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  2. All bosses must be dead in order to be able to fight with final boss Trash mobs won't drop anything All mythic bosses have new abilities, so you have to come up with completely new tactics (they do still use some of their basic spells)
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  4. As said before the guy who won back is not tank
  5. I tried these four, but Debuff Filter still can't detect it.
  6. Could this debuff be detected by one of these definitions? Freezing Trap - Frozen Freezing Trap Effect - Frozen Freezing Trap - Incapacitated Freezing Trap Effect - Incapacitated
  7. Your name - AinaeReported player's name - moswarDate - 22.10Rule that was broken - using bugs (soft)?Description - were near golden gates in Isle of Conquest when all gates wasn brokenEvidence - minimap on screenshots
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  9. With Debuff Filter I can see almost all the debuffs on the player, target and focus, but it seems to have a problem with this debuff: https://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/2839-freezing-trap.jpg If I am not mistaken, the name of this debuff is Freezing Trap, on other websites it is marked as Freezing Trap Effect or Freezing Trap Aura. I tried these names(one at a time), but it doesn't show up. There are no problems with any other debuffs.
  10. Does the 4 piece set bonus from T10 and Barkskin stack?
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  12. After I created this topic i went and downloaded the addon control panel and placed that file in the addons folder and it showed up as the lone addon. The other addons such as recount and DBM though still do not show in the addons.
  13. Your name - Vard Reported player's name - Gatsuduro Date - 22.10.2020 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - VOA18 raid. Loot on Toravon was PVP item: Wrathful Gladiator's Mail Leggins for shamans. There were two shamans in our raid: me(resto sham) and Zahrivac (elemental), we both rolled and I won the roll (29 to 20). Despite this raid leader gave item to Zahrivac. According to him since I was healer and Zahrivac dps, Zahrivac had prio on roll which isnt true. How can he tell which talents I have in pvp? (I have resto pvp too by the way). According to RL's rules paladin would have
  14. As the title says my addons are not working, i recently downloaded the install. And I downloaded the addons from the sunwell web page and placed them in wow/interface/addons but they have not come up and there was no addons button on the log on screen. Please help. Thanks
  15. Your name - Muertus Reported player's name - Pancement Date - 22/10/2020 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - I was doing TOGC 25 semi guild run, with one of my guild mate, after we kill jaraxxus the back for tank just drop, so as no one need for MS , 3 guys go to roll, since Orsa (who is my guild mate) lose the roll, so i ask in raid to the guy who won to set his tank spec , so as i figured the guy who win dont have any tank spec and just need the back to give to one his guildies who maybe need it, Evidence -
  16. you need to provide screenshots with the rolls of the item not just conversation about it with 3rd person, we don't know if what are you saying is true or not about the rolls and as you said jakson has won the rolls but if it was upgrade or not we can't assume that everything you have said was true without evidence ... in your conversation you only said jakson rolled 97 didn't mention he has better item. And btw if someone was eligible for rolling to any item he can do what ever he want with it equipe it , trade it or even sell it to npc ...
  17. Your name - KeszkeszReported player's name - Jakson, Ekwadorek, Imawizardxh [RE MOA]Date - 2020.10.22Rule that was broken - Ninja lootingDescription - Raid leader and masterlooter Imawizardxh [RE MOA] I joined a TOC25 group [Talisman of the Heedless Sins] droped, which I won with 94 roll. After Jakson[RE MOA] who had better equipped rolled a 97 on it, to give it a friend - Ekwadorek[RE MOA]. I whisped Jakson that why he needed, when he had better, answer: Jakson is ignoring you. Later [Mystifying Charm] dropped, which was better for Ekwadorek, he won it. After we finished with a run, Ekwador
  18. Greetings Lajkabaws, We unfortunately do not interfere when Group Loot is used during a pug as Master Looter keeps you from having this issue. Sorry about that. According to the loot rules of this raid, the item was won fairly as it was given to the player who rolled the highest. Please use ML in the future even when in pugs. Locking this topic and moved to Ninjaloot section.
  19. Your name - Lajkabaws Reported player's name - Imtheone / Pjonka -- Paraphrase Guild.Date - 22.10.2020Rule that was broken - Ninja Looting Description - Hpala Took an offhand from TOGC 10 and gave it to his guildie Pjonka Evidence -
  20. Invers was added to the ninjalooting list
  21. Player Howtokill will be punished for ninjalooting in the highest tier.
  22. My response is the same as the one given by Azureuz in the past topic. https://sunwell-community.com/topic/19196-report-laitha/
  23. Hello, I bough by mistake T10 and T10,5 head but not for ele shammy but for resto...i was able to return the last part (can be seen on screen) but cannot return the first part...can you please help me, as those two items are basically the same and it was late night when I was buying :/ and farming 95 EOTs its for a long time....
  24. Player was added to the ninjalooting list.
  25. 5k+ warrior dps looking for romanian speaking guild for hardcore PvP and PvE.
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