it as possible because more Haste = More Windfury Weapon procs, More Maelstrom Weapon stacks, More T10 4P Bonus procs. Attack Power: Very useful stat as well because more of it you have the harder your abilities like Windfury Weapon, Lightning Bolt and Magma Totem will hit. Critical: Another useful stat because it gives a chance that your Spells and Abilities will hit 2x harder. Armor Penetration: We are a physical melee class combined with spell casts, about 50% of your total damage output will be somewhat buffed by Armor Penetration but don't focus on getting the stat, you will gain some from offset gear and from buffs. Agility: Less useful imporant stat lol, it marginally increases your melee Critical and Attack Power stats. 2. Talents: Starter Build (Fresh 80 When you have Mana issues) Best in Slot build (You should be using this build once you are around 5.4k GearScore and no Mana issues are present) You can test and make your own builds here without spending gold for respecing ingame or just want to take a look how these builds might pan out for you: https://sunwell.pl/talents-calculator/shaman Reasons why use certain talents and not others: First and foremost you might have questions why I'm not using Enhancing Totems talent that increases your Strength of Earth Totem by 15% which is really good, the reason why i don't use it is because any raid should have at least one Death Knight, taking into consideration that they are one of the most played classes and they provide the Horn of Winter buff that has a superior range (60 yards) and does not stack with our Strength of Earth Totem that only has (30 yards) and will in some situations not reach Hunters. But in case you really do wish to take the Enhancing Totems talent or your guild wants you to take it, take 3 points from your Ancestral Knowledge talent and place them into Enhancing Totems but consider that a small personal Attack Power loss if there is a Death Knight present, because with the Mental Dexterity talent all of our Intellect also gives us the same amount of Attack Power. Reason for not putting 2 points into Improved Stormstrike is because it only gives 20% OF BASELINE Mana back (Intellect and other buffs are not taken into consideration), so i opt to put 1 point instead into Elemental Focus which reduces Mana cost for all your most draining spells like Chain Lightning and Fire Nova spells by 40% whenever you crit, which i find to be way more Mana conserving. Other talents i don't think are controversial, but if u disagree with any of them let me know either under the post or hit me up ingame (Dumbstep). 3. Glyphs: Major Glyphs (Optimal for single target fights aka: Boss fights): Glyph of Feral Spirit Glyph of Windfury Weapon Glyph of Stormstrike Minor Glyphs (these are not as important and some are situationally useful, here's mine): Glyph of Renewed Life Glyph of Astral Recall Glyph of Water Walking Glyphs that are useful in some situations: Glyph of Fire Nova Glyph of Lightning Shield Glyph of Lightning Bolt 4. Rotation (Spell Priority) Considering that Shamans don't have a set rotation but we depend on procs and cooldowns to do damage, here's what an opening should look like (First make sure your Lightning Shield is on you, and keep it up at all times, when everything is on cooldown refresh it) remember to refresh your Weapon Imbues before every fight on your main hand use Windfury Weapon, on your Offhand use Flametongue Weapon , do NOT use 2x Windfury Weapon on both your offhand and main hand (not even different ranks) , it has an internal cooldown of 3 seconds, if you hit with your offhand, the Windfury Weapon hits for 50% less and goes on a cooldown for both hands, so it's better to not have anything on your offhand instead of another Windfury Weapon but preferably use Flametongue Weapon on your offhand weapon. It gives you fire damage on on each strike and passively increases your spell damage. Never use spells with casting time unless it's instant cast Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning with 5x Maelstrom Weapon stacks, spells like Lava Burst are out of question because when you are casting anything you are preventing our Windfury Weapon from procing. So the opening looks like this Totems down ( Strength of Earth Totem, Healing Stream Totem, Windfury Totem) for fire totem use Magma Totem YES! Even on single targets, always use Magma Totem! it does significantly more damage than for example Searing Totem, Flametongue Totem , put your Magma Totem on a different number on your spell bar, because it lasts only 20 seconds and you will have to refresh individually all the time, it's too mana costly for to refresh with all other totems. Open up with Flame Shock (specially if u have Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice ), pop Feral Spirit , then hit the target with Stormstrike , Lava Lash , if you have 5x Maelstrom Weapon stacks use your Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning depending if u're fighting one target or more targets, if you don't have 5x Maelstrom Weapon stacks use Earth Shock. When EVERYTHING is on cooldown use Fire Nova YES! Even on single targets, it does huge single target damage too and u're not just standing there. 5. Macros Ok so here's some of my Macros that make the ''rotation'' easier by shortening it from 7 buttons to 4 My all in one Melee macro which puts Stormstrike and Lava Lash into one ability and also helps with pet targeting your current target and not going off on it's own attacking random stuff. #showtooltip /startattack /castsequence reset=7 Stormstrike, Lava lash /petattack My all in one Shock macro that puts both Flame Shock and Earth Shock into one button and switches to Flame Shock when u switch to a different target (I know it's situational sometimes u might want to use Earth Shock instead but works for 99% of the situations and makes life easier) #showtooltip /startattack /castsequence reset=target Flame Shock, Earth Shock My Lighting macro a simple macro that makes you cast Lightning Bolt when u press the button and Chain Lightning you press shift + the same button (just make sure you unbind that Shift + Button first before using it for example unbinding Shift + 4) I'm aware that this macro can be made with Binds without the macro, but this saves slots on the casting bar #showtooltip /cast [nomodifier] Lightning Bolt /cast [modifier:shift] Chain Lightning END (for now) thanks for your reading STORM,EARTH AND FIRE guide your path. Guide suggested by my friend Underline add us ingame if you have any questions or just wanna hang out.
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    Title. I'm gonna start fresh on Sunwell, and was just wondering about the faction balance. I see Horde has 52,100 auctions, while Alliance has 35,500. I'd like a more concrete number. Is the faction Imbalance straight up 40/60? Or something really bad like 30/70?
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    It's hard for me to decipher your attempts at speaking English, but I do understand that you are making the absolute ridiculous statement that a horde win percentage of 33% on this day is somehow worse than a horde win percentage of 2% on the day before this thread was made (December 21, 2019). And what was the horde win percentage yesterday? A quick look at this link: https://sunwell.pl/pvpstats-battlegrounds/frosthold Shows more red than blue wins for yesterday in the 70-79 bracket. So one day horde does better the next day ally does better. That's called a balanced bracket. Compare that to the absolute joke that we had before this change, where you ally twinks dominated every single day. And who cares how many 70-79 bgs popped on that day if the games consisted of you and your heroic guildies killing afk horde and lowbie graveyard rezzers? No doubt you can fit in a lot of bgs in a day if you do that. The truth is that you are comic relief for me. You are so desperate to return to the situation you had before where you farmed helpless horde levelers that you try to take the facts that any non-brain dead individual can see shows a much-improved bracket and tell everyone that no, in reality, they should want to go back to the bracket where ally won almost every single game. Another point that any non-idiot can see is that the number of levelers on the server is going to naturally go down all by itself as more people hit 80 and the server loses players. Fewer levelers = fewer leveler bgs. Do you need me to explain that to you? But you no doubt are going to continue to post stats acting like the separation of the twink bracket is what caused that. One day this server will die completely like Angrathar did, and I fully expect that, when that happens, you will be in this thread saying "see, I told you killing twinks would ruin the bracket!"
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    Let me explain it. Ganker are subhumans. They are not normal human beings, they are literally losers and subhumans who are allways mad. They are losers in real life, they can't achieve even things what normal people achieve. They are losers in wow, they with big struggle got into 80 lvl, at 80lvl they suck so hard at both PvP or PvE they didn't manage to get any gear from PvP content or dungeons. Even 75 lvl players bully them in northrend. That's how losers they are. So they go gank players who have at least 20 less levels than then because they can one shoot these without worrying about them having any chance to defend or escape. They do that to release their frustration and raise their e-penis. They don't care about gold, honor and stuff. They are just losers.
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    so they hit 80 and u wont see them again. if u dont want levelers in bg's remove xp gain, but then who would be stomped by twinks?
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    Your name -Gumbo/DosnecklacesPunishment Reason -Gold SellingDate -December 17, 2019Description -Tried to log into my account and realized I had been banned for selling gold? Not sure if my account was hacked or if sending my alt 1.4k gold triggered something in the system. Password has been changed in case I was hacked.Evidence -None
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