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  2. Azureuz

    Omnika banned by Azureuz

    Hello, You got the plan but looks like something went wrong. Today, around 2 pm you were looking for people to buy your main account. You've sent a couple of messages in different discord channels. It wasn't that hard to figure out both of your accounts. The main evidence may be found here, due to security reasons your account name and id got covered, if you're willing to get more evidence please send a PM to me. Also, seems to be fishy that that immediately deleted Asathor character once your main account got banned, could you clarify it? Appeal rejected, du
  3. OMNI

    Omnika banned by Azureuz

    Character Name:Omni,Omnika Punishment Reason:SELLING AN ACCOUNT*????????? Date: 2021-04-16 12:18:16 Description:HOW I CAN SELL ACCOUNT IF I WAS PLAYING WG ON MY DRUID AND WAS MUTTED FOR 7 DAYS FOR NO REASON OFC Evidence : NO
  4. Yesterday
  5. Damian

    Damian banned by Felicis

    Character Name - DamianPunishment Reason - Idk, don't see any official information both ingame and on website. I think that's becuase I mentioned other server on global chat.Date - 15.04.2021Description - Somebody wrote "10 whitemane shackles per minute" (idk what that means either) and then I wrote "not warmane?" and got banned.Evidence - Had screenshot but lost due to PC crash (didn't save this, im fool yes). So generally, without access to global chat its pointless to play so pls unban
  6. Azathothh

    Characters Lost?

    Hello. Angrathar realm was archieved and transfers from Angrathar to Frosthold were available since 16/12/2020. They are not available at this moment, but will be re-enabled soon. Frosthold remains opened - it's a fully progressed realm. Voltarus is fresh realm, currently in T7/S5 stage, with Ulduar being released next.
  7. warcraftpaladin

    Characters Lost?

    It's been a while since my original post without an answer. Can someone please explain what happened to Angrathar and our characters that played there? At this point I assume Angrathar is gone? And a new server named Voltarus or something is here instead?
  8. Last week
  9. user2021

    Niksea banned by Tide

    Good day! Character Name - Niksea Punishment Reason - fish bot Date - 2021-04-11 11:20:40 Description - Evidence - I regret that I broke the rules, I promise that I will no longer use prohibited programs. I have read the rules on the site and will continue to follow them.
  10. AeroCannabis

    Gloria - Recruting

    Witam podasz discord
  11. deanor

    [Report] Orsa

    Your originally used name (taken by the other player) - OrsaDescription - I have been using this name since frosthold, after i come here to creater my warrior i just noticed, some1 taked my name Evidence - Eighter this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R526m6XMYMs os this ss https://imgur.com/nuqQeRu
  12. Asked about raid chat before we took ID. Everyone who saw my 1st screenshot can compare it with this one and understand that you changed loot rule in the middle of the raid. Do you have a screenshot when you said to raid about loot rules, reserving items before we killed 1st boss? I don't think so because there was no such a message. I don't read global flood while in raid, because all important information is in raid chat.
  13. Azathothh

    Arles Ban (Azathothh)

    Hello. You didn't have any aura to allow you that (even invisible one) and it magically "fixed itself" when i confronted you? Even if you were telling the truth (which i don't believe) you still abused a bug which is against our rules: https://sunwell.pl/p/wotlk_rules I'll reduce your ban duration a bit, but next time when you use any kind of hacks - it will result in much severe punishment. Best regards
  14. 1) My name Zif 2) Samael, Maskopatola 3) 11/04/2021 4) Reserving items 5) At the start of the raid, when Samael was inviting people from Global chat, his message didn't include anything about items reserved (look at 1st screenshot's global chat message). Also before we pulled and killed first boss there was no message about loot reserving in raid chat. But when we killed Sapphiron, Maskopatola gave [Heroic Key to the focusing iris] to Samael without any rolls. They said it's obvious because it was their guild run, but as for me and other several raid members it was surprise
  15. Maviya

    Milkjugged added to ninja looter list off of a mistake

    Greetings @Milkjugged Unfortunately, there isn't much I can do for you, but I do respect you for standing up for your mistake! It was your job to resolve the situation between Bigbolts and Bakaliaros, even messaging Bigbolts would've been enough and maybe eventually brought the entire situation to a happy ending. Appeal Rejected Best Regards Maviya
  16. @Samaeli am sorry but it's doesn't matter if your guild use DKP or not when you "pug" people without telling them what are the rules , sure you can roll what ever you want as long it's not changing the loot rules of the beginning of the raid as if it was announced or not (which mean default loot rules) , and i still don't know what are you guys saying about Key was sent for the guild "because it guild run" ? DID you make announcement about that ? it's doesn't matter if it was guild run or not if there's one pug and you didn't inform them about the loot rules from the start of the raid or when
  17. Im the guy that made the raid buddy. You just said about friend that roll item for you bcs You Lost It. (shamy lost it). i also made screen shots during Raid and even from your Stream where u can clearly see that ppl were wining items on DKP Loot system. System that we use in our guild. Also i hear you on stream that u say "aa they use DKP in Guild". About the Key Even guy from pug Tesik Told (i have screen of that) that Key was sent for Guild BCS it was Guild run we had to take like maybe 6 ppl from pug bcs guild mates didnt show up It wasnt full Pug raid . About the Chest with expertise M
  18. @zfinksif you have all the evidence for them not announcing about the Key ress you should make report in Ninja Player Reports and the evidence should be unedited like full screenshot or just post you video in there . @Syllvanna (it was guild run so it’s obvious) nah it's not obvious you need to say that in the announcement and about your last screenshot , what exactly you are trying to prove ? the announcement about Naxx 25 with Key ress ? is that person even in your raid ? because you have said it was a "guild run" and didn't find that person in the same guild (maybe a pug or alt idk) or
  19. Syllvanna

    Don't raid with scammer's guild <Plebania>

    Sure! Here’s screenshot from your stream:D Everything is on chat, anything else? edit. I see you delete stream save, seems that you know you’re not right:c (and don’t worry we have more screenshot from this stream, even Heard when you say to your friend on stream that we was using dkp) Goodnight:D
  20. I spent time to put screenshots. Don't be blind and look at them. If you give items to those who won give me my Calamity, if you take care about specs and stats why didn't you gave expertise chest to ench shammy? Double standarts lol?
  21. Sure, put here some screenshots with raid announce, without them it's only your words after things done. And ofc It's not obvious about the key because me and several raid members ARE NOT IN YOUR scammer's guild. Guild rules are only for guild members!
  22. Sure, if i follow your logic line they should be punished for giving expertise chest to hunter! If so i don't care about Calamity. But all unroll items should be announced to full raid BEFORE the fist raid boss is pulled. Don't you think so? Or you are one of the <Plebania> guild member? Every day i see ppl who are LFM with some items reserved, i don't call them scammers because it's their rule. I know that If i want to join i should follow it. But <Plebania> didn't say a word about it.
  23. Syllvanna

    Don't raid with scammer's guild <Plebania>

    1) On start on rw all rules was that ARMOR PRIO and that key is ress, (it was guild run so it’s obvious) (Hunter won chest because of armor prio) 2) You’r wrong with that that we was rolling for each other or you are blind, you saw on raid chat that we was using System loot dkp for members inside guild, when someone from us who was needing item and won with roll then inside guild we used system dkp so thats why asteriks won mace for example, but when someone from pug won with roll then item was given to him immediately only you and your friend have a problem from all raid beca
  24. Wow mate u admited that u rolled for a friend soo whats your problem xD and i see chat saying that you are assasination rogue. Probably thats why u didnt got item ^^. To be honest if its guild raid its obvious key is for guild :D Also u can see that guy that won item dont have guild soo they gave to person that will actualy use this item (i bet my left hand he is combat rogue). The hunter u talk about roll item for stats only ppl like this Syd or your buddy roll to actually Use it :D. For example if Ranged weapon would drop Only hunters would roll as prio cause they use :)
  25. Today, me and my friends were in Naxx25 with scammer's guild <Plebania>. 1) There was no warning about loot unrolling in global chat LFM message or in /rw before the raid started. Check Samael message in global chat he was raid leader. They just took "The Key" as is. 2) During all the raid each item was rolled by one guild member and trade/given to another their member. Try to win smth against the guild. Check who won item on screenshot and who took it later. The item was given to DK Asteriks. 3) After Faerlina there was a roll for the
  26. Arles

    Arles Ban (Azathothh)

    Character Name - Arles Punishment Reason - Hack? Date - 11.04.2021 Description -At the time of doing q in Boren I ran on the water walk I did not have any buff who would allow me to walk on the water like that. then I got a ban. Evidence - no details
  27. Maviya

    [Ninjalooting] Whosurdaddy

    Greetings @Paslyk Thank you for your Input! Considering that you only wanted to inform everyone inside the Raid that the Item dropped twice, I don't see any Issue here and will therefore lock the Topic as loot has been contributed accordingly. Best Regards Maviya
  28. DaSz

    [Ninjalooting] Whosurdaddy

    You ain't got nuffin' on me bro.
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