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  2. Azathothh

    [Report] Tsarran

    Hello. Thanks for your report, Tsarran and Rozowamisia were punished. We do treat everyone equally and can't do what you're asking for. It doesn't really matter who started. Best regards
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  4. cyanerds

    Sunwell Viral #01 and Q&A

    will panda meme become a reality 馃惣 ples ples
  5. Raven

    Sunwell Viral #01 and Q&A

    One question and suggest - do you have a 100% certaity succes fresh realm in the very big succes of Blizzard Classic? I suppose Wotk if this realm will be this expension pack is tottaly grasp for Warmane so I'm afraid a new Wotlk may be dud
  6. Keynn

    Sunwell Viral #01 and Q&A

    Fresh wotlk? PeepoHappy
  7. Hello there, Short video (CLICK) has appeared on our Youtube channel and Facebook, announcing creation of our fresh realm. We are not going to reveal any details yet. You will learn everything during our live Q&A (CLICK) that will take place on 28.09.2019 at 7.00 PM. Regards!
  8. Azathothh

    [Eloize] (Banned by Azathothh)

    Hello. 4. Selling / buying gold is prohibited. for selling gold, the player is punished with a permanent ban without being able to appeal against its; III. Appeals 2. You can appeal only for 3 days after being punished. https://sunwell.pl/page/rules Sorry but appeal rejected, Best regards
  9. kamiloskop56

    [Eloize] (Banned by Azathothh)

    Character Name: Eloize Punishment Reason: Gold selling Game Master: Azathothh Summary: I wanted to return to this server after a year or so just to find out that I was banned for gold selling which is sad because I liked the server, played it really casually, never had more than 5k gold in my backpack and here I am banned for gold selling. Please could you reconsider my banishment from the server? (Sorry for my poor english but it is my second language)
  10. Paks

    [Report] Tsarran

    Your name - Gnomedalf Reported player's name - Tsarran Date - 14.9.2019 Rule that was broken - Speaking non-english in RDF chat Description - Speaking non-english in RDF chat Evidence - But Rozo was a bro and just answered the guy to inform him that it was indeed he who fucked up by engaging anub too soon and trapping the healer outside. Tsa started talking polespeak. I beg mercy for Rozo if possible!
  11. Paciu

    Tilted Pally On raid

    Your name -Paciu Reported player's name -Balgaria Date -2019-09-13 Rule that was broken -Offensive Worlds on raid and say chat Description - Write mockingly on one of the bosses on Trial Of The Crusader 25m :Wtb aggro on palla tank. Hes been angry for rest boss on this raid ;/ That was bad manners Evidence - Screenshot chat (sorry for no resize chat )
  12. farmaceut

    How to play on MacOS

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to play on server but can't find working client. Have found one that was called to be working, but it doesn't even opens. Does anyone where I can find the proper one ans start the game? Thanks!
  13. Hyndril


    Your name is - Hotroth Given player name - Zumzum Date - 12.09.2019 The rule that was broken - Ninja loot Description - Zumzum as a leader on Voa25 gives itm pvp to Conanobrienx who lost the roll with me. Evidence - Screenshots, no PVP itm rules were established.
  14. Myszorogi

    BG pre 80?

    So I always like to spice up my leveling with some BGs. Is the population big enough to get reasonable que times pre lvl 80? Which faction would give me overall better experience in BGs?
  15. farmaceut

    [GUIDE] How to play WoW TBC on macOS

    Hello there! Thank you for creating this client however could you please upload it somewhere else? Like google drive or dropbox? Problem with mega is the limit 5GB per day for free amount. Because file is much larger I'm not even able to download it... I will be thankful, Have a nice day!
  16. Myszorogi

    Very low fps [SOLVED]

    I don't have a gaming desktop, however since I was able to run current retail on fairly good details with decent fps I didn't expect problems with WotLK. Turns out - with everything turned to lowest settings I get 20 something fps and the game even lags at the login screen. It's wierd. I have i3 procesor using integrated graphics and 8 gb ram. Windows 10. Also when my cursor sometimes changes shape (to default windows one) and turns unusubale (doesnt react to clicks) usually when araound the center of the screen. Again wierd. EDIT: I had fresh windows install and needed to download extra drivers for my CPU and integrated. Now everything is fine. I'll leave it here in case anyone is as clueless as me
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  18. nicknick

    Kt贸ry serwer?

    Nie wiem czy jest jeszcze jakikolwiek sens komentowa膰 administracje i ich dzia艂ania. Z tego co rozmawia艂em z zagranicznymi graczami to nie maja zamiaru nigdy wi臋cej wraca膰 ani gra膰 na sunwellu s膮 zra偶eni do gry tutaj. Co do graczy z Polski to ka偶dy wie jak to wygl膮da. Te偶 nie ma sensu komentowa膰. Dobrze, 偶e administracja wrzuci艂a postacie z fero 偶eby poprawi膰 kulture gry :D Tak poza tym w ally rozpad艂a si臋 gildia immersion w kt贸rej mogli gra膰 zagraniczni gracze. Nie ma ju偶 偶adnej kt贸ra robi pe艂ne icc 25 i zrzesza zagranicznych graczy. Zosta艂y dwie polskie kt贸re robi膮 te 10+ boss贸w na icc 25hc z czego po艂owa jednej jest ju偶 wystawiona na sprzeda偶 (ta kt贸ra dosta艂a darmowe postacie z fero). Niekt贸rzy czekaj膮 tylko do ko艅ca sezonu.
  19. Ghoticki

    Problem with disconect

    I dont have any addons and i have win Xp compatibility. Mayby this problem is in game client ? Try download from other link or something ?
  20. Azathothh

    Problem with disconect

    Hello. Please try disabling all your addons, if it won't help close your game and run it in windows XP compatibility mode, it may help. Regards
  21. Ghoticki

    Problem with disconect

    Hello. I have problem. When i start game i login in and i play 5-10 s and i have disconect. The same is when i login in and i have disconect on champ sellect screen. What to do ?

    Switching of email address

    Hi, i made a wow account on this using my email address and i dont want to loose this account because i will be deleting my old email address on which i have this wow account and just want to switch this account from this email address to the new one , how can i do this?
  23. Elimi

    [Elimi] (Banned by Azathothh)

    Character Name: Elimi Punishment Reason: PvP scripts Game Master: Azathothh Summary: Hello, 2 days ago, I wrote a private message to you in the forum. Unfortunately no one answered. Normal behavior of the persons responsible for the association society. If you require me to admit to using a bot/script.. it will never happen. I play intuitively. In the movies you can watch my pro "pre kick" yes! But, mostly I waste this skill for nothing .. Why no one shows it??? Why?.. it's not about reaction time, but about premonition. I always play the same way. It`s ridiculous to get banned for that. When it comes to using vanish on deadcoil, I'm able to show it on, in each every singel duel. This is not a problem for me. Almost 100% vanish/coil ratio. And the whole situation is not about me, scripts, but about justice. I'm sick of this crib. Sunwell will never return to the great times when Jajcer management this serwer. I would just like to know why Kuzniak got banned since he proved to you, that he didn't use any script in dalaran.. tell me, why? Admit your mistake and that your level of knowledge is about 0 when it comes to pvp. You suggest other players' opinions, instead of verifying it personally. I`ve always believed in sunwell project, supported u either donating or encouraging friends to play, but feels like I was mistaken, wasting time and money. I wont play here anymore. Best regards.
  24. Azathothh

    mute Reprieve by Azathothh

    1. You've got muted for breaking our rule : "The global chat channel is an English channel. Speaking in any other language is strictly prohibited and may result in a mute from 6 hours to 7 days; in some other cases, channel ban may be applied. 30 minutes of mute - the first case 6 hours of mute 鈥 the second case; 7 days of mute 鈥 the third case; Permanent channel ban 鈥 in the fourth case. In some special cases, permanent channel ban and more strict punishment may be applied even after the first case of misbehavior: it all depends on the Game Master. " 2. You're referring to facebook post and say that it misled you about languages allowed on /global channel - here is part of this post: It's black on white GLOBAL CHANNEL STAYS PURE ENGLISH . How could that post make you think that you can speak other language than english on /global ?? No, we didn't change anything with global, it will always be english channel, if you have any doubts about rules they are available here https://sunwell.pl/page/rules 24/7 so you can check them any time you want instead of making your own assumptions based on your imagination... 3. I've already explained you why it's so long - you've been breaking our rules so many times that you should know them very well by now. (list goes from the bottom to the top) 1st mute 2018-06-15 (later reduced probably after your appeal) 2nd mute 2018-09-03 3rd mute 2018-10-28 (2days later reduced after appeal and then 2days later reduced even more - there's also comment from Asureuz "if player will break rules one more time will get mute for 2 weeks") 4th mute 2018-11-07 (short mute for spam on global) Mute that you've received from me is your 5th mute (removed and applied later on your request) so please stop acting like you're innocent, you keep breaking our rules and it doesn't matter if you're doing it knowingly or not - it's your duty to know our rules and follow them, they are not hidden anywhere and unavailable for players... You're breaking our rules = you're receiving your punishment You're not breaking our rules = you've not getting any punishment It's simple as 2+2. Appeal rejected, Best regards
  25. xxbreakerxx

    Kt贸ry serwer?

    Jest uwa偶any za Polski bo powsta艂 na ruinie dawnego, polskiego Sunwella (oczywi艣cie czysto w celacha marketingowych 偶eby zwi臋kszy膰 ilo艣膰 najpierw Polskich graczy na Feronisie). Jak zobaczyli 偶e to wypali艂o (co w mojej opinii Feronis by艂 zwyk艂ym eksperymentem) to przenie艣li si臋 na realm mi臋dzynarodowy (r贸wnie偶 dla zysk贸w) . Pozdrawiam by艂ego Gm'a kt贸ry mi opowiedzial to i owo o Cule team i o patolii jaka si臋 dzia艂a w administracji za jego kadencji. Skoro jeste艣my przy nich - Devovie i Admini zrobili co mogli 偶eby trzyma膰 oba realmy jednocze艣nie (chocia偶 oczywistym by艂o 偶e otwarcie jednego spowoduje upadek drugiego). Natomiast co niekt贸rzy Polscy GM'owie to dzieci z jakim艣 kompleksem wy偶szo艣ci. Dasz im troch臋 w艂adzy to w dupach im si臋 przewraca. Zupe艂nie bez skrupu艂贸w - mute, bany bez ostrze偶e艅, gdzie taki starszej daty Estally potrafi艂 da膰 ostrze偶enie, a przy tym pogada膰 (no chyba 偶e kto艣 co艣 chamskiego zrobi艂). Najwi臋kszym zagro偶eniem na serverze s膮 sami Polacy. Gra艂em w paru angloj臋zycznych gildiach i bez por贸wnania kultura jest zupe艂nie inna ni偶 w Polskich, gdzie mentalne dzieciaki patrz膮 tylko 偶eby sobie miodu do dupy nalac, 偶eby mie膰 najwiecy GS'a. Chcia艂bym nowy realm wotlka (bo w zasadzie nie ma 偶adnego tak dobrego servera jakim jest Sunwell. natomiast nie mo偶e on by膰 kierowany w 90% przez polskie core. Moje opinie to wynik obserwacji plus rozm贸w z paroma osobami. Nie ka偶dy musi si臋 z tym zgadza膰. Pozdro!
  26. Przedstawione s膮 tu problemy ka偶dego serwera a nie sunwella. Jak chcesz zbawia膰 艣wiat to usu艅 konto. Do kosza.
  27. xxbreakerxx

    mute Reprieve by Azathothh

    [b]Character Name:[/b] Reprieve [b]Punishment Reason:[/b] speaking another language [b]Game Master:[/b] @Azathothh [b]Summary:[/b] At the beginning: 1) Why i got mutted? Becouse i've quote Polish song (without any insults or rude meanings) in Polish. 2) Why did i quote polish song on /global channel? Becouse (for my disandvantage) I thought that speaking in another language (than english) is no longer banned. I saw post on Facebook few days ago that: 3. Say/Yell/Party.Administration WILL NOT interfere with these chats, except offensive behaviours, forbidden in our Terms of Use. and i thought that it's also concern global channel, but IT's NOT. I saw many Polish players that they wrote in Polish on /global (probably not becouse that they wanted to broke the rules, but they belive that you as an administration abolish rule about eng speaking on global channel too), also there is a kind of rumor that Polish is no longer illegal. I'am not going to apoligize, becouse i've quote some Polish song, but i wish to excuse, becouse (as an Azathothh said) i broke your rule (unknowing) yestarday. 3) For how long i got muted? I got muted for 2 WEEKS and i think that its tooooo much for such a harmless thing. When i wrote with Azathothh he said that 2 weeks, becouse i got muted few times, and yes, but: 1) 2 times it was mistake by GM (and he/she tried to short it from 7d to 0days, twice) - but still looks like i've done something 2) one time when i said that Polish ppl, are lazy on battlegrounds- ''racism'' got muted for few hours. 3) when i got panished, becouse some polish kids were kicking ppl from party for fun, and i yelled them on /p (and yes, GM has right, but it was one year ago, and i didnt do anything untill yestarday's quote) As you can see my mistakes were nothing special and it has really low harmfuless. That's why i'am asking about decrease my mute with 2 weeks for 4 hours. In line of the principle of breaking the rule i guess 4 hours should be enough and fair. I got a lesson and i will look after myself better. Greetings
  28. Azathothh

    [Kuzniak and Elimi] (Banned by Azathothh)

    Hello. Did your enemies on arenas count down when they will start cast as well? I know sometimes it can be coincidence or that it's possible to pre-kick, by observing enemy behaviour, when he's running and using instants and then stopping, he stops probably to cast something, but humans can't see that and then press bind for interrupt in less than 0,1sec especially when you have to look out for many other things, not only concentrate on this one thing. Rogue would have to use kick randomly in order to interrupt in like 0,08sec... Now you're trying to turn it into joke... Your dalaran duels + calling people out on global to see you scripting was either making fun of our rules (which are serious and you should threat them serious as well) or attempt to "show that you have nothing to hide"/build up your excuse/alibi. @Kuzniak If i'll see you writing again that you want to sell/share scripts or anything related to it i'll ban all your accounts - if you can't live without causing dramas or craving for attention please just change server because we don't want to see this shit on Angrathar. Appeal rejected. Best regards
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