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[A][NA] <In for Blood> - Tue/Wed 9pm-1am EST – Recruiting T5 & Beyond

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<In for Blood> [A] is currently recruiting for T5 and beyond!  Our guild was the top guild on both Angrathar (WOTLK) and Nighthaven (Vanilla).  We have the same GM from both those servers and many of the same officers.  Our leadership is very experienced in PVE and have raided in top 10 US retail guilds.  We are a serious guild and believe in using our limited time efficiently and effectively.  But above all we emphasize fun as our primary goal!


We are currently recruiting:


Paladin – Retribution

Warrior – Arms


Shaman – Enhancement



Druid – Balance


Even if your class/spec is not listed above, feel free to apply if you believe you would be an asset to our roster.


Our 25-man raid times are Tuesday and Wednesdays at 9pm1am EST.  We do 10-man raids on various scheduled off-days.  Our guild uses a loot council system to distribute gear.

We handle applications on our Discord server –  https://discord.gg/VdtMJzp – Please join the discord and post in our #Applications section if you wish to apply.  If you have any questions feel free to message Blnxx (Bln#8678 – Discord), Drouin (Wutang#5519 – Discord), Shaoxx (Shaox#5091 – Discord), Stankyoldman (TylerBlaz4#8781 – Discord), or Yop (Taco#2814 – Discord) in-game or on Discord.


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