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Ninja Report - Moonkiss

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Akamystick    1

Your name - Imbheazle
Reported player's name -  Moonkiss , Soshan
Date - 11.02.2019 
Rule that was broken - MS>OS> DE without reserved items at all
Description - TOGC back from 50/50 Cloak of Serrated Blades

Was given to the Frost DK who have BIs Back is Cloak of the triuumphant Combatant Even thoe he win the roll it's not in the BIS list for a frost dk in patch 3.3.5 

There are some Screenshoots here --- > https://imgur.com/a/BnDdH1d --- > https://imgur.com/a/Hg0x6LF --- > https://imgur.com/a/Z4sQqG7

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Asureuz    148


It's not possible that playe Soshan had this back before. According to our armory Soshan did Insanity run first time with You. It's not ninjalooting, we won this item and got it. If it was upgrade form him we cannot punish him or raid leader for ninjalooting.


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