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The Battle for Mount Hyjal

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Hello, Nightbane players!

It's been a wild ride. There were ups and downs, but the journey is far from over! We've got some exciting news to share with you, and they all share the date: 13th April, 2019.

The Battle for Mount Hyjal
Infinite Dragonflight is meddling with the past once again. Their agents are working tirelessly to change the outcome of the Battle - to weaken the defenders of Azeroth, thus allowingArchimonde to drain Nordrassil, the World Tree. You must not allow this to happen. You have to go earn your way to the past by completing The Vials of Eternity quest and aid the united armies of Humans, Orcs and Night Elves against the Burning Legion. The fight starts April the 13th, at 20:00 realm time. Prepare yourself!

2.1 Additions
New recipes are going to be added! 2.1 profession items will aid you against your foes. Ogri'la, the community of Blade's Edge ogres are going to need your help: the new quest hub is going to be open. New quests & dailies will help you gain their trust, which is needed to obtain brand new rare and epic items.

Dual Specialization for the Horde
The Horde is going to benefit from dual talent spec as well! You'll be able to learn it from your class trainer to seamlessly switch from your PvE and PvP talent trees, making it easier to play these two simultaneously, without spending a mountain of gold for constant respecs.

PvP Season 2
Hail, Gladiator! The first season is over and now is the time for Merciless Gladiators. Earn new gear and viciously strike down your foes. The season will launch 13th April in the morning(EU time), after realm update. One day before, on April 12th, there will be an additional arena flush at around 23:00 realm time.

PvP Changes
Daily Battlegrounds are coming to every battlemaster near you! They will help with Battleground activity and reward the active players. In order to make the BG scene even more active, you may queue up for a few Battlegrounds simultaneously!

Training Dummies
Your wooden friends are back into action! Or rather, lack of action, as they're just wooden dummies. You can use them to practice your rotation and talents. You'll be able to find them in every major city!

Gifts for the Returning Players 
Those who want to return to Nightbane will be offered a special gift. We can't tell you more about it... yet. Stay tuned!

Experience Bonus WEEK 
If you are not level 70 yet, you'll be really satisfied, because we are going to host Experience Bonus Week. You read it right, 7 days. From 6th to 13th April, base XP Rate will be multiplied by x2. Bonuses do not stack.

Honor Bonus WEEK
After the XP Bonus Week is over, another week of Honor Bonus is coming! From 13th to 20th April, all your Honor gains will be doubled, so you can gear up and jump directly into the battle even quicker.

This is it, guys! Mount Hyjal should be a challenge and we really hope you share the excitement with us.

See you soon!


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