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    Your name - Soslammed Reported player's name - all that participate in the process as the enclosed screenshots depict. Date - 09-03-2019 Rule that was broken - 11. Fixed Arena and Battleground matches are strictly prohibited. Losing on purpose will result in the following punishments: 7 days of account suspension and no end-season prize in the first case; 60 days of account suspension, no end-season prize and removal of all PvP items - in the second and all the next cases. In some situations there may even be a permanent ban. Description: The group of players at the screenshots queues Eye of the Storm and never moves out of the starting spot. They are open about it, they are doing it in order to lose fast and gain experience because of the experience event. This has been going on for many battlegrounds, here are the screenshots that depict the process. I think this side effect of experience events (people queuing for quick loses) is pretty destructive to the pvp environment in the bracket and should be thought over. Evidence - screenshots attached. There is more screenshots done by other individual players who happen to join such battlegrounds in case more is required.
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    Hello guys! I created a HK ranking for twinks playing on Sunwell. If your character or guild has been omitted, you can add them by yourself to the ranking. Checkout website: deadwood.pl/ranking/ Features: Honorable kills are updated every hour. Weekly HK is reset every monday at 0:30AM You can sort by names, levels, guild names, honorable kills, and weekly HK TODO list: - I'm open to your suggestions Screenshoots: Czendz Log: - [26.02.19] Fix adding new players who are on several realms with the same guild name LINK: deadwood.pl/ranking/ Have fun! ❤️
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    Topic content: Orjhara ninjalooting in TOC25Your name - SuperlativReported player's name - OrjharaDate - 2019-03-06Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - A plate chest dropped that received no rolls for MS, and then no eligible rolls for OS. Orjhara then gave the item himself. I questioned him on this, saying that the item should be rolled for disenchant and/or selling to vendor. He replied that that wouldn't happen and that I should "read the rules" and then told me to shut up. In the beginning of the raid, he never stated that items that receive no eligible rolls for MS>OS will then be taken by him. Therefore, it's clear-cut ninjalooting. Chat logs clearly show all of this in the screenshot. P.S. He also cheated the roll for a BoE ring from an earlier boss where he rolled MS but never equipped it, which is especially scummy since he had stated that if you failed at MS>OS rolling you would receive -90 subtraction from your roll. Unfortunately I haven't configured to save longer chat logs so I don't have any proof of this, but wanted to mention it. Additionally, he had reserved Solace and after a single, fluke wipe on Anub he immediately left, since he had no interest in continuing the raid and by doing so jeapordized the ID for 24 other people. All in all, indicative of very poor character.Evidence - @Tide @Asureuz
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    Topic name: [Report-ninjalooting] Keyboardhero Topic content: Your name -Bisturi Reported player's name -Keyboardhero Date -07.03.2019 Rule that was broken - Ninja looting Description - i won the 3º leggins and he took it saying that were only 2 ( lie ), he ninjalooted and tried to lie too. Evidence - no loot rules so its ms > os
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    Witam szanowna administracje :) Chciałbym zapytać was jak się mają sprawy i decyzje w sprawie transferów z Feronisa :) Pamiętam że był temat z dyskusja na ten temat lecz w niewyjaśnionych okolicznościach (po zmianie designu forum i jego offline ) znikł. Populacja teraźniejszego Angra jak i byłego Feronisa była by wdzięczna za jakiekolwiek informacje. Proszę was też bardzo nie wykręcajcie się że będzie ankieta o transferach itp bo miała być już jakiś czas temu, a co się stało została wypuszczona ankieta bez pytań o transfery. (ankieta odnośnie nawigacji po stronie forum itp) Pozdrawiam was
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    Your name -belgonReported player's name -rholarDate -16 03 19Rule that was broken - Ninja loot On bryntoll Description -Evidence - Screenshot
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    Please ban this players this is very offensive and against your own terms and regulations.This is unfair and this people need to be punished they dont deserve a social game where the main point is to have fun not make people feel bad.
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    Hello , waw , First of all i'd like to say that Verbal abuse is verbal abuse , regardless of where it takes place or what /channel it was on , So , here's the link to my first post '' so after 5 days of waiting , i get a response '' You choose to be in that guild and we do not interfere with guild related issues Please add the player to your ignore list '' so he can just go on and continue playing as if nothing happend after he insulted the fuck out of my mother and me , called my mom a whore and called me a faggot , and you just say '' ignore him '' ? WHICH I DID ! so he sent me msgs on to my other character '' Zizzou '' in first and second screen , and to '' Rumbum '' in 3rd screen , i ignored him there too , so he sent me shit through other people as you see in screen 3 ( all the screens are in the first post ) , i'm completely baffled and shocked with this response , '' you chose to be in the guild '' WAW , as if that makes it ok , as if that makes those words less hurtful , years ago , i got a permanent ban on league of legends for saying '' fuck your mother '' when i was kid , now this guy says and repeats that many times , calls my mom a whore & calls me a faggot and keeps /w me with different characters everytime i ignore him and you just say ignore him and he can just go on and continue to play as if he didn't do anything wrong ? The insults happend in /whisper , so this is not really a '' guild related issue '' , which shouldn't really matter anyway , even if it was , cause verbal abuse is verbal abuse , regardless of where it takes place . for this to be completely dismissed just because we so happend to have joined the same guild as trials at the same time is beyond me , as if sharing a raid or two together is now a permission for this kind of behaviour , and for me to have literal proof of the degree of his insults and then simply be told '' ignore him '' and he can just go on unpunished as if what he said ( and repeated many times ) wasn't hurtful enough ,,, I ask you to please revisit the screen shots , maybe look for a tunisian on /global to translate to you if you don't trust my translation , but please don't just tell me '' oh you joined the same guild so this behaviour is ok '' , cause this is not even related to the guild , this is bad behaviour & verbal abuse . Thank you ,
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    Your name - Redzi Reported player's name - No idea Date - 25/02/2019 Rule that was broken - Account theft Description - Today when i logged into game i discovered that my warrior was deleted. I have no idea how this could happen because i didnt share my account with anyone the only thing i can think of is that i had the same login and password as i had in warmane and their database leaked if im correct. I wish someone investigate this case and if that is possible retrieve my character back.
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    Hey! Our ranking currently have 2300+ twinks playing on Angrathar! Thank you for support. I really appreciate it 😍 When the ranking reach three thousands players, i will optimize the page for such a large number of players. PS. What do you think about the similar ranking for 80lvl players ? Link: www.deadwood.pl/ranking
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    Co do ankiet to z tego co pamiętam Raphael pisał, że będzie ich kilka (dotycząca Feronisa, Nightbane itd.) i mają być wypuszczone w czasie najbliższych kilku tygodni, więc zasadniczo można uznać, że te kilka tygodni jeszcze nie minęło. Aczkolwiek zgadzam się co do zniknięcia tamtego tematu w niewyjaśnionych okolicznościach
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    Hello, Player Wwswwswsswss was punished. We cannot punish Wsswwswswsws, because evidence isn't enough. Regards
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    Previous report by Sonrakus My name: Nogh Reported player's name: Wsswwswswsws & Wwswwswsswss Date: 05.03.2019. Rule that was broken: 8. Software that modifies the game and / or faking the packets sent to the server is prohibited. Automation software, such as bots, are also prohibited. The punishment is the same as in point 7 of the Terms of Use. Description: A new case of the same offense mentioned in the quoted report by Sonrakus. This report is concerning the player Wwswwswsswss who was reported and punished in the previous case, along with Wsswwswswsws, whom have now both been captured teleporting again. I'd like to support the hypothesis that the entire guild <PROjektWS> is full of teleport hackers and declare that they should be watched at all time whenever they are online. An updated anti-cheat might be a good idea, as well. This is why you permaban hackers on first offense, they never learn. Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfw0MVuoIdo the sound is my other client open because it's the only way to catch this sort of tele hacking, and prove it unless you know it takes longer than under 10-15 sec to get from Eastvale back to where you died in Stormwind which was near stockades btw, and we stayed at his corpse and he ressed with no other horde in sight in around 10 sec of dying. Evidence: https://pasteboard.co/I43KWz2.jpg Evidence: https://pasteboard.co/I43LcXa.jpg as you can see he show's no signs of caring and does it openly. Evidence: https://pasteboard.co/I43KFwP.jpg here's the map for good measure showing the journey needed to even get back to sw, as a horde who has died in there.
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    Not all farm shadowmourne... If are you bored create new character or play PvP or stop play wow
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    Then there's one twink who donated too. Just level a bit more. You were fine with barely any BGs ever popping until 70, right? I don't understand what's the issue in grinding the remaining levels - even if you don't like it, you clearly can do it! Or you can do so, and hope your side has more twinks... In my opinion, it's a bit awkward to join/quit a server over such a minor part of the game as leveling 70-79 on BGs.
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    Hello, Player was punished. Regards
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    Your name - GhoxReported player's name - RadomiakDate - 23/02/2019Rule that was broken - Non English in public chat (offensive)Description - So, I was farming some thorium in Un'Goro crater, and I reached a thorium vein before some lower level Death Knight did, and he decided to use some non English words against me, and even whispered me with some more after I told him that he is getting reported. Evidence - There are 3 photos attached.
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    "Alliance uses it more" - sounds legit from someone who calls other twinks "fappers", "fappy" or "sofapped" and uses it on bg what couldn't be more equal, especially 1vs1. You're welcome, Senior Smradac. It was my pleasure
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    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, demand boosts yet exploit the "too easy" bosses. Really setting the bar high here Titan.
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    Screen is cut. Whats more, I was talking with Arinea and Corru (your previous report), and if you will keep baiting people and reporting them, I will punish you, instead of them. Rejected.
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    Hello, This screenshot isn't enough proof. It doesn't shows that it was RDF group or normal party. Regards
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    Your name -ZizzouReported player's name - LaboulangereDate - 07.03.2019 and again on 10.03.2019Rule that was broken - Harassment , Insult , Foreign language Description - Ok , so the 3 screenshots below are pretty much self explanatory , I say in /guild chat that he's the one being toxic , and it starts . first in /guild chat , then in whispers , chaine insults in a foreign language ( Tunisian ) Translation : 1st screen : '' Fuck your mother you **** '' in /g chat 2nd screen : '' -Your mom is a whore i swear , / fuck your mother , cunts as usual '' now the 3rd screen , can you even believe this ? TWO DAYS after he insulted me and i simply ignored him , TWO DAYS LATER in a raid , he sends his friend to /w me what you see in the screen , which i took as a threat cause we both live in the same city , ( 3rd screen , '' labo '' is short for laboulangere ) Someone who insults and keeps insulting you and your mother simply because you said '' you're the one who's being toxic '' , and who tries to stalk you even days after , even when i don't respond , please don't just give him a simple mute , as that will certainly not derail him from repeating this kind of behaviour . Thank you for your time ( Quick edit added : 4th screen , bonus harassment , when i /ignored him on thursday 07.03.2019 , and ignored his friend's msgs yesterday , because we're in the same guild and therefore use the same teamspeak , he sent me what you see on the 4th screen , which translates into '' Laboulangere sent you a poke '' does your family know you're a faggot ? '' )
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    ok. źle się wyraziłem ale koniec końców wiem już wszystko. dzięki wielkie
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    Pytałeś o konta więc dostałeś odpowiedź - nie rozumiem gdzie tutaj milczenie. Co do postaci to nie ma takiej możliwości.
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    yes you can:) i dont know 60 is possible but you can sell and buy
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    Greetings! I was the GM who contacted you after getting a report; the whole conversation consisted of me asking questions about how to reproduce the bug, and I wished you a pleasant day. Afterwards, I had shared the information amongst staff members and realized that the last "DC" was 3 days before. Meaning that character has been abusing it for 3 days straight and you had not reported it to us directly, only after being contacted.
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    That's a really nice idea. So much content goes to waste in Blizzlike "heroics".
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    Hey, community of Sunwell-Nightbane! We would like to announce that our guild <Dispeared> (TK 4/4, SSC 6/6) has decided to organize weekly Gruul Raid where you can buy your dream items. There are some rules tho and this is how you can get items: - At the start of every ID, we would create a new post (Marketplace->Horde) on the forum with available loot for this specific ID. - Each post will tell you the price of item and date when raid is going to happen. - Comment with bid for item: "[item-name] bid: [your bid] gold - [nick-in-game]". - Highest bid will win a spot in raid, if item drops we make the exchange. You will trade your bid of gold. Raid leader will give you an item on master loot, every transaction will get a screenshot & recorded. - Items have their own starting price, if item won't get any bids on forum, we will auction it live during raid. - In raid there will be about 10-15 over geared members of Dispeared, but still you have to be geared with at least rare items (raid leader would tell you if you are able to take a part in raid). - At the beginning of every raid, there will be an announcement on chat with current buyers and their prices. - Buyers have to play normally and be able to follow tactics and raid calls. - Raid leader reserves all rights to kick people from raid, if he sees that the buyer is not able to follow rules or tactics. We are trying to see of there would be any interested people who want to take part in such raids! Feel free to ask questions to: Gryshan, Varal, Nicksupafly. You can see our progress here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Maty0902/videos?view=57&flow=grid LINK TO CURRENT AUCTIONS: Items(28.02) For the Horde!
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    Sorry to say but the chinese visit the forums as often as staff members do (= not at all). GL anyways
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    Hello. 1. It wasn't me who banned these accounts. 2. They were banned 4 months ago - "III.2. You can appeal only for 3 days after being punished. " - https://sunwell.pl/page/rules Appeal rejected. Best regards
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    Thanks. Works very well. Good job.
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    Hello, These screenshots aren't good proofs. We don't see that https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=47303 dropped. Additionaly, we don't see who got this item after killing the Valkyrs. 3rd screenshot isn't enough, cause plyaer Yousanto could had this item before. Regards
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    Your report has to be made using the template below. Evidence has to be unedited - whether it is a video or a screenshot. Topic name: [Report] Name Topic content: Your name - Liesar Reported player's name - Prankster and Yousanto Date - 20-2-2019 Rule that was broken -Ninja looting Description - I was in Toc 25 with nothing ress and DC drops the leader takes it and tells us it will be rolled for after last boss, when last boss dies he just leaves without making the roll for it, after that Tashka (another player in the raid /w me letting me know that now Yousantao now has the item and gives me the SS FYI- he allso took all the Trophy's and Crusader orb's Evidence -
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    Hello! Paradisekiss was Goldselling. I do not believe he was exchanging gold for "tigers" he will remain banned.
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    Your name - LindseyReported player's name - BubbakushDate - 22-02-2019Rule that was broken - bug-using (exploiting the bugs for own profit)Description - Uses second window to exit pvp without death and delay in 30 secondsEvidence - On the screen a little earlier, this is evident in time, I warned him to stop doing this, but he continues to use the bug.
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    As a response to this report Since the start of the raid, we were rolling items after every 3rd boss, so this was loot from rotface,festergut and bpc, every single item since the start of the raid has been rolled with the RaidRoll addon. Basicly, I announce the item that's being rolled for in the raid warning, and after few seconds, once the players seen what item is being rolled for and compared it with their curent gear, I start the 10 seconds timer with addon, giving players 10 seconds to roll once the timer starts to roll before winner is announced(so in reality since I linked the item first time players had 20-30 seconds to roll). Once we have a winner for certain item, player trades me and I give him the item. Player Steeleguy rolled too late for the ring, and I already gave the item to the winner(like I did for every single item since the start of the raid), and then he calls me a ninja looter. I'll give few screenshots ( take a look at the chat box-that's how all the items were rolled in the raid) and you can confirm this by asking any of the players that were in this raid ( You can see names in the raid frames on screenshots or recount.) Not to mention that the guy who won the item isn't even my friend or guildie, just another pug in the raid, so I have no reasons what so ever to "ninja loot" this item. It was rolled just like any other and it's his fault he didn't roll in time, like everyone else did. Also these rules have been announced since the start of the raid, how we'll roll items, but I don't have screenshot of that sadly, but again you can ask any of other 23 players. To answer this question he asked, "if vessler the mage that got the ring "didn't do anything wrong" then why did the mage leave immediatly after they got ring?" -he left probably cuz he is a pug and he didnt care anymore about the raid is my first guess.(since DFO trinket dropped and he didnt win the roll on it), I can't force pugs to stay in the raid. Thats what I was trying to somewhat prevent by rolling items after few bosses are killed. P.S. Steeleguy did not trade me before the item was given to original winner. If he did I am pretty sure he would have some proof to back that up. So I believe it's clear that this isn't a ninja loot.
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    He didn't say he (or horde) have never used faps. He said alliance uses it more. This is obviously a hard thing to test, you can disagree if you want, but that was his claim. Again, I don't have a problem with people using faps, just not people being hypocritical about it. Interesting that you have a screenshot ready to "prove" that someone hordeside used fap. If I took a screenshot every time an alliance player fapped I'd run out of hard drive space...
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    Meanwhile, wsg CTA is quite active + the queue is in horde favor number wise most of the day, perhaps things shifting back to "normal" and horde won't have to flee the server as some of them claimed they will?
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    Hello thank you for your report I will look into this Regards
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    No offence but what's the point in guide that will be usefull in about 8-12 months maybe ?
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