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[Gjezet] (Muted by Tide)

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Kutanaga    0
Character Name: Gjezet
Punishment Reason: pl on /s
Game Master: Tide
Summary: As we can all read in Terms of Use: 

2. General channels, such as General, Trade, LocalDefense, Public chats in Major Cities are treated in the same way as the global chat channel: speaking other language may result in a mute from 30 minutes to 10 days;

  • 30 minutes of mute - the first case

This is my first case like that so i feel im treated unfair getting mute for 7 days. I didn't know /s is public chat (as for me it's not written clear enough in Terms of Use, that's why i made this terrible mistake). Please make this mute shorter and i promise no such thing will ever happen again.


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