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  3. Niar

    Banned by Iskyl

    [b]Character Name:[b] Niar [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] Banned for goldselling [b]Game Master:[/b] Iskyl [b]Summary:[/b] Haven't sold anything, sill have the same amount on my character when i quit, was thinking about giving it away to friends that still play and that i got on my friends list, so no idea why i was banned.
  4. My name- SibbuliReported player's name - PsikutasbezsDate - 24.04.2019Rule that was broken - II. Game Masters and chat rules §6Description - After winning item in vault of archavon guy started to insult me because I don't want to sell item for him. Evidence - https://gyazo.com/c5290b61090c0b2778179ac74ac79586
  5. Nadiir

    Progeebator banned by Server

    Investigated and unbanned.
  6. Ilovecookies101

    "Can't login" Solution guide.

    Hi I just changed the password to my account and now I can’t login. I reset password multiple times and it won’t let me log in. Wondering if something is up with the account
  7. Last week
  8. Every time I login or reload my UI, I am unable to see my pet's happiness, pet tab in the character pane, or my pet abilities bar. Is this a common issue, and how do I solve it? I can only solve this by dismissing my pet but it reduces happiness and I don't really want to have to keep feeding my pet unnecessairly.
  9. Your name - Leonardum Reported player's name - Caypan / Jojoref Date - 21st of April 2019 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - Caypan was a well-geared lvl 80 DK tanking a rdf with us (we were still not 80), when a rare(-ish) blue BoE lvl 80 neck dropped with stam, intel, spirit and SP dropped. As I am a resto druid and we also had a mage in party, we assumed we'd be the logical contenders for this item (the other two party members were another DK and a hunter). To our surprise, the DK needed for the item (and ofc won). When we confronted him with this, he informed us he was dualboxing with the hunter and that he had needed the necklace for that character... Now I have never rolled a hunter, but I think any of those stats are hardly must-haves. Not to mention that dualboxing to gear up alts is a rather questionable practice to begin with. (Although I am not sure if there's a rule against that here.) Either way, we thought it would be good to report this, as it was a rather unpleasant encounter. Evidence - I refer to the images in attachment to this post. Sorry they are multiple. I did not know about the chat box size guideline when I was making the screenshots.
  10. Facemask

    71. Eronoyus

    Your name - StupidretardReported player's name - EronoyusDate - 23.04.2019Rule that was broken -22. Ninjalooting is forbidden on Sunwell. After having enough proof of the misdemeanor, the ninjalooter that stole an item will face two possible forms of punishment.Description - ICC25, Gunship HC Cloak on roll, Blackwitch won the roll with 80, second roll was 68 Another rogue, and Third one was the raid leaders in this case the ninja. Rules were default, MS>OS, Bryntoll reserved. Primos on roll aswell. Proof before the raid started with loot rulles: https://i.imgur.com/WDHhfD0.jpg Evidence - 1 https://i.imgur.com/5ZJKxUm.jpg 2 https://i.imgur.com/HKwSf4V.jpg 3 https://i.imgur.com/MibNhie.jpg and the 4th pic when he gives it to himself https://i.imgur.com/rsRUqAy.jpg Note: The loot rulles are MS>OS not "STATS PRIORITY". So basically the hunter who have won the item in the first place should be awarded.
  11. Senat

    Transfery z Feronis

    Na fanpage napisali, że będą wraz ze startem nowego sezonu arenowego.
  12. Temlaa

    CAnt get bagnon to work

    Nvm figured out had to get an older version
  13. Temlaa

    CAnt get bagnon to work

    Hey there. I installed the addon and its in the addon folder but i cant get it to load right. Anyone know how?
  14. Azathothh

    Gold selling - Johansus

    Banned, thanks for your report!
  15. Rafauki

    Report- Ninjalooting Pafico

    Your name - RafaukiReported player's name - PaficoDate - 23.04.2019Rule that was broken - ninja lootingDescription - hunter selected need for tank's neck, and left party, went offline, didnt even gave a chance to explain Evidence -
  16. Bogumil

    Transfery z Feronis

    Są te transfery? Bo nwm czy warto wracać na sunwella
  17. Pevi

    Alliance power

    Yes u have most spells on lvl 79 but there is big different between lvl 78 gear and wrathfull gear. And we like play bgs vs same geared twinking not vs levelers.
  18. Kuroi_Mato_O

    Gold selling - Johansus

    Your name - KotoriasobiReported player's name - JohansusDate - 23/04/2019Rule that was broken - advertising external resource for profitDescription - seems like he PM random ppl to get response and trigger afk message with ad. Didn't resized chat window because that's basically whole "conversation".
  19. Vipermagi

    Alliance power

    Correct me if I am wrong. Is this thread about some 79 twink crying about that he got smashed by some lvl 80? Well, isnt 79 twinks with heirlooms and enchants, smashing players who just level their char and want experience from CTA in 70-79 bracket the same story? I find it funny. Also I find funny fact that someone think that it is hard to kill lvl 80 while being at lvl 79 where 99% of class skills are unlocked.
  20. Kluseq

    Angrathar: Endgame

    but guys u still have boosted halion to progress from this saturday XD
  21. Immortal

    Alliance power

    Thank you! It's been fun!
  22. Pevi

    Alliance power

    Again a strong aly group For full lvl 79s party aly needed call full lvl 80 party gg! https://imgur.com/s2ejiVd
  23. sinepjum

    Ninja Loot / Lynia

    Healer with better gear taked my head (6:30 pm) Screen: https://imgur.com/a/c4dWmI0 Lynia Armory: https://imgur.com/JYGJQj7 Your name - derteufelebtReported player's name - LyniaDate - 22.04.19Rule that was broken - ninja lootDescription - Taked my head on Trial of the Champion (Heroic)Evidence - Screen: https://imgur.com/a/c4dWmI0 Lynia Armory: https://imgur.com/JYGJQj7
  24. Khemmis

    [NA] Fresh Guild?

    I am interested in something like this as well. My brother and I recently joined the server and are pushing level 71 at the moment. Paladin and Druid both looking to tank/heal/dps or whatever. If you don't hear back on the thread about a guild opening up, we would be interested in getting in touch to combine players for 5 mans and higher. We want to actually clear through Naxx - whether or not it is considered meta. We play PST times, so if you are interested PM or Mail me in game @Khemmis
  25. Allais

    Up in Arena

    Horde player Niach stay up in Dalaran arena
  26. Koreianz1

    Progeebator banned by Server

    Character Name: Progeebator Punishment Reason: Anticheat violation (WoWEmuHacker Injection) Game Master: Server Summary: I fell off of the lift in the Thousand Needles and I was banned. I was not using any cheats at all. I kindly ask that my account be unbanned. Thank you for your time.
  27. KimmoKM

    Angrathar: Endgame

    How many resets did it take to clear LK HC? Quite many as I recall. Now, the strongest guilds had left the server during or after Ulduar so LOD could certainly have been achieved in fewer resets, but I just don't get some people's obsession on expecting near-BiS gear by the time bosses are killed. Indeed, that would be quite ridiculous since at that point only the single strongest guild can beat it - if another guild could clear it with any less gear, they would have claimed the first (supposing no one's doing split runs, everyone gears at roughly the same speed, and for that matter I don't think split runs should be encouraged). Each reset of gear acting as an indirect nerf to content is a wonderful mechanic, but that only works insofar as there's further room to gear up beyond the point that's required to kill the bosses. If a boss DEMANDS very many resets of gear (especially considering if it also takes a good comp, which high-end guilds are more likely to have: requiring too much gear will lock out most raids forever), you're in an utterly unhealthy spot of super-exclusive content or prompt nerfs being required, neither of which are desirable. On the other hand, if firsts are achievable without farming prior content too much, this mechanic takes care of all the problems naturally without demeaning the content with nerfs or anything of the sort being required and everyone's happy. Besides folks who have an obsession about content "lasting long enough" even though they don't have any skin in the game, I guess. Now, perhaps you could say bosses other than LK should have lasted longer and that sort of makes sense, but then again, they lasted for an unblizzlike duration as it is. ICC sans LK is supposed to be pathetic.
  28. longhornjack

    Returning Player - Heirlooms Gone

    Hello friends, After taking a long break from the server I returned to find that my heirlooms I bought for one of my character are missing. What should be done in this situation? Who can I contact to retrieve them? Thank you for you help! LHJ
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