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[Report] All GMs - why are some people being banned for content blizzard intentionally and specifically added to be used?

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Antik    90




Why was that player banned when he did nothing wrong. Nothing at all. This isn't the first time someone has been banned for getting on entirely accessible terrain in a bg only for some terrible player to cry about not being smart enough to get to it themselves.

Those positions were allowed by blizzard, any class can get to them. It requires no exploiting of mechanics or abilities.

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Tide    161

Hello i did answer someone else's post so i will just copy paste the last one .. tired of dealing with the same issue all day long


So you expect everyone to jump up there and come to you and kill you up there? World of Warcraft "Hide and seek" Gold edition

with a small camp fire i can get on top of the bigger one in the middle .. i am playing this game since 2005 don't tell me how to play the game or how to abuse it ... I am a game master and i do see everyone's point of view .. not just yours...

As i explained before you were safe spotting on top of that rock and remember its easier to reach those spots on cat form...which means you are using bugs related to your class to get on top.. blizzard never meant for you to reach those spots..
I didn't apply "1 day" ban as a warning for first screenshot it was the second screenshot that caught my attention.

And you spamming in the forums will not change my point of view in any way

Private server .. Private rules

Kind regards "

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