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[Cygarozawisz] (Banned by -Tide-)

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Donkebab    0

Character Name: Cygarozawisz

Punishment Reason: "English only in battleground"

Game Master: Tide (i've been told that in a ticket. Pretty sure gm name started with "A", but whatever...)


Hello, sorry for writing like this, but i've got banned for speaking other language than ENGLISH in battleground chat. As i remember, i was only using it outside /bg chat (on /s chat), But can't get screenshots that were the "proof". Can i get them so i know i did that? Really don't remember something like that :) The only thing i did was "a quarrel" (by that, i mean that we were "Agressively discussing" the bg situation with one guy, which called me retard cause i didn't cap flag with my 0 resi, but i almost did it after picking it from dead flag carrier, like it was my fault i died lol. and he could atleast stun the warrior when i was about to cap it, but it doesn't matter. It whole started with the topic, but this topic isn't about this) in that chat, but i've used english for that. 90% sure. That was some kind of incognito ban, so i can do nothing about it.

Shouldn't be ban/mute based on severity? For example, if i've answered someone with 2 lines of text (or some people at once, if it possible happened, i'm just giving an example, not sure if i did that or not, i don't care about such things, kinda waste of time), Then shouldn't ban be not that long as for spamming whole chat with the language or using it few times in a row? Also, it's my first mute on angrathar server (except for one 1 minute long ban that gm used to save the reason of punishment into global chat to the logs so you guys can see it later if needed), so why you just disabled my whole raid ID for just that thing? Don't think it's fair at all, but that's not me who decides. Hope you answer me quick and that i can see the proof of the ban, which should be possible. Incognito bans ain't fair, it shouldn't take place.

Also i've been told (in a ticket), that /s chat is allowed for other languages during battlegrounds, awhile ago.

3. Party chat in dungeons gathered via Dungeon Finder has a requirement of speaking English. The same rule applies to Battleground chat, as both Battleground chat and Dungeon Finder party chat are considered global chats.

  • 30 minutes of mute - the first case
  • 6 hours of mute – the second case;
  • 10 days of mute – the third and the next cases;

I got 3 days played total on angrathar, and this rule didn't exist on feronis, and i got muted for 7 days at the first time.. unfair. And maybye because of that other mutes will last much longer, because another gm will only look in the logs and ban me for 7 or 10 again. 

Also, as you know that we can't write a comment in this topic, i would like to tell you that i would like to "answer" the gm that writes a comment below here with the proof. I'll use edit for this purpose, so please watch the topic :) 



P.S. Sorry for so much edits 

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Tide    161


Sadly rules are different for polish players because they are majority and also breaking the rules more than other so we have to adjust punishments for them
I can't provide you full screenshot because players usually don't want to get annoyed by ppl that they report
I will remove your mute but please make sure it never happens again

Kind regards 

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