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Kolondica ninjalooter

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SkyLimit    0

it was my 20 attempt to get the Black Heart as tank in ToC5, and finally this trinket was dropped

but this balance druid decided that trinket is yours, he get it and immediately leave from the party



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nimeralos    56

You're right to not report it in the reports section, since GMs don't take ninjalooting outside of raids into account.

On one hand, it's a bit of a dick move, on the other hand, needing for offspec is a reasonable thing to do. I would surely need on Banner if I was tanking - why would I even join ToCh normal otherwise. But it's always better to mention such things in the party chat.

I would suggest you to report this behavior to Kolindica's guild master, but it's Fatpyro, I think he'll laugh at your face best case.

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