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Hit cap for dk in pve (not 8%?)

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Badguy    0

I am unholy:) so mainly 2h always. 

@TriHard yeah i know but mostly you use 4 skills and rest are binded for mouse:) only 1 missing is gargoyle with racial pot and trinket:) but its on the way:)

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doolAy    0
On 2/23/2018 at 6:49 AM, Badguy said:

Mele hits are mele so i should have cap for them. Same with scourge strike

Ronin, who posted before, is correct. Hit cap on your white hits for frost DW is 27% which you will never get, idk what it is if you are playing unholy 2h, but its still gonna be high. Yellow hits, which means all of your abilities, only requires 8%. You should really only go for that 8%, 5% from gear + 3% from talents.

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Talimar    5

You want 289 hit rating to cap spells as well, assuming you are in raid with a spriest. Drops down to 262 if you are in group with a draenei.

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