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Beginer hunter

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Soricelul    2

Hei guys,

I'm a new player on this server and decided to roll a hunter, since this is my first time playing as a hunter i'm gonna need all the help i can get.

At the moment this is my setup:

Lvl 39 night elf hunter, lw + skining, marksmanship talents, beautifull black panther as a pet to prowl and ambush horde in stv.

I want to ask the comunity what tips and tricks, pointers and know how they can share.

I dont use the forums regularly but this time i decided to give it a try, hope to see you guys in stv ;)

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Supastin    0

So personally I love using a spider for leveling because of its versatillity. To me Cats are more of a dungeon/raid pet due to their dmg. Honestly hunters are pretty straight forward :P. Use traps defensibly, if your low on mana use aspect of viper.

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Vaxsysl    8

Check this out: <Link for Petopia>

For pointers and tips, you should be more specific. Like, talent help, glyph choices, pet companions, hunter macros...what? There's a wagonload of things to share. What would you like to discuss?

EDIT: I just realized the date of this post. Poor guy wanted forum help, got it half a year later.

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