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[Lollipop] (Banned by Asureeuz)

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Character Name: Lollipop

Punishment Reason: Selling items from the Shop to other players via Gift System.

Game Master: Asureeuz

Summary: Good Evening, I am a new player in this server and i have joined it around 2 months ago, i am the Guild Master of the Guild <The Scarlet Champion> that holds approximately 130 members under my hand. First of all i'd like to make things clear, i have spent around 36$ on this server because i love it a lot and i am enjoying it, but to be honest i have never read the rules because i did not know where they are even put. All i did was create an account and log in to play. Please i did not know that selling items from the gift shop to people for gold was forbidden , i didnt even gift anyone anything nor did i receive gold from anyone i was announcing it and i thought it was totally fine. Since i spent my own money onto the website. I would like to have my account unbanned as i would love to continue playing on this server. i have been a member on warmane for around 8 years and not a single time i have been banned. i come from that server and rules and regulations are different. Such as, i noticed you ban people for multi-boxing here but it is totally fine there (warmane). I urge you to unban my account please as i want to continue playing with my friends and Guild and i promise no such thing will ever happen again. Thank you


Best Regards, 


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