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report gm Tide

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twinek    16

---------------------------- REPLY 1 ------------------------------

1. Ranged even don't have to jump, melees can jump in less than 5 sec.

2. I don't jump in places with things like campfire. I jump only there where everyone can jump too.

3. I was in cat form because horde was camping us and i didn't want to be dead. Druid forms don't change dimensions of character

but only how character looks like. It doesn't work as for example Carved Ogre Idol what can change dimensions what i present at

videos below what means i am not using bugs related to my class to get on top.


Now look at next videos, please.






Your name - Mysteries
Reported player's name - gm Tide
Date - 19.01.2019
Rule that was broken - Gm Tide give out unfair bans.
Description - Gm Tide is incompetent in judging situations like below. I think he should't reply for reports like that. He didn't want let me show for him for what he banned me

and didn't check it so i show You videos here. My appeal was refused without any logical reasen or better without any reason. 

I want fair answer from other gm because like i suppose gm Tide refuse it without any reason.



Look now at videos. I think it's one big joke i got ban. Just look at this.

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Tide    161

So you expect everyone to jump up there and come to you and kill you up there? World of Warcraft "Hide and seek" Gold edition

with a small camp fire i can get on top of the bigger one in the middle .. i am playing this game since 2005 don't tell me how to play the game or how to abuse it ... I am a game master and i do see everyone's point of view .. not just yours...

As i explained before you were safe spotting on top of that rock and remember its easier to reach those spots on cat form...which means you are using bugs related to your class to get on top.. blizzard never meant for you to reach those spots..
I didn't apply "1 day" ban as a warning for first screenshot it was the second screenshot that caught my attention.

And you spamming in the forums will not change my point of view in any way

Private server .. Private rules

Kind regards 

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