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[Quickplaya] (Banned by Crafty)

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Topic title: [Quickplaya] (Banned by Crafty)

Character Name:Quickplaya
Punishment Reason:Botting
Game Master:Crafty
Summary: I was doing battlegrounds with my guildies Jacee and Wulu. I wasn't necessarily afking, but I do admit I was just there to farm some honor before bed so I wasn't giving it my all.
Another player got mad at me. I explained the reason why I have healer gear while shadow spec and took offense to his allegations. At first the player said I was afking. I responded sarcastically which I shouldn't have done. This angered him and then he said he was going to report me for botting. Within a minute or two I was banned.
I am sure it was an honest mistake banning me for 7days. I love this game and this server above all other TBC servers. I follow the Sunwell news extensively and am always connected to Sunwell discord on my phone.
I tried messaging GM Direction and he referred me to the website to submit a ban appeal. I am in a great T5 raiding guild Excel and am apart of the WoW community. I am sorry for not pvping my best and for going semi afk and not giving it my all. I will in the future. I would really like to continue to play and not wait the 7 days seeing as I have a raid coming up tomorrow at 8EST with my guild.
Please don't punish them for what I have done and let this honest mistake ruin our raid schedule. Also I would like to apologize to the fellow in that battleground. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you for your time.
Edited by Quickplaya
trying to make it easier for GM to read format is weird.

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That account was banned for botting in battlegrounds for 7 days according to our rules.
Weird movement, weird pathing, going on the same road, using only Smite and dying each time, following other players and failed a few of our botting tests.
My saved proof consists of 30 minutes of checking your character were the botting script was turned off and on for short periods of time.
This issue was also reviewed by Senior GM Adrestia at the time of the checking.

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