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Deep reflection, freeze the problem.

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wudibaby    0

Good morning gm

I am a gamer from China and I hope you can read all the information I have written.  

account: wudibaby Nightbane -- game name: dopa

Not long ago at the karazan opera house, I made a bet with jklove that things would fall. The loser pays the winner 1500g.

Lost the bet. A man will fulfill his promise, because I am a man, responsible for what you say.

Because I didn't follow the server's rules of the game. Then my account was frozen.

These days I have introspection, I love the sun well, I love TBC, I cherish my game name: dopamine

He brought me a lot of good memories

I hope you can give me a chance and I will follow the rules of the game.

This article, on the Internet, took more than an hour to translate.

I hope you see my regret! Thank you for serving sunwell!

Wish your server more powerful!

Please reply to us at [email protected]

 warcraft player: dopa

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