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Reporting for ninjaloot,flaming,other lang

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pikes    0

Your name - Pikes
Reported player's name - Antwoord/Djonykuvalda
Date - 1/26/2019
Rule that was broken - Ninjalooting,other laguange,flamingWoWScrnShot_012619_232803.thumb.jpg.c720aeb78c8455258d9091f987393f31.jpgWoWScrnShot_012619_232142.thumb.jpg.a7228b7c49adc178c35888f4b998aa8a.jpgWoWScrnShot_012619_232140.thumb.jpg.ae267d49a2ea677d1b5e8c7114108198.jpgWoWScrnShot_012619_232136.thumb.jpg.33719321599053efb8c64618738ac7e0.jpgWoWScrnShot_012619_232141.thumb.jpg.27ce93f35b6a39283bc0e53a932da58d.jpg

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