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  2. Hi everyone! I am new here. Lets have some fun! Yuhuu!

  3. Spazmog

    Hellforge Release

    Hello Sunwell Team, I found a little bug on your instance. When I'm in my Blood Tanking spec, and then respec to Unholy - when i trying summon my ghoul, He dissapear. Pet bar is missing and ability is on cooldown (the same, as when ghoul is summoned). Only help teleport out of instance and summon ghoul and teleport to instance. Can You check it? I will check this one again today.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Elimi

    Violation of good name

    Hi i would like to report Player, name- Afflictive. Insulting/public insinuation/suggesting to other players that i play not fair and use hack. All off this entries violate my good name. I am clean, please investigate the matter and take an official position on this issue.
  6. Druid Bear Bis List Survival 3.3.5 PvE The biggest problem in choosing items for the Bear is hit raiting. Most biss items not have hit raiting so you need to choose build which will has hit cap and the greatest survival. I present the best selection of items for a bear to survive. |Item|Gem 1|Gem 2|Gem 3|Enchant Head: Head: Sanctified Lasherweave Headguard | Austere Earthsiege Diamond | Shifting Dreadstone | Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector Neck: Neck: Bile-Encrusted Medallion Shoulders: Shoulders: Sanctified Lasherweave Shoulderpads | Greater Inscription of the Gladiator Back: Back: Sentinel's Winter Cloak | Vivid Eye of Zul | Scroll of Enchant Cloak - Mighty Armor Chest: Chest: Ikfirus's Sack of Wonder | Scroll of Enchant Chest - Super Healt(most survival) or Scroll of Enchant Chest - Powerful Stats(better treat and mitigation) The best ench on chest is Heavy Borean Armor Kit but on sunwell: 1 stamina = 9.94 health so 18 stamina = 178.92 hp 18 stamina +bok(10%) = 1968.812 hp 250hp>18 stamina on sunwell Wrist: Wrist: Armbands of Dark Determination | Scroll of Enchant Bracer - Major Stamina < Umbrage Armbands is better but the difference between stats is the smallest compared to other items. Hit raiting and 2 slot for gem decided to choose Armbands of Dark Determination. Hands: Ręce: uświęcone uchwyty lasherweave | Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Precision Waist: Talia: Szew Cinch Astryliana Feet: Stopy: (most survival) or Podnóżki Zbliżającej się Śmierci (better theat) | Zwój Zaklętych Butów - Większa hartowność lub Zwój Zaklętych Butów - Witalność Tuskarra (improve speed) Legs: Nogi: Uświęcone Ochraniacze Lasherweave | Pancerz Nogi Frosthide Finger1: Palec 1: Wiecznie zimny pierścień Devium Finger 2: Finger 2: Ashen Band of Endless Courage | Żywe Oko Zul We need a finger with hit raiting raiting, so this will be the best option, but if you have another finger with a ashen verdict reputation, the second choice Krwawego Pierścienia Obrzydliwości . These fingers have less survival than Band of the Twin Val'kyr > Ring of Binding are better, but the difference between statistics is the smallest compared to other items. Trinket 1: Talizman 1: Nieskazitelny kieł Sindragosy Trinket2: Talizman 2: Witalność Juggernauta Idol: Idol: Idol Płaczącego Księżyca Weapon: Broń: Gniewny Gladiator's Greatstaff | Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Mongoose or Scroll of Enchant Weapon - Drenaż krwi I prefer Zwój Zaklętej Broni - Spuszczanie Krwi, because it heals from 360 to 2200 if you take less than 30% health / 30 seconds of cooldown With this build we have 218 hit raiting. 3 x Vivid Eye of Zul and Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Precision will allow you to get a hit cap. Gems: Red: Solid Majestic Zircon (most survival) Shifting Dreadstone (better threat and mitigation) Blue: Solid Majestic Zircon Yello: Solid Majestic Zircon or Vivid Eye of Zul, if you don't have hit cap.
  7. Last week
  8. Your name - Afflictive Reported player's name - Eiimi Rule that was broken - 8. Software that modifies the game and / or faking the packets sent to the server is prohibited. Automation software, such as bots, are also prohibited. The punishment is the same as in point 7 of the Terms of Use. Description - Rogue Eiimi using instant kick penance hack. Dargor farmed him today and he turned on prekick penance hack for last 4 arenas (I recorded only 3) Evidence - 0:02 | 0:08 | 0:12 Slow Motrion 10% slow version: 0:25 | 1:21 | 2:10 You can set 0,25 youtube slowmotion andIt will be 0,025 slowmotion. Hes reaction time = 70ms or less. I dont know how to count this with internet and server ms. Reaction Time Test: https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime My best score when I am 100% focused = 211ms (2,11sec) He have Vanish Death Coil Hack too:
  9. Fajnytenprej

    Old player

    Yes, feronis is shutdowned. You won't get your account, there were transfers to angrathar and you had like month for it.
  10. pyth71

    Xp rate

    Try'n to get xp rate to x1 ,but won't take command .blizzlike any help?
  11. bronnxyolo

    Old player

    I need help with my old account and i get nothing ;d
  12. Melair

    Old player

    Ignorance is bliss.
  13. bronnxyolo

    Old player

  14. Trelhar


    I was probably wrong so I withdraw this report. You can close/delete it.
  15. bronnxyolo

    Old player

    Hello, i am a old player from feronis. And i have a problem. Do you shut down that realm? Bronnxyolo
  16. Earlier
  17. Sheira


    Your name - SheiraReported player's name - ParsDate - 15.08.2019rRule that was broken - Suspicion of hackingDescription - I was flying across Icecrown farming some herbs and doing AT dailys, when i saw a 23 lvl alliance character named Pars. I don't think that's a normal thing, especially when after couple of seconds he just disappeared. Here's screenshot of him. I don't know if he was hacking or not, but I've got suspicious. Evidence -
  18. Deadwood

    Szukam osob do party na dungi Shazzrah [H]

    Horda, ally?
  19. Doremi

    [Thauriela] (Banned by Piootrek)

    Ignorance of the regulations does not release from compliance with the regulations. Rejected (for me). @Piootrek
  20. Doremi

    75. Paciu

    Player Paciu added to our ninjalist, item will be deleted. Thanks for your report, Regards.
  21. Doremi

    Ninja Shermanz

    There is no screenshot of what player has received the item. Rejected.
  22. Crysis

    being racist after being warned

    Should it bother me that you felt THAT offended? You both were offensive to each other so you received the same penalty. Even these screenshots are enough for me. Regards.
  23. About MoP- we are working on it. It takes time to script everything from basics.
  24. krchmar

    being racist after being warned

    Thank you Crysis. You judged fairly.
  25. Dalune

    being racist after being warned

    did you actually go into the game logs and read the raid chat for that wg that led up to all of that? or did you just ban us both because of this thread? either way, last time i pay into this server. paymane for me >:0
  26. Crysis

    being racist after being warned

    Mutes for both. And warn for Noturogue. Regards.
  27. Noturogue

    being racist after being warned

    fuck u both
  28. krchmar

    being racist after being warned

    He was annoying, whispered me after WG continue to harass me on another characters after I ignored him. He is an attention seeker and he cries when he is slapped back. And he is running to forums and reporting people when he do not get to win the insult race. Talking how he portrays victim. Like so many SJW. Fine ban me i do not care.
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