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  2. It's true and there is nothing to do, this situation always happens, like Sunwell and the same for others. And when it happens, few remain. The rest goes to another server because the loss of interest in staying is mainly caused by seeing a few hundred players connected, despite the fact that several raids are still organized. For some, the main reason to stay on a server is that it must have a few thousand players connected. Just seeing so many players connected is the main motivation. Others thinks differently.
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  4. Hi I know that now players are attacks npc in both city's but using bug by alliance I think is illegal.
  5. New realm releases have always killed good servers Wowreach - rip due to new realm Wos - new realm release Molten wow - same other servers that live on are the donor servers which die eventually when everyone gets the same gear level as in neverendless wow. shame this server met its fate like the others
  6. Hello I can see that you won the roll(through your friend addon which is weird) but i can't see who got the item (player X received the item) which means i can't just take your word for it i need evidence... This behavior can result in a ban/item removal and surely a mute for player Kurko but since your evidence are not good enough i will just add the player bahaal to the ninja list (for next 30days) and apply a mute for player Kurko for his behavior Kind regards
  7. Server is dead and administration dont care. Rest in peace Sunwell...
  8. Girl farts during taser training. [youtube]6QabCH7bSEo[/youtube]
  9. Hi, Yesterday (12/01/21) i was grouped for ICC 25 hosted by Valhalla Frat Boys' guild. The ML was Bahaal. I was DPSing with Visione. Since when we start the run and after any boss the ML took all loots because they want give it at the end. We end the run without clearing any boss on upper spire. After the RL calls "RO" they start rolling for items. When we arrive at one loot that i've rolled (Shadowvalut slayer's cloak) i won with 89. Only after a few seconds from everyone's roll (like 10sec) kurko said that i'm banlooted 'cause i've ninjapulled the boss (Festergut, alive!)
  10. JAK OŻYWIĆ SERVER?! W niniejszym artykule pozwolę zaproponować pewne sugestie pomysły, które w moim mniemaniu są przyczyną upadku serwera, dodatku czy kontentu. Pierwszą przeczyną jest Gra PVP. Wotk niestety nie posiada żadnego balansu postaci. Dlatego trzeba doprowadzić do tego by gra pvp była przyjemniejsza bo na obecną chwilę gdzie ally wygrywa 70-90% jest to katorga i jest to spory powód dla którego ludzie odchodzą z serwera a przynajmniej przestają grać PVP. GRA PVP/ BG 1. Zwiększyć exp na bg. Poniżej 70lv BG praktycznie nie występuje. Ludzie chodzą ty
  11. Hello. Transfers from Feronis to Angrathar were available in May - June of 2019, unfortunately it's no longer possible, sorry. Best regards
  12. Hi, I haven't played wow for a long time. Now when I tried to login, I haven't find feronis server. I searched a bit, and it occures that feronis is closed. I found some link for a transfer "https://transfer.sunwell.pl/", but it also seems to be closed. Is there any option to get back at least one or two of my characters?
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  14. Watch out for druid OakIa(name: O a k I (big letter i) a because he/she is a thieve. I took his/her to my guild because we had got do some raids together and i had trusted him/her - he had got a permission to withdraw from bank 50 stats - of course he/she stolen more valuable things and disappear. Of course it was my fault that I had trusted such creature but I want to warn all next potential victims of that trash. Maybe the character also was stolen, be aware of not fair players and thieves. Even here they are so often! and spoil nice game
  15. Less drama jst play for fun
  16. Your name - Frizzy Reported player's name - Vingador (Leader&ML) and Cresh (player who took item) Date - 31/12/2020 Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting Description - It was ToC 25 Player Heroic (id - 8388) no items were reserved. After we killed Jaraxxus, he dropped Solace. Leader (Vingador) said he will roll trinket at the end of the raid in trade. Healers at Jarraxus were: 1) Akshara (Restoration Shaman) 2) Torniquet (Discipline Priest) 3) Frizzy (me as Restoration Druid) 4) Hardballs (Holy Paladin) 5) Kiumichi(Holy Paladin) In this time player Cre
  17. Well, this journey has come to an end, a seriously bad end But in spite of everything, I wish you the best.
  18. Hello, The provided screenshots show clearly nothing. I don't see the moment when hunter won the boots - https://db.darkwizard.pl/?item=50071 also I don't see any of his rolls in the chat. Reported rejected Regards
  19. True, we don't interfere into 5-man ninjalooting issues. Report rejected Regards
  20. Hello, The provided evidence is not enough to solve this issue, I don't see any screenshot taken during the raid, also there's no info who got the item. Report rejected. Regards
  21. Hello, Thanks for the report, player has been punished. Regards
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