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Fatpyro banned by Server

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Fatpyro    4

Character Name: Fatpyro

Punishment Reason: Anticheat 

Game master: None 

Summary: Greetings, i have been banned by the anti-cheat system due to blink glitching, i have used blink to do a lot of crazy stuff, for fun of course, there are many bugs that occur when using blink near stairs/doors (even mountains/angled walls), and anti-cheat can't recognize whether it was a bug or a hack, i have spoke to Administrator Raphael and have been told to appeal here, i would never risk my account, which i have spent hours and hours of grinding and playing, my entire guild leadership of "Collusion", to use hacks.Anti-cheat isn't always accurate, it is supposed to alert GM's which should check on the player so no miss bans occur.A player can be lagging and the anti-cheat can mistaken it for a speed hack or something.I am assuring you that i did not use hacks and would like to politely ask for my ban to to be removed.
Best regards, Fatpyro.

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