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Faction change service

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Helo    0


First of all let me just say that I'm a big horde fan but went alliance this time due to faction imbalance reasons. Leveling up and farming as alliance is not as bad as people make it to be.

That said, it is obvious more people play horde, hence more guilds horde side.

My issue here is that there are NO oceanic guilds right now on alliance, yet horde has 2. This was not the case when the server launched, but with the recent release of a competitor server - which I will not name - the end game activity during oceanic times is non-existant.  As I play mostly on that timezone, it is next to impossible for me to raid as alliance at this point. Rerolling is not really an option for me, as my time is limited as it is.

I already donated to the project and I'm ready to donate more if I could have my nelf warrior migrated to the horde so I can continue to enjoy the project.

Thank you

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nimeralos    56

They will never allow Alliance->Horde transfers for reasons you seem to understand. Sorry but you have to adjust (Kara pug should always be possible to host) or reroll (it's be like starting 2 months after the server release, still quite F R E S H) or quit.

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