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Banned by Asureuz

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Hello, I am angrathar player login: Gluk  I wanted to admit to the offense, I tried to sell the item with the help of a gift system. I'm sorry about that.I was punished, but I think I got the wrong penalty. I have known that selling sunwellcoins for real money is forbidden but i wasnt  aware that selling sc for gold in game is forbidden too. According to point instatute "24. Selling items from the Shop to other players by using the Gift System is forbidden and may result in a 7-day ban". I wanted to sell items with gifts for gold, I did not want to sell them for real money because SC got honestly. I do not know how to express how sorry I am, I have never met such a situation before ... I would like to write how much I have done for angrathar for people but it will not be arguments that will convince you to ease the situation. I would like to express remorse and promise that it will never happen again. I made a mistake for which I am able to bear the consequences, but I am asking you to ease the punishment. Once again, I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone.

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